How to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion?

If we have to talk about a controversial garment in recent years, that could be skinny jeans. We can’t hide or deny that skinny jeans have lost the absolute reign that they had been able to maintain for years. But it is not surprising that we continue to feel a predilection for these pants. They have earned a space in our closet. And beyond the trends in skinny jeans that appear every season, it is essential to wear the clothes that we like the most or that help us strengthen our style. And if you like Korean fashion and want to learn how to wear these jeans in the best Korean style, stay with us. Today, in Korean Fashion Trends and our session on how to style a garment in Korean fashion, we tell you how to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion. Keep reading!




Many say skinny jeans no longer have a place in fashion trends in 2022. Although it is true that their reign now belongs to baggy, mom, or wide-leg jeans, skinny jeans are not dead. There is still a good chance that you can wear these jeans and be successful. Also, in fashion, the rules are not written in indelible ink. If a person feels comfortable and more confident wearing skinny jeans, they can do it as long as they know how to do it correctly. If you want to succeed wearing skinny jeans, stay and discover these five tricks to dress them correctly. You can learn more about how to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion!


Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman wearing high-waisted jeansCHOOSE A HIGH-WAISTED JEANS


If you want to wear skinny jeans, it is best to pick them up in high cuts.


High-waisted jeans are flattering on women’s bodies:


hey accentuate the curves of your lower body, hide any bulges and bulges, and help keep your lower body covered when you bend over. Look for one that fits just right at the hips.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing skinny jeansFor women, skinny pants should hit just above the ankle.


Jeans longer than that will make you look dowdy, and jeans shorter than that will make your legs look beefier.


Because of that, you need to consider the length of your skinny jeans.


If you choose the wrong length, your outfit will be a failure instead of a success.





Korean Fashion Trends - Korean person wearing oversized clothesSkinny pants should be snug but not too tight. The jeans should slide easily over your calves and thighs. If not, please choose a larger size.


Practice squatting and bending over in your jeans to know they give you enough room to move.


When we wear tight clothes, the least we want is not to have mobility and comfort in them.


For that reason, it’s best to try them on first to check you can feel comfortable in your skinny jeans.




If you want to accentuate your butt, buy a pair of skinny pants with high, close pockets.


Wearing jeans with high pockets creates an optical illusion that makes your butt look more lifted and fuller.


If your back pockets look strained or if you can see the lining of the pockets, you need a larger pair of jeans.


Avoid pockets that are baggy and saggy. They won’t do your appearance any favors.




And since you know the tricks that help you to know better how to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion, now you can discover five perfect combinations of looks that you can recreate if you want to take advantage of these jeans. Remember, not because they are not a trend means you should stop using them. If you like these jeans and Korean fashion, there are these ways to use them and achieve a successful outfit!




Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman wearing athelisure style clothingWe start this list to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion with a white and athleisure combination.


It is ideal for girls who love to dress in this aesthetic but in a more classic and chic way.


First, you need your favorite pair of skinny jeans. They can be classic or ripped. That depends on your preferences.


Add an oversize hoodie that you can tuck into the jean from the front to give it a different touch. Add some sneakers and a large crossbody bag as an accessory.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing black jeans and a mint green blouseThe second option to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion is perfect as a summer outfit. It is fresh, casual, and very feminine.


Also, you don’t need many clothes to achieve it.


With the basics, it will be enough. Wear classic skinny jeans with a mint green top.


Over the top, you can wear a white long-sleeved shirt, but you must wear it open so it can function as a hoodie.


You can wear sneakers or combat boots with this look. You can add a baseball cap or a bucket hat.




Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman wearing black clothesDid you know that skinny jeans not only accompany casual looks? In general, jeans also serve as a garment for more elegant and sophisticated looks.


For that reason, we have a sophisticated and chic combination in this option to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion.


Wear classic high-waisted skinny jeans with a simple black blouse. Add an oversize beige blazer. You can wear sneakers or heels as footwear. A black tote bag can accompany this look.


Also, if you want, you can add some black sunglasses as an accessory.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a white t-shirt and ripped jeansThis fourth option to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion is perfect for lovers of a comfortable and urban style.


You can combine skinny ripped jeans with a white printed shirt.


Add a long-sleeved shirt on top. But make sure that this second shirt has buttons and a print of your choice.


That way, you will give me another touch on the look.


You can wear some sneakers with this outfit. Or also some chunky shoes.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing skinny jeans and a white t-shirtAnd for this last option to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion, you will need a beret.


Wear skinny jeans with a long-sleeved camel turtleneck blouse. Add low-heeled black boots.


And finally, perfect the combination with a beautiful black leather beret.


You can wear a clutch bag with this outfit.


This look is ideal for girls with a feminine, classic style with sophisticated touches.


How to style skinny jeans according to Korean fashion? You should consider wearing high-cut skinny jeans and choosing the correct length, among other recommendations. Although skinny jeans have lost their presence in fashion in recent years, they are still a good choice if you know how to wear them properly. We hope that after this blog, you will know how to elevate your skinny jeans looks to the best Korean style. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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