6 tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style

korean fashion trends - tips for a k-pop idol style

6 tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style. We recently talked about the recommendations you should consider if you want an authentic Korean style. However, until now, we haven’t talked about the tips you should follow if you’re a K-Pop fan and would like to style like your favorite Korean celebrities. With the growing popularity of K-Pop and millions of fans adding every day, the style of idols is a source of inspiration in youth fashion, not only in Korea. Also all over the world. From their grunge, street, soft, and now Y2K styles, K-Pop idols know how to take their fashion and look to another level. Therefore, if you are a K-Pop lover and want a style like theirs, we invite you to know these tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style. In this way, you can transform your closet so that you have the clothes and accessories necessary to achieve a K-Pop idol look. Are you ready? Let’s get started!




K-Pop idols inspire their fans not only to start dancing and singing. They also inspire them to want to look good. For that reason, many K-Pop fans love how their favorite idols look and want to style like theirs. Are you one of those people? Good thing you’re here then! Because today you will have the opportunity to make your style look like Korean idols. How will you achieve it? With these tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style. So if you are a fan of BLACKPINK, BTS, TWICE, and other K-Pop groups, today you will learn the best tips for a unique look like Korean idols.




The first thing that we recommend among the tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style is to have high-cut garments up to the waist. Why? Because tucking your shirt inside your pants or skirt will help to have a more marked style. Don’t worry about your figure, you can combine it with oversized clothes. Oversized shirts are a clear example of the versatility of these garments. You can wear it both ways, inside the waistband or outside. However, waist-length garments are very fashionable and very recurrent in the style of idols. They can be jeans, skirts or shorts. It doesn’t matter! Use the garment of your choice but make sure they are high cut. That way, you will be able to achieve a K-Pop idol style with ease.




Why should you have jumpers in your closet? The reason is among these tips that you must follow if you want a K-Pop idol style. In Korean fashion, dresses are highly valued. For that reason, female idols include them a lot in their looks both on and off stage. One of the favorite dresses of idols and Koreans is the jumper. These types of dresses are common. Like them, you can try wearing a shirt and a dress underneath for a more casual look. It can be with this type of dress and another. A midi will also work. You can add combat boots and a trench coat to this combination to give it a more sophisticated touch. Instead of combat boots, you can wear sneakers. That will also be a good choice.




Continuing with these tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style, we have platform shoes. In Korean fashion and among the shoes worn by idols, there are many options to choose from. There are some more common than others since they are comfortable, and at the same time, they stylize any look very well. Some of these shoes are combat boots, sneakers, or chunky shoes. However, platform shoes in any of these presentations are an excellent option. Why? Because high shoes or sports shoes with some platform will give an extra to your outfits. They are common in any shoe, as we have already said. For that reason, you need to expand your shoe options and make sure that platform shoes are part of them.




The four tips among these tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style include skirts. Skirts have been an essential item of clothing since ancient times. Over the years, many skirt designs have appeared. In Korean fashion, skirts are a complete hit. Whether checkered, tennis, pleated, midi, etc. Skirts are a safe option in almost any look and on any occasion. This garment is already mythical in Korean fashion due to its popularity. You can dress them in thousands of different ways and combine them with sweaters, fishnet stockings, and other accessories.




Among the tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style are also ripped jeans. Although these jeans are casual style par excellence, you can combine them with garments such as blazers, and they will also look good. In Korean fashion and the style of idols, these jeans cannot be missing. Especially when you combine them with jeans in total denim. Add ripped jeans for a casual yet stylish look. You can wear them with oversize shirts or hoodies, combine them with sneakers or combat boots and add fishnet stockings to make it look under the holes in the pants. But if you prefer, you can wear visible socks. You can perfect any of these looks with accessories such as hats, caps, belts, etc. Accessories are also important when you want to wear a K-Pop idol style.




Although Korean fashion favors many colors, the favorites are pastel colors and neutrals. For that reason, these color palettes are part of the tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style. Many people believe that the simplicity of these colors will make their clothes look boring. It is not like this. Neutral and pastel color outfits can be taken to another level using accessories. On their own, however, looks in these colors are pretty and have a sophisticated edge. Wear them with confidence and combine them with patterns. They will also look good that way.


The 6 tips you should follow if you want a K-Pop idol style will help you recreate the styles of your favorite Korean idols. You only need to add a few basic clothes and accessories to achieve this look more easily. Remember: attitude and creativity are also part of the process, so don’t give up your personality and wit and take advantage of them by wearing the best of Korean idol fashion. See you soon in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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