Let’s take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's take a look at Korean idol Sunmi's style

We have talked about great fashion icons in K-Pop. However, until now, we haven’t talked about one of K-Pop’s most iconic figures. This girl stands out thanks to her talent on stage. However, she also stands out thanks to her multifaceted style. Also, K-Pop fans know that the Korean fashion of K-Pop idols always wins everyone over. For that reason, today, let’s take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style! At Korean Fashion Trends, we present some of Sunmi’s different clothing styles. Her music career is wide. Her fans have seen her grow, evolve, start new stages, and show that she was undoubtedly born to be a star. But while she shines as a singer, she is also a fashion inspiration. That is why today, if you are a fan of Sunmi and her style, you will be able to learn more about some of her outfits that you can recreate if you want a style like hers. Let’s get started!




Why is Sunmi’s style multifaceted? Because throughout her career, the singer has changed her look many times. But not only that. She has shown that she knows how to adapt to her looks. Sunmi successfully elevates any style and outfit. Usually, we can take inspiration from many idols if we want to adopt a specific style. However, if we think of Sunmi, we can take inspiration from her to recreate any style. That’s thanks to her multifaceted style that we highlight so much. Look at Korean fashion from Sunmi’s style, choose your favorite outfit and recreate any of them if you wish. So without further ado, let’s take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style!




Korean Fashion Trends - Sunmi with purple hairLet’s start this list of outfits to take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style with a glamorous combination. Sunmi is not only a famous singer. Thanks to her style, she has become an ambassador for luxury brands, and Fendi is one of them.


One of her looks screams glamor and haute couture but also makes her look great. Sunmi wore a dress from the brand that stands out thanks to her avant-garde print. It is a pattern of shapes where she stands out in gold, pink, and lilac. She accompanied this dress with a bag of the same print and white-rimmed glasses.


If you want to recreate this style with a lot of glamor, you should choose your favorite maxi dress and mix it with a good handbag and sunglasses. In addition, you can accompany this look with sandals or low-heeled boots. However, you can elevate it with heels or long boots.




Korean Fashion Trends - Sunmi wearing atlheisure clothesFor those who are sports and athleisure-style fans, this option is ideal. That is why it could not be missing from this list of outfits to take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style. Sportswear doesn’t have to be boring. Sunmi shows an outfit that fits everyone and has very fashionable details too. We always talk about sports outfits with pants and hoodies.


However, Sunmi proves that it is possible to wear a sporty or athleisure style with more or fewer pieces with it. An Asian sporty style consists of just wearing an oversized shirt as a dress. Underneath, you can wear shorts of the type you prefer, but the shirt must function as a dress. That is, the shirt should cover the shorts, preferably.


Combine this look with white sneakers and let your white socks stand out. That will give a better touch to your look. The shirt can be gray, and you can carry a sports bag in navy blue. Those colors fit well. Therefore, this look will not only be sporty. It will also have some touches of sophisticated style.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol Sunmi's style When it comes to clothes for any day, Sunmi also dominates that field. For that reason, we include this combination in the outfits to take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style. It is a casual outfit you can wear for an outing with friends or your partner.


However, it also suits if you want to wear it to college. You only need some wide jeans and a crop top to achieve this look. Those pieces are basics that will save you at all times. Because of that, if you want a Korean-style closet, you need to have these two pieces. As an extra, you can add an oversize hoodie. You can also accompany this look with gray sneakers.


Try to keep your look in that color palette, in the neutral one. That way, you will also add a chic touch to the look. If you don’t know how to style your hair when wearing this look, you can leave your hair down or put it up in a high ponytail. Try not to use heavy makeup. That will clash with the outfit.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol Sunmi's style - Sunmi wearing holographic clothes and nailsContinuing with this list of outfits to take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style, we have a chic combination you can wear on more significant occasions or go to a party.


The combination of Sunmi and glitter is mesmerizing. This look is perfect to prove it. If you want to recreate it, you need a short dress with lots of glitter. It could be a disco dress, similar to the one the star wears in the “When we disco” video. You can accompany this dress with heels.


However, a good option is also to wear it with boots. It is a more youthful and fresh idea, for example, if you want to go out with this look and not suffer from the fatigue caused by heels. You can even wear combat boots.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol Sunmi's style And finally, in this list of outfits to take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style, we have an ideal night outfit for those days when you want to party.


It’s perfect for taking the stage and stealing sighs, as it combines a bit of glamor with a dose of girl power that would amaze anyone. You don’t need many clothes to achieve it. You need high-waisted white shorts and a long-sleeved glittery shirt. If the shirt is white and has rhinestone decorations, the better.


Add accessories like earrings and a necklace. It is an elegant look that you can wear to an event and not necessarily a party. You can accompany it with heels or high-heeled boots.


Let’s take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style! When you meet Sunmi’s looks you notice her multifaceted style. If you believe you don’t have a specific style, try recreating Sunmi’s looks. That will help you expand your horizons in fashion. In addition, you can try many styles without having to fixate on just one. What is your favorite? Tell us in the comments! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.

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