Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024

Korean Fashion Trends - Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024

Are you bored of your usual looks and want to start experimenting with new Korean makeup brands? A new year and a new us! It’s time to start changing routines to add excitement to our lives. That’s why today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will unveil the Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024! So let’s dive in.


What Is So Special About Korean Makeup?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024 - Korean makeupStarting the year knowing the trends in Korean fashion and beauty is crucial if you are a Korean fashion and beauty enthusiast. That’s why today, we will discuss the Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024.


However, before getting into it, why don’t we discuss what makes Korean makeup so special? There are many reasons why Korean makeup is one of the best in the industry today.


And, we have discussed many of them in other Korean Fashion Trends blogs. But considering that we are here to discuss the Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024, let’s remind why they are so special:


Original Korean makeup products are formulated with the best natural ingredients. Moreover, most are vegan and cruelty-free and are highly beneficial for your skin. In addition, the presentations of these products are exceptionally attractive.


Furthermore, with the rising popularity of Korean makeup trends on social media networks, Korean makeup products have managed to build a positive reputation outside of Korea. The influence of Korean celebrities is also a main factor that contributed to the rising popularity of Korean makeup and skincare products. Do you want to buy Korean makeup? Find the best options by clicking here!


Is Korean Makeup Natural?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024 - Korean woman wearing blushOne of the appealing characteristics of Korean makeup is its naturalness. As we’ve mentioned, Korean makeup is usually formulated with natural ingredients. Therefore, it includes ideal components for those who love natural makeup products.


However, the allure of natural Korean makeup doesn’t only include fresh ingredients, but also flawless finish. In fact, Korean fashion and beauty trends dictate less is more. So minimalism and neutral colors are among the top favorites. Likewise, Korean beauty gurus are extremely fond of soft, neutral, and pastel tones in makeup, which makes it difficult to find darker tones. But, a no-makeup makeup look is always a go-to.


Are There Fake Korean Cosmetics on the Market?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Makeup Clio brandWe have to be completely honest. If you want to know the Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024, you must know how to choose between original and fake products. And yes, many Korean beauty products are fake. Given the rising popularity of Korean fashion and beauty, one thing to be aware of is unregistered brands that sell counterfeit Korean beauty products. You must avoid these unknown brands to protect your finances and most importantly, your health.


Therefore, it is important to purchase Korean beauty products directly from the original brands or recognized platforms. For example, YesStyle is a trusted platform where you can shop Korean beauty products. Here, you can find makeup and Korean skincare products from the best brands at affordable prices.


Enjoy 2024 wearing the best of Korean fashion! Click here to access YesStyle’s discounts now. You can shop Korean style clothing and Korean beauty products on a budget. Click here to shop now!


How Safe Are Korean Cosmetics?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024 - Korean woman You may now be wondering, are Korean beauty products safe? Well, many Korean beauty brands are safe, of excellent quality, and provide gentle care for your skin in addition to flawless makeup.


Some of those brands are part of the Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024. For example, Peripera, Romand, Etude, and Clio stand out among the Korean brands you should try in 2024 and are among the safest. However, it is worth clarifying that prices may be higher due to these brands’ prestige and quality. But of course, makeup can be considered an investment. Moreover, Korean makeup is completely worth it, especially to maintain skin health.


What Is the Best Korean Makeup Brand?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024 - makeupIt is time to bring clarity to our readers on the best K-beauty products, or the best Korean cosmetic brands. Diving into the Olive Young Korean website, we’ve noted a couple of recognized brands at the top, not to our surprise. Renowned brands such as Clio, Banila co, Romand, Peripera, Etude, and more secured their places on the first page of the best-sellers.


But, we will discover a few less known gems today for you to try in 2024 for a brand new you. While it’s true all these brands have well-deserved popularity, the truth is, it’s always a good idea to experiment with different brands for rare finds that can elevate your makeup game. So, let’s delve into the realm of top Korean makeup brands for early 2024.


Where to Buy Korean Makeup Brands?


An important question that all K-beauty lovers want answers on is where to buy Korean makeup brands. Keep up with Korean Fashion Trends to never miss a sale on YesStyle’s discounts on Korean fashion and Korean beauty. Shop here!


Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024


Well done, K-lover! You’ve come this far! So let’s get to know the Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024. Although you can find several quality Korean makeup brands in the market, the following top brings together some of the most important and popular in recent months. Let’s take a look:




Korean Fashion Trends - LipstickA favorite of the Korean MUA’s, Mude was established by a vastly popular Korean beauty blogger, Raemi.


This brand aims to inspire you with innovative formulas fused with soft colors and sleek packaging.


We recommend you to give a try to their mascaras! Trust us – you won’t regret it.



Etude House


Etude Korean Fashion Trends - Blushis a popular South Korean beauty brand that specializes in skincare and makeup products. The name “Etude” means “study” in French, reflecting the brand’s commitment to constantly researching and developing new products and technologies.


Fun, colorful, and innovative are at the heart of this brand’s products. Moreover, they have fun packaging and unique product names.


The brand’s signature pink color is used prominently on its packaging, which makes its products instantly recognizable. In addition, they have quality products designed solely and exclusively for skin care and beauty. Shop here!


All My Things


Korean Fashion Trends - All my thing makeup brandThe South Korean based AllMyThings cosmetics focus on individuality and community. The Brand promotes the importance of client-focused collective solutions. With a diverse collection of makeup products ranging from eye palettes to lip tints and eyeliner, the brand is a fave among many Korean makeup enthusiasts.




Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands. Korean professional makeup brand CLIO offers a wide range of cosmetics for both makeup professionals and novices. The brand works with a research and development team based in Europe to continually create new collections that adapt to the trends and demands of the seasons.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Makeup dasiqueAnother Korean makeup brand worth trying in 2024 is Dasique, a small makeup brand based in South Korea. Dasique states that the brand is inspired by the natural cycle of nature, and aims to unlock the hidden beauty inside you. This brand has an immaculate selection of eye palettes that are perfect for everyday wear.


The Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024 should be part of your beauty repertoire in 2024! Shine bright this year with Korean-style outfits and flawless makeup. Jot down our recommendations to renew your beauty routine by swapping your products with the best Korean beauty products on the market.


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