4 Summer looks inspired by BLACKPINK


When summer arrives, one of the things we want most is to be able to enjoy the warm weather without being a victim of it. Because of this, we sometimes confuse fresh and comfortable clothes with ugly clothes. In this way, we end up with a look totally out of style. However, did you know that there exists a solution? If you are a Korean fashion fan, you know that idols are also a source of inspiration. This time, we will take the BLACKPINK girls as a reference to recreate fabulous summer outfits. If you’re a Blink and you’re looking for the perfect look for this season of the year, stay at Korean Fashion Trends because today, we present the summer looks inspired by BLACKPINK. Let’s get to know those combinations that will make you look stunning and in the best Korean fashion style this summer!


4 summer looks according to the girls of BLACKPINK


Korean-Fashion-Trends-4-summer-looks-according-to-the-girls-of-BLACKPINKWe already know that when it’s winter and fall, outfits often include too many pieces of clothing that not only make you look great but also help keep you warm despite the temperature. We understand that you are concerned about what happens when spring and summer appear.


For many, this season can be an enemy of fashion because it is not easy to tolerate high temperatures while looking very fashionable. Do you also think that heat is not an all to look fashionable? As we said before, those who know about Korean fashion know you can always take inspiration from idols.


Today you can change your mind thanks to the girls of BLACKPINK. Why? Because they show that it is possible to look amazing even when the weather is hot. Thanks to them, you will have new ideas to look great despite the heat. Let’s get to know these 4 summer looks inspired by BLACKPINK!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-SPORTS-OUTFIT---ROSÉTo start this list of summer looks inspired by BLACKPINK, we have a sporty outfit designed around Rosé. Did you know that a sports outfit can also be ideal for the hot season? It is one of the best options due to its comfort. An athleisure style will always be a perfect choice for being comfortable but stylish. To achieve a perfect sporty look, you can think of Rosé.


On one occasion, she perfectly matched two garments. She first contrasted with intense tones and a very soft beige. And while the pants are wide, her crop top is tight, creating a perfect and full-of-volume outfit. You can add a very comfortable pair of sneakers to perfect this look. If they are white, it will be the best because they will be able to combine with the top. You can use accessories to make your outfit look even more special.


However, the final touch will come if you especially style your hair. It can be a ponytail of hair or braids on both sides.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-FLORAL-DRESSES---LISAWe continue these summer looks inspired by BLACKPINK with Lisa and the floral dresses. In Korean fashion, floral print is one of the most romantic and feminine. For that reason, it never goes out of style and is always a hit in spring and summer trends. Of course, the BLACKPINK girls know this, and on this occasion, we could not leave out the beautiful summer dresses of Lalisa, who is from Thailand, and knows very well how to succeed in fashion even in hot weather. The floral dress is a garment that can’t be missing in your closet for this hot season. 


The dress can be the cut you like more: short, long, ankle-length or maxi-dress if you prefer. The color can also be to your preference. You will see that you can combine it in many ways. Lisa seems to opt more for a casual style with details that combine the feminine and the sporty when it comes to clothing. You need a dress (with a flower, fruit, or other pattern design), a matching hat, and sunglasses to recreate it. For footwear, we recommend wearing white tennis shoes or sandals. Also, you can complement the look with a denim jacket. If the dress is floral, we recommend that you add clothes and accessories in pastel colors. These colors always go very well with floral patterns.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-STREET-CASUAL---JISOOThe third to arrive at these summer looks inspired by BLACKPINK is Jisoo, with a casual street style outfit.


This Jisoo look includes black shorts. But you can also replace it with a skirt or jeans. You should combine it with a top or blouse in the opposite tone. It will be perfect if you have a beige or white garment. This way, you will contrast both colors.


A special touch of this outfit is in the accessories, especially the beret. But, due to the season, you can substitute it for another style of cap or hat that protects you a little more from the color.


You can add some combat boots to finish this look perfectly. 




We finish these summer looks inspired by BLACKPINK with Jennie and a casual and sophisticated look. Jennie’s look to recreate this season is the skirted outfits. If you are a blink and follow Jennie’s style closely, you will know that Jennie wears skirts in different styles and designs. She always looks great in skirts. If you want to recreate one of her looks with a skirt, you only need a skirt with a color or design; you also need a blouse, t-shirt, or crop top. You can recreate this same look in neutral colors to give it a more sophisticated touch. In this way, you can create a casual outfit. The most suitable footwear will depend on the style you choose. But sandals and heels would make a good combination, even sneakers or boots. If you tie up your hair, the look will shine even more. Add the accessories of your choice to finish perfecting this combination.


The summer looks inspired by BLACKPINK are perfect for these hot days when you want to look perfect, comfortable, and fresh. These idols know how to take summer style to another level without much effort. For that reason, we have much to learn from them. Which of these looks was your favorite? Tell us in the comments! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.

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