What are the top 3 Korean fashion aesthetics and how to achieve them?

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People in the world appreciate Korean fashion more every day. And within it, we find different styles of Korean clothing and ways to combine them. For that reason, K-Fashion has various aesthetics that everyone wants to achieve. Well, at least everyone who is a Korean fashion lover. But, what are the top 3 Korean fashion aesthetics and how to achieve them? Today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we bring you a top 3 Korean fashion aesthetics and some recommendations to achieve them.


What does aesthetic mean?


It is significant to know what aesthetics means in the context of fashion. The word aesthetic refers to the appreciation of beauty. In philosophy, it addresses the nature of beauty and art. Now, aesthetics is a concept that has a more everyday, modern, and youthful use. It is due to the influence of social networks and its evolution on the Internet. Its description, therefore, became more subjective.


It is a set of elements which union produces some satisfaction. This without neglecting its essence: the creation and appreciation of art. For that reason, the aesthetic is present not only in fashion. You can also find it in the composition of images of anything, in photography, interior decoration, or in everyday life. For some people, the aesthetic has become a lifestyle. And this has come to Korea with great power not only in clothing but in other daily aspects such as the streets and shops or cafes in Korea. You can find the Korean aesthetic in fashion but also in everyday life.


What is the aesthetic style?


Aesthetics is a new fashion style that incorporates elements with nostalgia for the style of the 70s, late 80s, and 90s in general. However, the aesthetic style can have variants, so it is usually hard to identify. Beyond just having a single starting point, the aesthetic style can have a bit of retro, grunge, or even a rocker edge. For that reason, everything is possible in an aesthetic style. From the passion for the eighties or nineties and nostalgia for the grunge style. Or the desire to express oneself through a retro rocker style. The main thing is that you dare mix styles and return to the best years of fashion. You can take inspiration from the outfits of the eighties or nineties.


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Top 3 Korean Fashion aesthetics 


What are the top 3 Korean fashion aesthetics, and how to achieve them? Once you know what aesthetics is and how that style works, you can know the top 3 Korean Fashion aesthetics.


1. Grunge aesthetic


The grunge style looks a bit messy, but it is the opposite if you know how to wear it correctly. This fashion has a very particular aesthetic. This style managed to be the form of expression of a disagreement against the established norms. Therefore, this style stands out for mixing informal garments with a casual appearance. Also, it is common in the street or urban style. It is thanks to the fact that it is a style that turns aside from the established norms.  


How to achieve the grunge aesthetic?


One key to achieving this Korean Fashion aesthetic is rebellion. This fashion stood out for expressing the idea of ​​going against the established order. Therefore, this way of dressing will stand out from any other more classic or standard way of dressing. That is the reason why it never becomes a formal look. The plaid shirt is among the garments that stand out the most to achieve aesthetic grunge. Wearing one in combination with a rock band t-shirt is a way to adjust to this trend. Ripped jeans are another characteristic garment of this fashion, and they should never be missing in your closet if you want to adapt your way of dressing to this trend. They look great when you combine them with super casual clothes. You can also add sleeveless shirts, leather jackets, and accessories like hats or berets.


2. Oversized streetwear aesthetic


You can notice that many people’s clothes are fun and beautiful without adding a lot of clothes when you travel to South Korea. One of the Korean Fashion aesthetics that stands out, thanks to that, is oversized streetwear. It’s beautiful, comfortable, and there are no rules to follow this aesthetic because it mostly highlights genderless pieces that look good on anyone.


How to achieve the oversized streetwear aesthetic?


Do you want to achieve this aesthetic? You only need a few key pieces. Essentially, those items would be sweatpants and tops, beanies and bucket hats, oversized and buttoned shirts, and baggy shorts. You could also add wide but high-waisted pants, bralettes, and the shoes of your choice. Although if they are sneakers, it is a safer bet. The trick to achieving this aesthetic is to hide the silhouette. You have to capture the eyes thanks to your oversized clothes.


3. Contemporary aesthetic suit


Who doesn’t like a perfect blazer look? Korean fashion is full of elegant cuts that involve an oversized jacket, a classy or custom-made piece that can be buttoned at the waist. The contemporary suit aesthetic is also known as sophisticated style. However, far from what many think, this Korean Fashion aesthetic is not just for the office or elegant moments. Depending on what other clothes they get combined with, they can achieve a casual but sophisticated look. All thanks to the beauty of this aesthetic are that it doesn’t have to look too corporate to make it sophisticated.


How to achieve the contemporary aesthetic suit?


To achieve this Korean Fashion aesthetic, you need a couple of elements. You can wear pants with a plain shirt. Also, you can wear a blazer over a sweatshirt and pants. You can even go for a set of buttons, blazers, and pants. You can finish perfecting it with chunky or platform shoes. The key to this look is the blazers, but you can also substitute the blazers for a cardigan. This aesthetic is usual in Korean dramas. If you have seen it, you will recognize the style immediately, thanks to the elegant and casual touch that it has at the same time.


What are the top 3 Korean fashion aesthetics, and how to achieve them? Grunge, oversized streetwear, and contemporary outfits highlight the most popular Korean fashion aesthetic. And although K-Fashion is full of aesthetics that are worth following, these three are imposed as favorites thanks to how popular they are among Koreans. Which of the three do you like the most? See you on an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog! Don’t forget to visit us every day.


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