How to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion?


We have seen the trend of puffed-type sleeves in garments such as shirts, dresses, and even jackets. We must admit that this trend is quite a success in current fashions, even if its origins go back many years. The puffed sleeves add a sophisticated touch to the looks. Also, it makes them look more feminine and chic. Thanks to their popularity, they also stand out a lot in Korean fashion, and an example of this is the endless photos we see of our female idols wearing a dress, top, or jacket with puffed sleeves. They inspire us to recreate their looks since you can create beautiful outfits with puff sleeves. However, for many, the question arises as to how to use them? Or how to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion? Stay with us and keep reading if you want to know how to elevate your looks using puff sleeves!


How to wear puff sleeves?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-How-to-wear-puff-sleevesBefore knowing how to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion, let’s first find out how to wear puff sleeves. First, it is necessary to say that since it is a striking piece, you should try to make it the focus of your entire look. The ideal is to combine it with more basic and neutral garments in the lower part of your body. With that, you will create balance and visual harmony.


In addition, the volume will be in the upper part of your body, specifically in “ears/neck/shoulders”, so we recommend adding discreet and small earrings. This way, you don’t oversaturate the whole look. Let the sleeves take center stage. And in case you didn’t know, there are different versions and sizes of these sleeves. You should wear the one that fits your personality and style.


A white shirt with puff sleeves will be a good option if you are of a classic style. If you are more of a romantic style, something with lace will suit you. And if you are more of following trends, bet on something with glitter and transparencies.


Who favors puff sleeves?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Who-favors-puff-sleevesAnother question we must answer before discovering how to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion is who favors puff sleeves. To find out the answer, we must consider two things: the volume it provides in the upper part of the body and the type of neckline you choose. You can wear this garment in all its versions if you have a long neck. But if your neck is short, choose open necklines, specifically V or round. It will help you a lot with your style. 


And avoid wearing a high neck with puffed sleeves. It will not favor you. This type of sleeve stylizes thick arms because having the volume in the upper part of your arm makes the lower part look more stylized. If this is your case, remember that the more open your neckline, the more stylized you will look.


And finally, if you have an inverted triangle body type, or have a big back, be careful with the size of your sleeves. Adding volume just in this area will emphasize the width of your shoulders. You can opt for something delicate and balanced with what you wear in the lower part of your body. Avoid accompanying with straight necklines.


5 ways to wear puff sleeves according to Korean fashion


How to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion? We can already know how to wear these sleeves in the best Korean style after knowing some tips to dress them in the right way. These combinations are perfect for girls who love to wear feminine and chic looks. So if you are one of them, you should know these five ways to wear puff sleeves according to Korean fashion. Let’s get started!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-ROMANTICThis first option to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion is romantic. It is also ideal for those girls who love to wear fresh but glamorous looks.


Wear a pink puff-sleeved blouse and combine it with a long white skirt. Add some white heels and accessorize with a neutral-colored bag. Let your hair down and make sure that your makeup is in shades of pink.


Another romantic outfit option is a dress with puffed sleeves where the skirt is wide.


It can be the color you prefer, but we recommend them in pastel shades if you want to create a romantic, chic, and feminine effect. You can accompany this dress with white or beige heels.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-EVERYDAY-CASUALMany might think that puffed sleeves only accompany sophisticated outfits. To be honest, no.


You can use these sleeves in your day-to-day. And a sample of that is this second mix to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion.


Although puff sleeves add a sophisticated touch to the look, that doesn’t mean that they are reserved for those types of outfits. You can wear a red puff sleeve top with baggy, mom or wide-leg jeans.


Add some sneakers and a nice clutch bag. This outfit is ideal to go out with your friends, partner, or going to university. In short, it is a casual outfit for every day.



Korean-Fashion-Trends-ELEGANT-AND-SOPHISTICATEDThe third option to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion is ideal to use in an important work meeting, an event, or any other occasion that requires an elegant and chic look.


A pretty way to wear puff sleeves in this style is with a black dress and white or neutral heels. It is simple, but it stands out precisely thanks to its simplicity.


However, if you prefer a long dress, you can wear a white one with puff sleeves and a pencil shape. These types of dresses are elegant. Mix it with brown heels and add a clutch bag in a neutral tone too.


You already know that the most classic and timeless shades are the most elegant and usual in Korean fashion.




The fourth option to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion is perfect for these summer days. Enjoy the warm weather without being its victim by wearing a yellow puff sleeve top. Add high-cut denim shorts and sneakers or chunky shoes. Complement the look with accessories such as a bucket hat or sunglasses. It can be a simple combination, but it is perfect if you know how to carry it with style.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-CHIC-AND-FLOWERYAnd the last option to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion is with a chic and flowery print.


As a Korean fashion lover, you should know that this pattern is one of the most beautiful and popular K-Fashion trends, especially during the spring and summer seasons.


Therefore, a perfect way to use them is with a beautiful floral dress with puffed sleeves.


You can combine this dress with boots, sneakers, or heels.


It is a fresh, girly and, above all, a very feminine combination.


How to style puff sleeves according to Korean fashion? Contrary to popular belief, you can wear puffed sleeves in a casual outfit. These sleeves add a sophisticated touch to any look, but that doesn’t mean they’re exclusive to dressy outfits. Do you like puffed sleeves? Do you already know how to wear them in the best Korean style? We hope so! See you in another Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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