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5 book-related K-Dramas you must watch if you like to read

korean fashion trends - 5 book-related K-Dramas you must watch if you like to read

5 book-related K-Dramas you must watch if you like to read. Do you like to read, and do you also like K-Dramas? If yes, then we recommend you to stay on Korean fashion trends. Why? Because today we will know the 5 Book-related K-Dramas you must watch if you like to read. These dramas are […]

Discover all about jelly nails: the Korean nail trend for summer

korean fashion trends - discover all about jelly nails

Korean beauty trends are not limited to makeup or skincare. It also involves other aspects of beauty, such as nails. In Korea, there are many nail art trends to choose from. Korean nail styles are usually short, well-groomed nails and have neutral enamels. However, that is the most classic and elegant trend. There are other […]

Some current popular colors which are on-trend in Korea regarding fashion


Some current popular colors which are on-trend in Korea regarding fashion. Previously in Korean Fashion Trends, we have already talked about the colors in spring trends. However, until now, we have not talked about some current popular colors which are on-trend in Korea regarding fashion. It is an important topic. Why? Because although there are […]

8 K-Dramas premiering in April that you can’t miss


Like every month, in April, we will also be able to enjoy several premieres in K-Dramas. We know that you are most likely still trying to catch up with the ones released in the last few months. Or that you possibly have an endless list of K-Dramas. However, every drama fan knows that list will […]

Spring in South Korea: what to do and wear during spring in Korea?

korean fashion trends - what to do and wear during spring in Korea

The natural landscapes of South Korea are a real spectacle at any time of the year. However, with the arrival of spring, Koreans seem to be happier because it means seeing the trees full of flowers again and enjoying the warm weather of the season. If you have never traveled to South Korea during spring, […]

Top 6 K-Dramas that show the reality of South Korea


All of us who love Korean culture are fans and lovers of K-Dramas. There are K-Dramas about love stories, but also about many other topics. Through K-Dramas, we can have an approach to Korean culture. However, many forget that it is just that, an approach. And that much of what we see there is fiction. […]

Top 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry


Top 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry. Sometimes, we feel on those blue days. So, we don’t have the best mood of all. That’s normal. Don’t blame yourself for it. We all have the right to feel sad sometimes. The important thing is to know how to drain that feeling. In that way, we can feel […]

What are the best Korean variety shows?

korean fashion trends - korean variety shows - knowing bros and running man

Let’s start the week with fun moments! That means we can start to watch some Korean variety shows. These shows are the favorites of Koreans when it comes to watching something for a fun and upbeat time. But not only people in Korea can enjoy these shows. Viewers from all over the world can do […]

 Know these Korean makeup trends 2022

korean fashion trends - korean makeup trends - y2k fashion - jennie, taeyeon

A few days ago, we learned about the Korean beauty trends 2022. With these trends, we could see that not only Korean fashion is updated. Beauty also arrives with novelties every year. For that reason, this year, we will also see the Korean makeup trends 2022. Although we can recognize Korean makeup for being lighter […]

Know these K-Beauty Trends 2022

korean fashion trends - k-beauty trends 2022

In Korea, not only fashion is an important topic. K-Beauty is too. If you have kept up with our updates, you already know that skincare is more important than makeup in Korea. For Koreans, having healthy, smooth, and beautiful skin is worth more than all the products and trends in makeup. Although Korean skincare is […]