Top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion

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We all know that Korean fashion is versatile and open to many possibilities. In addition, in K-Fashion, many styles adapt to everyone’s tastes. It’s easy to feel comfortable with Korean outfit pieces because the K-Fashion style is not at odds with comfort. On the contrary, they are good friends, and we can see that in the many outfits with oversize garments. However, as in any other fashion, in Korean fashion, there are clothes that you should avoid if you don’t want to be the focus of attention due to criticism. Because of that, today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will know the top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion. You have to avoid these clothes at all costs because they are an absolute No in Korean fashion!


Know this top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion


Maybe in some countries, it is not this way. But in Korea, they practice fashion every day. You will always see Koreans looking good no matter how casual the place you go is. Because of that, it is natural that some clothes are not a good choice because they are considered disrespectful, sleazy, or even cheap at first glance. Personal image is an important issue in Korea. People can judge you even if you’re poorly dressed or don’t have an ounce of fashion sense. Also, if you are a lover of Korean fashion, you will know very well that Korean fashion is still conservative. For that reason, some garments are better to avoid. Get to know these top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion to know what not to wear if you want to fit into K-Fashion.


Shorts without covering your legs


Yes, it’s a bit of a weird contradiction, but that’s how it works. If you’re a connoisseur of Korean fashion, you’ll already know that women can show as much leg as they want. Unlike the upper part of the body, which is usually better covered. However, when they wear shorts, it doesn’t mean that everything is rosy. They can wear shorts, but they must have a shawl, scarf, or sweater to cover their legs when sitting down. If you wear shorts without bringing one of these other garments with you, you will be the victim of criticism in Korea. But why? Because when we’re standing up, mini dresses and shorts don’t ride up as much, but when we’re sitting down, they do. You should keep in mind that Korean fashion is still conservative, even if you wear shorts, skirts, or short dresses. Because of that, it is part of the top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion.


Leggings as pants


In the West, wearing leggings as pants is an option when you dress. However, in Korea, leggings are usually an absolute no. That is why it is part of the top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion. What is the reason? In Korean fashion, very short and tight clothes are not considered elegant or fashionable. Therefore, wearing them as pants is a sin for Korean fashion. The only way for women to wear leggings is to wear them under skirts, shorts, and even pants. Also, when women wear them as pants, which is not very common, they wear them with oversized dresses or shirts on top. However, if you can avoid its use, it is better. Try wearing denim or palazzo pants as a more fashionable substitute.


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Tops with a neckline


According to Korean fashion, one of the favorite garments for women is crop tops. Although they are a bit of a revealing garment by Korean fashion standards, people know how to wear them, and thanks to that, they make their way into this fashion. However, even though it is becoming more acceptable, there are still reservations about wearing these tops. Women generally take extra precautions when sitting, bending over, and bowing, even if they don’t wear tops with a neckline. If the tops have a neckline, that matter would be more complicated. Also, it is rare to find low-cut Korean clothing, as women are conservative about showing skin on their upper bodies. For that reason, these tops are a significant part of this top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion.




But fashion isn’t just about girls. It’s also about guys. There is a garment that men should avoid. For that reason, it is part of the top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion. In Korea, men are not allowed to wear shorts above the knee and down to the fingertips. Although women can show as many legs as they want, men have restrictions on exposing their legs. Also, shorts are reserved for casual outings. You will rarely see a man wearing shorts daily or going to work. So if you are thinking of wearing shorts to go out with your partner, go to a business meeting or a celebration, avoid wearing them at all costs! If you do, you will be out of Korean fashion trends.




The bikini in Korea is a garment that goes beyond the limits of Korean fashion. Because of that, it is part of the top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion. Yes, maybe you have seen Korean shows where girls wear bikinis and look great in them. As is the case with the latest Netflix reality show called Singles Inferno, where the girls wear beautiful bikinis. However, the reality is different. In Korea, wearing a bikini is generally not a good option. While bikinis are natural swimwear in Western cultures, in Korean culture, women don’t wear them as often, especially older women. The reason? The same as always: exposing too much skin is not well seen in Korean fashion. But don’t think when they go to the beach they wear normal swimming clothes. No. They use other alternatives. For example, Korean women wear shorts as swimwear and opt for one-piece suits. They also wear bathing suits that protect them from the sun’s rays. They have stunning body-shaping designs, making them a great alternative.


The top 5 NO NOS in 2022 regarding Korean fashion shows us that it is better to avoid some clothes in Korean fashion. They can be clothes you never imagined before to be a mistake in K-Fashion. However, its use can make you the focus of attention, but not in a positive way. If you want to fit into Korean fashion, you’d better reconsider wearing these clothes. See you in the next blog of your favorite Korean fashion website!


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