How to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion?

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If you are a Korean fashion but also a K-Pop fan, then you will have noticed on more than one occasion that the tennis skirt is a recurring garment in Korean fashion and among idols. Although pleated tennis skirts had their golden moment as one of the most trendy garments of the summer for several years, they still stand out among the spring-summer 2022 trends. But how to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion? These sporty-looking skirts also create a perfect balance between sporty current and preppy looks. Of course, they are worn in the most millennial key possible, with high socks and sneakers. However, that’s not the only way to style a tennis skirt. If you want to discover other ways to wear these skirts and take your style to the next level, stay with Korean Fashion Trends. Let’s get started!


6 ways to style your tennis skirt according to Korean Fashion


How to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion? One of the most recurrent bets in Korean fashion is to wear them with shirts and combine the color of the skirt with that of the socks and sneakers. However, as we said before, there are several other ways to wear tennis skirts in style, especially if you take inspiration from Korean fashion. Know these six ways to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion!




If you want to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion, a perfect way to do it is by mixing it with clothes in pastel tones. You can wear your tennis skirt with your pastel clothes and combat boots. This way, you achieve a soft but grunge look, just the favorite Korean trend among young people. However, your skirt can also be pastel, so you can wear any white top you have and look like a famous Instagrammer. You can perfect these combinations by adding sunglasses and chains as a belt. You can also add a nice bucket hat if you prefer. These are perfect combinations for spring and summer 2022. In addition, they have a youthful and feminine appearance that will make you look perfect.




If you are a fan of the color black, this option among the ways to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion is for you. The black tennis skirts will look fantastic with your sweatshirts or oversized black shirts, those you don’t know how to wear in summer. Both garments in the same color will give you a slightly sophisticated look. It is a very casual look that works both for walks outdoors and to go to the movies or eat with your friends. To take this total black look to the next level, wear white sneakers and socks. That will make a nice contrast between your clothes and accessories. You can also use a black, white, or even beige shopping bag. It is a look where neutral colors are the star.




But if you are a fan of the white color, leave the black color behind and focus on this option among the ways to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion. Don’t forget that the original look of tennis players is white. You can wear a classic white tennis skirt with your top. Or a white shirt, too. You can add a hoodie or cardigan in the same color as well. Also, add jewelry to make it look more chic and casual. The golden chains and rings would make a good contrast with this combination. In the same way, you can accompany the outfit with sneakers and white socks.




Continuing with this list of ways to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion, we have an ideal option for all lovers of the athleisure style. Unlike the other options, this look includes a hoodie in a different shade than the skirt. You can wear a beige tennis skirt with a brown hoodie. Add a bag. It can be a brown crossbody bag and some sneakers or chunky shoes. Either one is a good option. The important thing is that they look adheres to the athleisure style. Also, your favorite hoodie with this skirt will look great, especially if you want to wear your hoodie as a dress, but it’s too short. If you want, the skirt can also be printed. As this type of skirt is going viral, you will find it with great prints. Look for a different one than usual. That will add an eccentric touch to your look.




The e-girl look is a modern version of the emo girl: both were born as representatives of a counterculture that opposes beauty standards. However, in the e-girl look, it is possible to add garments in pastel or bright colors, for example. Many female K-Pop groups have this e-girl style, so if this style is your preference, you may be able to wear a tennis skirt with this look. For that reason, this option to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion is for you. For e-girls, the white tennis skirt will help you contrast your black tops and shoes. It will also give you a vintage touch, like a nineties girl. You can add combat boots for a better e-girl look. You can also add a hoodie or cardigan in a different color than your top. And if you want, you can add some fishnet stockings to make this look a little more grunge.




But if your style is not e-girl but rather a soft girl, you can still wear tennis skirts. For that reason, it is also a way to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion. The style of a soft girl is sensitive and sweet. And to some extent, childish girl. Usually, this trend is adopted by women in their twenties. These girls like clips and bands in their hair, pretty necklaces, and pastel shades. If you want a soft girl look using a tennis skirt, make sure the skirt is white and combine it with a flowery top and a blue cardigan or the color you prefer but totally pastel. It’s a perfect combination that you can perfect with sneakers and socks that stick out. That way, you will take this look to another level. You can add the accessories of your choice as a soft girl.


How to style a tennis skirt according to Korean fashion? Believe it or not, there are many ways to wear this garment. Tennis skirts are very versatile. So you can wear them with shirts, tops, hoodies, etc. In addition, you can use them as a star garment in an outfit of the style of your choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s athleisure style, e-girl, or soft girl. It is possible to use the tennis skirt in any casual look with sporty touches. What is your favorite way to wear a tennis skirt? Tell us in the comments! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.

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