The best looks of BTS’s Min Yoongi


If we have to think of a word that fits K-Pop idols, it would be style. There’s one thing idols know how to do well -surprising us with their outfits on and off stage. When they’re off stage, some prefer to keep a simple style. However, some others take the opportunity to turn any street or airport into a walkway. Someone who has found a balance between the two styles is BTS’s Suga. He has a personal style that looks comfortable and pays special attention to detail. Just adding a few eye-catching accessories and pieces turn his looks from stunning to perfect. Do you want to know the best looks of BTS’s Min Yoongi? Stay with us and keep reading!


What is Suga’s BTS style?


We could identify Suga’s (Min Yoongi) style as a simple one. He likes to keep a comfortable style. Therefore, he prefers oversized and cozy clothing. Furthermore, his style is also a unique mix of brands. He loves Japanese streetwear brands, but he can often find sports bags, shoes, and accessories from high fashion designers. 


The rapper is true to his laid-back personality. Also, Suga tends to stick to a muted color palette in his clothing. The man loves to wear black. However, that does not mean that Suga always wears all black. He also knows how to break up monochrome with other neutral colors. He is a fan of flannels, hats, and soft textures.


Know the 10 best looks of Min Yoongi that make him a representative of street fashion


Checkered print shirt


Korean-Fashion-Trends--Checkered-print-shirtThe mythical yellow plaid shirt that Yoongi once wore at the airport quickly sold out when he showed himself in front of the cameras with it.


Suga can take outfits to a whole different world by adding a big eye-catching piece to it.


In this case, it was that plaid shirt that dozens of brands have replicated using photos of Yoongi as an example.


However, his look was not only perfect thanks to the famous shirt. He was also an outfit that he highlighted thanks to the accessories. A bucket hat and sandals have never looked so good in a street outfit.


Patterns upon patterns


Korean-Fashion-Trends--Patterns-upon-patternsIf there’s one thing Yoongi loves and knows how to do with style, it’s wearing print on print. As we already saw, the paintings are one of his favorites.


A simple black outfit topped with an oversized long-sleeved plaid shirt, tartan scarf, and beanie is the rapper’s signature outfit.


If you want an outfit like Suga’s, combine these pieces, and you will have an outfit inspired by him without problems.


For that reason, this outfit could not be missing in the best looks of BTS’s Min Yoongi.


Shorts everywhere!


Korean-Fashion-Trends--Shorts-everywhereThe truth is, we don’t see Suga in shorts often anymore. But we must admit that we enjoyed what he looked like that summer when he was very interested in the shorts trend.


The look with blue shorts and a white shirt, accompanied by a cap and sports tennis shoes, is one of our favorites.


After all, it still has many impressions on the fans. Because it is different from what they are used to seeing in it.


Once again, accessories such as headphones, hats, backpacks, and tennis shoes make the outfit worthy of the runway.


Chanel King 


Korean-Fashion-Trends--Chanel-KingMaybe this is the Suga outfit that ARMY has fallen in love with the most. Well, many do.


And we must admit that Yoongi looks charming with Chanel pieces.


When he wore a total Chanel outfit, he didn’t look over the top. He looked subtle.


In addition, he added a touch of drama with the long coat over the leather jacket and the softest of hats.


In some ways, this outfit also represents Yoongi’s personality perfectly.


Multifaceted black


Korean-Fashion-Trends--Multifaceted-blackAlthough we have seen looks in Yoongi somewhat colorful, that does not mean that he is not wearing a completely black outfit.


On one occasion, he wore a black outfit that had a different vibe thanks to the oversized shirt.


It is one of those multifaceted looks. It can be a casual and elegant outfit, depending on the accessories too.


We love how Suga wears these kinds of styles. Not mentioning him in the best looks of BTS’s Min Yoongi would be a crime.


A dark and sublime outfit


Korean-Fashion-Trends--A-dark-and-sublime-outfitOn one occasion, Yoongi wore an outfit comprising black pants and a white shirt. To accompany him, he wore earrings, black sandals, and masks of the same color.


It was a look that gave off darkness with vibes of a sublime essence.


That outfit was well-known among fans as an “emo boy” outfit. He got a lot of ARMY’s attention the moment he saw the light of day.


Also, Suga’s long hair that covered his eyes made this look a favorite of many.


Everything is in the details


Korean-Fashion-Trends--Everything-is-in-the-detailsYoongi wore an outfit that included black pants, black shoes, a white shirt, and a blue coat.


But what makes this look fashion-worthy are the little details.


His bag, hat, and plaid shirt under his coat make up another outfit we can’t take our eyes off of.


This look is a perfect example of how Suga’s outfits are about details too.


Therefore, it was significant to mention him among the best looks of BTS’s Min Yoongi.


All black


Korean-Fashion-Trends--All-black - Min YoongiAn icon when it comes to Yoongi’s fashion: all-black looks.


But even though some may think that such an outfit doesn’t require much thought, if it does.


The bag, the hat, the shoes, and even the belt, the buttons, and the zippers.


Everything fits perfectly in a silvery black Pantone that he looks like no other.


For an outfit like this, you can recreate it during winter or summer.


A colorful outfit


Korean-Fashion-Trends--A-colorful-outfit -Min YoongiWe know Yoongi loves black outfits. But sometimes he also surprises us with colorful clothes.


On one occasion, he wore ripped jeans with an oversized knitted sweater that stood out thanks to its coloring.


This outfit is also a fan favorite, thanks to the colors illuminating Suga’s features and skin color.


Did you know that his sweater also sold out right after he showed up wearing it? It’s an easy look to replicate if you have a pair of blue jeans and an oversized sweater. That combination is always a great look.


Mint and caramel


Korean-Fashion-Trends--Mint-and-caramel - Min YoongiWhile Yoongi looks good in all outfits. His mint hair and his camel coat are a perfect match.


As is often the case, his all-black outfit gets a touch of drama with an oversized camel coat, a long necklace, and, once again, his signature beanie.


It is not an exaggerated outfit, and for that reason, it is very versatile.


He can use it in the most elegant moments, as in the most casual ones if he wants to.


The best looks of BTS’s Min Yoongi are simple, but they exude versatility. Whether you want to try elegant or casual looks, Yoongi is an inspiration when it comes to style. If you have a tendency to neutral colors or if your favorite color is also black, pay attention to Min Yoongi’s outfits. Did you put some of these looks to the test? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to visit Korean Fashion Trends every day. Remember that this is the blog to keep you updated with all the news about Korean fashion.

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