The Key to Aespa Giselle’s Style!

Korean Fashion Trends - The Key to Aespa Giselle’s Style!

We all know and love AESPA for their amazing and moving music and stylist members. And one of those members is Giselle. Giselle has a distinctive style that blends basic elements with a grungy style. So, if you like Korean street fashion trends with grungy and chic touches, what are you doing without taking inspiration from AESPA Giselle’s Style? You probably just don’t have the key tips to recreate her style. Don’t worry, though! Today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will unveil The Key to AESPA Giselle’s Style. Ready? Let’s dive in!


Who Is Aespa Giselle?


Korean Fashion Trends - Aespa Giselle’s Style - Uchinaga EriAESPA’s Giselle is not only a talented rapper, but she is also a K-pop fashion icon. Giselle, born on October 30,2000, in South Korea, is a Japanese-Korean rapper of the four member girl group Aespa. So, Giselle is only 23 years old.


Although Giselle was born in Garosu-gil, Seoul, South Korea, she grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from Seishin International High School. From a young age, Giselle dreamed of becoming a rock star. And although she is not exactly a rock star, she is a K-pop star! Thanks to her skills on stage, she has won the hearts of many fans. However, thanks to her fashion style on and off stage, Giselle is now a muse of Korean fashion. Therefore, it is worth knowing AESPA Giselle’s Style!


What Is AESPA Giselle’s Style Like?


Korean Fashion Trends - Aespa Giselle’s Style - K-idol wearing a black shirtWe have already mentioned that Giselle is one of the current Korean fashion icons that attracts the most attention, as do several of her group mates. However, how can we unveil The key to AESPA Giselle’s Style if we don’t first discover more about her style? First, when it comes to makeup, this K-pop star prefers light makeup and a natural style. Although, of course, on stage, we can see her shining with more elaborate makeup that also highlights her natural beauty.


Furthermore, Giselle has said on several occasions that one of her fashion muses is her mother. Perhaps the preppy style that she frequently opts for shows that influence. However, Giselle’s style is also very versatile. Although she obviously opts for grungy and street-wear a lot.


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What Are Aespa Giselle’s Key Wardrobe Pieces?


It’s time to see AESPA Giselle’s key wardrobe pieces! Remember to take note of them because you will need them to recreate outfits inspired by AESPA Giselle’s Style!


White Tank Tops and Halter Necks


Korean Fashion Trends - Aespa Giselle’s Style - K-idol wearing a Tank topGiselle’s wardrobe is full to the brim with the timeless allure of white tank tops and halter necks. And these simple and versatile pieces form the foundation of many of her looks! Whether she’s on stage or spotted off-stage, Giselle effortlessly demonstrates the art of making a statement with basic wardrobe essentials. Shop here!


Openwork Sweaters


For a touch of texture and a hint of allure, Giselle often opts for openwork sweaters. These knits add a layer of elegance to her outfits while allowing her to play with contrasting textures. The openwork sweaters showcase Giselle’s ability to balance comfort and style, creating a look that is both cozy and fashion-forward.


Black Monochromatic Outfits


Korean Fashion Trends - Aespa Giselle’s Style - K-idol wearing a black outfitA true lover of the monochromatic aesthetic, Giselle frequently graces the stage and streets in all-black ensembles. Moreover, the monochrome look amplifies her bold and edgy persona. Black, for Giselle, is more than a color—it’s a statement.




Beanies are a staple in Giselle’s accessory repertoire. Whether she’s embracing a street-style vibe or adding a playful touch to a casual look, beanies are a go-to accessory for her. Shop here! If you still don’t know how to incorporate beanies into your everyday wardrobe, click here!


Flared Pants and Jeans


Korean Fashion Trends - Aespa Giselle’s Style - K-idol wearing flared pantsGiselle isn’t afraid to embrace the retro vibes with her choice of flared pants and jeans. This nod to vintage fashion adds a dynamic and fun element to her style. The flared silhouette complements her off-stage presence, creating a visual balance between her on-stage persona. Shop here!


Zip Ups and Leather Jackets


Giselle infuses a dose of urban streetwear into her wardrobe with zip-up jackets and leather outerwear. And the zip-ups and leather jackets add an extra layer of coolness to Giselle’s fashion essence. Hurry up and shop here!


Baggy Jeans and Parachute Pants


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing baggy jeansGiselle includes baggy jeans and parachute pants in her looks frequently. Embracing the comfortable and stylish, these bottoms allow her to move freely while maintaining an air of laid-back confidence. Shop here now!


Oversized Bags


No Giselle-inspired look is complete without an oversized bag. From totes to moon-shaped slouchy bags, these accessories add a touch of practicality to her fashion-forward ensembles. Giselle’s oversized bags are not just for show—they’re a testament to her commitment to both style and functionality.


3 Outfits Inspired By AESPA Giselle’s Style


Are you already familiar with all the clothing and accessories you need to recreate AESPA Giselle’s Style? If so, once you have bought everything here and updated your closet with the Giselle must-haves, you can recreate one of the following three outfits. Let’s see:


Preppy and Chic


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing a preppy skirtYou must not forget that AESPA Giselle’s Style also has many preppy influences! So why not take advantage of it and take inspiration from that? Combine a plaid mini skirt with an oversized beige sweater. And pair with long white socks and black loafers! Shop here!


Grungy and Comfortable


But if you prefer grungy vibes of AESPA Giselle’s Style, this option is for you! Combine baggy jeans or parachute pants with an oversized T-shirt. Colors? You choose them! But gray would be a good choice. Pair with white sneakers and a cap or beanie to elevate the ensemble! Shop here.


Chic and Romantic


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing a crop top and shortsFor this last option of looks to recreate AESPA Giselle’s Style, you will achieve a chic and romantic outfit by combining a white tank top! Combine it with a jean mini skirt and add accessories to your hair. Shop here!


Looking for style inspiration? AESPA Giselle’s Style is the key! By knowing her basic wardrobe items, you can recreate her style to achieve comfortable looks with grungy and preppy touches! And subscribe to the Korean Fashion Trends newsletter! Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, X, Spotify, YouTube and Twitch! See you in the upcoming blog post of your favorite Korean fashion website!


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