Top 3 Korean jewelry brands to know in 2022

korean fashion trends - top korean jewelry brands for 2022

We instantly think of clothes and beauty when we think of Korean fashion. However, something important that we must also consider is accessories when thinking about K-Fashion. After all, accessories are an essential piece in every outfit and style. They are in charge of perfecting the outfits by adding unique and different detail. If we want to take our outfits to another level, we have to consider using accessories like jewelry. An excellent option in jewelry is Korean brands. They offer beautiful and quality accessories. For that reason, today at Korean Fashion Trends, we have a Top 3 Korean jewelry brands to know in 2022. Stay with us to discover the Korean jewelry brands you can’t miss this year. Let’s get started!


3 Korean Jewelry Brands You Can’t Overlook in 2022


In recent years, Korea has established its global presence. They have done it thanks to fashion and beauty, but also thanks to K-Pop and K-Dramas. Wherever you go, Korean culture is present in one form or another. However, the lesser-known side of the Korean fashion industry is the emerging modern Korean jewelry brands. The truth is, it is a part of Korean fashion that deserves more relevance. Thanks to the quality and originality of their designs, Korean jewelry brands should have more visibility in the industry. Besides, jewelry is also significant in a good look because wearing accessories will add an extra touch to your fashion style. Here are the top Korean jewelry brands to know in 2022.


1. Space Oddity


It is an emerging jewelry brand in Korea that wants to celebrate the diversity of each person’s individuality. Thanks to its modern and beautiful designs, this brand leads the top 3 Korean jewelry brands to know in 2022. The brand has the motto that “while jewelry is small, it has great power”. That is, they believe in the fact that less is more. Space Oddity reminds us that the small pieces of rings and bracelets do much more than just decorate. They help determine and express our tastes, personalities, thoughts, and creativity. This Korean jewelry brand offers beautiful and original items based on that philosophy. Some of the brand’s most sought-after accessories are the long, oversized animal and nature earrings. Also, the earrings cover all the ears and the hairpins with oriental designs. If you like the brand’s approach, take a quick look at Space Oddity’s Instagram account. Visiting the Instagram account, you will feel you are in a jewelry museum exhibition. In addition, you will see all the variety of jewelry that they offer. With Space Oddity, you will easily fall in love with Korean jewelry.


2. 1064 STUDIO


It is one of the Korean jewelry brands that is also growing. 1064 Studio specializes in simple yet sophisticated jewelry. The brand’s visibility grew after it was introduced by a luxury fashion and beauty e-commerce retailer called Net-A-Porter. Some people might wonder where the number 1064 came from since 1064 STUDIO was founded in 2015. If you are wondering the same thing, the answer is that the brand has its name thanks to the melting temperature of gold, which is 1064 0.16C. To tell the truth, it is a very creative name. In addition, the brand has gained support from customers who are looking for unique handmade jewelry that is also avant-garde and conceptual. This Korean jewelry brand seeks to offer products that signify and emphasize the everyday look of the modern woman. The brand’s products are not just a collection of rings and necklaces for a single occasion. They are products, jewelry, and accessories that you can use in multiple ways. There is also the possibility that they will become part of our daily lives. That is why it is part of this list of Korean jewelry brands to know in 2022. If you follow their official Instagram account, you can be aware of their collections.


3. Souhait


The name of the brand has a French origin. Souhait, which means “wish” in French, is a Korean jewelry brand worth checking out. That is why it is part of this top 3 Korean jewelry brands to know in 2022. Souhait’s products are designed to bring good wishes and happiness to its customers. The creative designer is Somin Lee, and she started Souhait as a family-owned jewelry retailer in Hannam-dong, Seoul. The reason behind Souhait’s success story is perhaps its artistic expressions and designs embedded in its products. That adds a new definition of modern aesthetic to your designs. The characteristic products of the brand are thick rings. They are unique in their designs and shapes, but they are not too expressive at the same time. Using Souhait items independently will add a touch of sophistication. However, if you combine them with any good outfit, you can perfect it without compromising your fashion style. You can take a virtual tour of Souhait’s best collections on their Instagram account. But if you prefer, you can visit their physical catalog in Hannam-dong.


What jewelry is Korea known for?


Korean traditional jewelry is well-known for its use of beautiful gems. For centuries, traditional Korean jewelry has been famous for its eye-catching decorations and designs. When many people think of Korean jewelry, the first thing they imagine is accessories with precious stones. Although modern Korean jewelry also integrates luxury elements, it is now more simple and suitable for any situation, even for everyday life and not just for special moments. So, modern Korean jewelry is versatile, elegant and still retains its sophisticated and attractive appearance. For that reason, Korean jewelry brands deserve more presence in the industry.


The Korean jewelry brands to know in 2022 offer sophisticated, beautiful, and excellent quality designs. If you want to take your outfits to another level, add accessories that complement and flatter your outfits. An excellent option to achieve this is the jewelry of these Korean brands. You can use them both in the most special moments, such as parties and events, or in the most casual moments, such as going out or going to work. It all depends on your style and preferences. Did you already know one of these brands? Tell us what you think in the comments. See you in the next blog!

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