How to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - How to style oversize garments

All Korean fashion lovers know that one of the most iconic garments of this fashion is the oversizes. Outfits where oversized garments reign are a hit in Korean fashion. And since K-Fashion became famous, many people dream of being able to wear oversize looks. So how to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion? Trying it seems easy, but the truth is that it is easier to make mistakes when we do it without knowing the ways to achieve it successfully. Because of that, it is said that trends are a double-edged sword. They are easy to misunderstand. It’s also easy to look like a ‘fashion victim’ in the end. However, if until now you haven’t known how to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion, don’t worry. Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will review some tips that will help you dress in these clothes most successfully. Keep reading!


5 tips to dress oversize garments according to Korean fashion


Oversized is a fashion trend in Korea that has stood out among all the others for several years. Therefore, it will not stop soon. Contrary to what many people think, these oversized t-shirts and hoodies are stylish. In addition, they are also more comfortable than the normal cut shirts that we are used to wearing. Since the Korean fashion scene is so dynamic, there are many different designs of oversized clothing to choose from. However, it’s not just about wearing clothes four sizes above yours without thinking beforehand. If you want to know how to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion, stay to discover the following tips!




If you want to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion, you need to add baggy jeans to your closet. Why? Because if you are one of those who have internalized the idea that tube jeans are dead and denim garments of different silhouettes have multiplied in your wardrobe, that means you can count on baggy jeans that facilitate your oversize look. However, before you give up the idea that those jeans might look good on you, try folding the boot of the jeans and adding a shoe with several inches of heel. Also, it is better to choose a bag size XS. That will give more dynamism to your look. Also, these jeans are a staple in many Korean-style looks. So if you want to achieve outfits of this type, yes or yes, you should give baggy jeans a chance.




As we said before, it is not about choosing clothes four sizes above yours. While sometimes that’s a good idea, most of the time, it’s the opposite. If you want to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion, it is best to know how to choose the right oversize jacket. And what is the right oversize jacket? The one whose measurements are designed so that the result looks oversized. It is longer than normal. Its sleeves allow you to store several layers of clothing. The armholes are dropped, but the cuffs do not cover your hand completely. Strange? No, it’s the magic of well-done pattern making, and Korean fashion is an expert. Try not to choose an oversize jacket that will ruin your look. The jacket should elevate your outfit, not the other way around.




You should consider layering if you want to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion. You have to lose the fear of wearing double oversize looks to achieve it. However, do it carefully because wearing two pieces of large proportions in the same look can end in something unflattering. If you want to achieve it correctly and wear a sweater and baggy pants, remember to fasten both garments at the waist with belts. Or you can carry out that gesture baptized as ‘half-tuck,’ that is, the act of partially tucking the garment inside the waistband of the pants. You can also try rolling up your shirt to let a few centimeters of skin show through, opting for the usual culotte silhouette when choosing pants, going through the choice of sophisticated and highly discreet accessories.




As with makeup, overloading several areas with the same look may not benefit the final result. You need an oversized shirt or jacket to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion. Try to cushion its impact by wearing tighter, high-waisted pants or skirts that flatter your lower body. Do not forget to tuck the upper garment inside the waist: it is the key for all the above to work. In this way, the oversize outfit will be successful and worthy of catwalks.




Stop thinking that oversize clothes are just hoodies or some jeans. If you want to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion, you need to know that oversize garments can be anything. From shirts, hoodies, and jeans. To dresses, blazers, and jackets. For that reason, if you want to show off a perfect look in oversize garments, you can leave your comfort zone and start wearing oversized garments that are out of the ordinary. For example, you can pair an oversized dress with a white fitted shirt. Or you can wear an oversized hoodie over a dress. Those are surefire combinations in Korean fashion. So, don’t be afraid to dare and start wearing different oversize looks today.


Why do Koreans like oversized clothes?


Koreans love the oversize trend because comfort and style are in it. If you want to know how to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion, just look at some photos of these outfits to know that Koreans know how to wear garments of this type and achieve fashion success. This trend is as famous as a fashionista. So, to successfully pull off an oversize outfit, follow the advice you read earlier. In this way, you will be able to wear oversize garments in the best way.


How to style oversize garments according to Korean fashion? Add baggy jeans to your closet, lose the fear of double oversize and combine oversize garments with skinny ones. These are some tips you can follow to wear oversize outfits with style. Koreans are a huge inspiration when it comes to this trend. You can be inspired by them and their combinations to recreate your oversize looks. Do you like the oversize trend in Korean fashion? Tell us in the comments. See you soon!

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