19 top Korean fashion brands in 2021


Korean fashion brands. Fashion is one of the most significant things in Korea, that is why there are so many Korean clothing brands. This year, many are trending not only in Korea but also beyond its borders. Korean fashion brands in 2021 are the focus of attention for many, and why not? If they are the ones who dress our favorite artists and more.


The looks of Korean celebrities are always gorgeous. When we see them on stage or in their day to day they always wear great outfits. But the truth is that they are not the only ones to look like this. Most ordinary Korean people also wear beautiful clothes, and they are the ones who make the streets of Korea a real catwalk. Are you interested in knowing which are the 19 Korean fashion brands that top the charts this year? Keep scrolling down, and don’t miss this top in Korean fashion brands in 2021!


19 Korean clothing brands





It is a company with a lot of experience and trajectory in the world of Korean fashion. It is a fashion brand for women, and every year they bring out new and innovative garments. Its style is very chic, and there is a wide variety of garments that adjust to the times of the year and its trends.


This brand has many stores throughout Korea. However, one of the most recognized is the store located in Myeongdog. In addition to clothing, they also have a label that distributes makeup.


The brand is called 3CE, and it is as popular as the clothing brand thanks to its lipsticks and eye shadows. So, if one day you want to renew your closet, STYLE NANDA clothes are a good option.

2. 8SECONDS, Top Korean fashion brands



It is a clothing brand for both men and women. The SAMSUNG group created this brand in 2012. Because of this, it is also a famous brand in Korea.


Its competitors and other designers recognize it thanks to the quality of its garments and the prices. Its designs are one of the most accessible to Korean people.


It is normal to see young people wearing 8 SECONDS designs on the streets. This label remains undefeated, and that is why it is part of Korean fashion brands in 2021.





There are many clothing brands in Korea, and they all conform to one or more styles. If your thing is clothes full of pastel colors and you have a cute but sensual style at the same time, then CHUU is for you. It is a Korean fashion brand that has collaborated with iconic character brands around the world.


For example, Hello Kitty, Disney, and even Barbie. Its philosophy is to help and allow women to express their personalities and love each other. Their outfits are usually casual, colorful, and fresh. CHUU has many options in women’s clothing and accessories. Besides, each one of them is beautiful and adorable. Also, it has accessible prices for everyone.

4. TIBAEG, Top Korean fashion brands



 street clothing brand Cho Eun Ae is the designer, and her creations stand out among many thanks to the delicate elements and graphic details that she uses to make her collections.


TIBAEG offers clothing for women but has many collections filled with completely unisex outfits. Its clothes are often widely used by Korean celebrities.


Like the CHUUU brand, TIBAEG has also collaborated with Disney and other brands.






It is a brand focused on men’s clothing. BEYOND CLOSET garments tend to be vibrant and casual.


It has novel collections in coats, shirts, jerseys, and more. Sometimes it launches women’s collections that end up being very successful.


The founder, Taeyong Ko has also been recognized thanks to being the clothing designer for various K-dramas.


His popularity has no limits, and his designs are not limited to clothing. Also, this brand includes accessories for phones, hats, bags, etc.


6. CHARM’S, Top Korean fashion brands



One of the most iconic models in Korea has collaborated with this brand.


If Korean fashion interests you, surely you know and admire the trajectory of the model Irene Kim.


She has modeled for this brand, and on her Instagram, you can find many pictures of her wearing CHARM’S outfits.


The brand’s designs are easily recognized because its style is vintage in street fashion. Their garments have a 90s aesthetic and are available for women and men.




Its designs combine western trends without losing the essence of Korean trends.


It is a brand that thinks about the needs and comfort of its customers.


Also, it is a recognized seal among many. Because of this, each garment is unique and very eye-catching.


Moreover, its looks have reached the screen thanks to actors and idols.

8. MINJUKIM, Top Korean fashion brands


Despite not having been in business for a long time, the MINJUKIM brand knew how to capture everyone’s attention in a short time. The designer studied design and arts, then managed to dress up artists like BTS and RED VELVET. In 2020, she conquered everyone by winning the Netflix fashion reality show “Next in Fashion.” Her collection inspired by Frida Kahlo allowed her to win the award.


Since that, she released more collections, and one of them was called “The Blue House,” in honor of Kahlo. Her clothes convey joy, a contagious and electrifying vibe. Also, she combines silhouettes with ruffles a lot, and her designs take a lot of inspiration from traditional Korean styles. Artists like BLACKPINK’s Jennie and solo artist Lee Hi have worn their outfits for big-name magazine photoshoots.



The designs of this company are popular among young people who stick to the urban and street style. LUCKY CHOUTTE collections typically include clothing with rock and funky details. It is a brand that offers clothing for women, men, and children. In addition to clothing, they also design accessories and shoes. The designer owes his success to the first store he founded, “Jardin de Choutte”. After, he decided to broaden his horizons and created Lucky Choutte.

10. GENTLE MONSTER, Top Korean fashion brands


When we talk about GENTLE MONSTER, we talk about luxury. This company is revolutionizing not only the world of fashion but also the world of technology. They design lenses of all kinds. GENTLE MONSTER has collaborated with Huawei to create smart glasses. Moreover, artists such as Jennie and Kris Wu have been the image of this brand, but international artists such as Billie Eilish and Beyoncé have been too. Also, they enter the world of art and culture by offering their stores as cultural spaces.

11. LIE


The founder of this brand paved his way in fashion with collections for men. But his fame is due to his female brand LIE. Lee Chung Chung’s designs stand out for the trend of combining tones and patterns. Even in his looks for women, he includes masculine elements that make several of his designs androgynous. LIE makes unique and fabulous garments. Because of that and more, this label is part of the 19 top Korean fashion brands in 2021


12. WE11DONE, Top korean fashion brands


Do you remember G-Dragon? The famous star of the Korean boyband ‘BIGBANG’. He is recognized for his talent and for being a Korean fashion icon. It seems that love for fashion is in his blood, as his sister, Dami Kwon, is one of the founders of this prestigious brand.


She and her friend Jessica Jung joined forces to found this company and launch haute couture garments. Currently, the brand is recognized around the world because it gained more popularity by attending the fashion week in Paris in 2020. The latest spring/summer collection for 2021 is unisex. It has garments for men and women. Specifically, the washed fabrics and colors stand out.



It has been 15 years since this brand became known to the world, but its success has exploded in the most recent years thanks to the young generation of Korea. They have more than 20 stores established across the country, not just in Seoul. It is one of the leading women’s clothing brands. 

14. KUHO, Top Korean fashion brands


It is a brand that focuses on minimalist and elegant details. The brand designs clothes and shoes. It is considered a famous and prestigious brand in Korea thanks to the quality of its garments and because they have their fabric factories in Korea. KUHO knows very well how to experiment with proportions, layering, and draping.

15. J. CHUNG


 The perfect is not always the best, and J. CHUNG knows it. This brand has an aesthetic where the imperfect is the most attractive. So, they offer basic garments, no season defines them, and they have conventional touches. They owe their popularity to their looks that do not go out of style. Besides that, the clothing made by J.CHUNG is quite accessible and of high quality.


16. YUUL YIE, Top Korean fashion brands


It is a leading brand in the fashion industry thanks to its unusual shoe design. For people who are interested in new proposals, YUUL YIE offers public platform shoes that have an architectural design and unique shapes. They are the fun shoes that anyone wants to have, especially if they are bored with the everyday. This Korean brand continues to conquer everyone thanks to its unique models.

17. SJYP


Many of the people who consume this brand are K-pop fans. It is a brand that tends to dress idols since their clothes mark a strong presence on stage. It is a brand focused on urban and street clothing. Its style mixes elements of the 90s with the current ones. They focus more on the female audience, but they also have collections available for men. Artists like HyunAh, Lee Hyori, and Yuna are just some of the many idols who have worn clothes from this prestigious brand.


18. ODD ONE OUT, Top Korean fashion brands


A team involved in artistic, creative, and cultural movements were the ones who founded this label. They propose innovative creations in clothing for women, and their designs are elegant and modern. It is a famous Korean brand in Korea. Some idol groups like ITZY and BLACKPINK have worn their outfits more than once.



Taking Korean traditions, this brand is well- known to modernize the hanbok, the typical Korean costume. The company’s designer, Kim Young Jin, makes feminine and trendy clothes without neglecting Korean roots and culture. She uses bold colors and also pastel colors.


She uses traditional fabrics in making her collections. That has allowed Kim Young Jin to touch everyone’s emotions, which tells us that she did well to decide to bet on a field of fashion that is slowly taking off very well. She took the traditional elements to relate them to the modern ones, achieving a perfect and captivating balance between both.


Korean-born clothing brands are spreading their fashion around the world. Much of the world’s audience has been able to welcome them in wonder at all they have to offer. The global popularization of Korean culture is on the rise every day.


In the same way, the big Korean fashion brands grow and become more famous among natives and foreigners. Wanting to wear the best Korean outfits has never been easier than now. Since you know the Korean fashion brands in 2021, we invite you to continue reading the blog for more information about your favorite clothing style.


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