How to style flare pants according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - How to style flare pants according to Korean fashion?

How to style flare pants according to Korean fashion? Flare pants never go away completely. And yes, they will be a safe bet for this fall of 2022. These pants were already worn in the 70s (a decade that, by the way, is more fashionable than ever). But now, luckily, they’re back to take over our looks. And the truth is that we are happy because they favor it a lot. It is a perfect option if you want to hide wide hips, visually lengthen your legs and enhance your silhouette. And don’t miss it! It can be as classic as straight pants or skinny jeans of a lifetime if you know how to combine them. How to style flare pants according to Korean fashion? Do you want to bet on it but don’t know where to start? Get inspired by Korean fashion and recreate the best styles this season with flare pants. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


How to combine flared pants and look more stylized?


korean fashion trends - How to combine flared pants and look more stylized?How to style flare pants according to Korean fashion? When we ask ourselves that question, we are also interested in knowing how to combine these pants and look more stylish at the same time. A perfect way to do it is by wearing flared pants with full-color American shirts.


However, another effective way to achieve this is by mixing flared pants with white shirts. You know, the white shirt is an essential garment in any wardrobe. But the options of combining these fashionable pants are endless. Of course, first, you have to choose the perfect pants.


Keep in mind that high-waisted models lengthen the legs a lot. If you want them to seem infinite, the bottom of the pants should cover the shoe and practically touch the ground. And yes, you can wear it even if you are short! As for colors, this season all goes. But you should know that dark tones stylize much more than light ones. If you want to enhance the silhouette, you can use the vertical stripes print (it will make you look taller and slimmer).


5 ways to style flared pants according to K-fashion


Jeans are a wardrobe staple for the best dressed and even capsule collections. Different models have created their history to prove to us that they are benchmarks for multiple reasons. It is not surprising that different models become fashionable every year. For this season, two of the most popular are flared pants. Flare pants begin to flare out subtly from the hip and end with discreet dimensions above the foot. These dimensions are gentler since they are not as wide as the flared ones. It’s worth noting that these jeans look particularly good on petite silhouettes. These look great with bow shirts, crop tops, halter tops, light sweaters, or a bodysuit. But how to style flare pants according to Korean fashion? According to K-fashion, stay with us and discover these five ways to wear flared pants. Are you ready? Here we go!




korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing flared pants and oversized sweatersWe start the list of options to style flare pants according to Korean fashion including some oversize sweaters. We all know that oversize garments are one of the favorites in Korean fashion. The reason? They are easy to combine and add a style that never goes unnoticed.


In addition, these sweatshirts have become a must for a long time thanks to their comfort. And they also protect you from the cold like jeans. Wear them with a white shirt underneath in the form of layers and the shoes you want, whether they are tennis shoes or heels, to achieve a varsity look.


The flared pants with the oversized sweater will create a fashionable contrast. So you’ll look like a model.




korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing a white shirtWe continue with the options to style flare pants according to Korean fashion. And this time, we include a white top. Combining flared pants with the typical white top or shirt will be a hit.


In addition, this look made up of basics enchants anyone. It is easy to achieve. You just need flared pants and a tucked-in white blouse.


Add some heels and details like a belt and jewelry in the same tone to give it a more modern and chic touch.


Although if you prefer, you can wear this look with tennis shoes or chunky shoes.




korean fashion trends - a dad shirt - style flare pantsThe third option to style flare pants according to Korean fashion is not complicated to achieve and adds a lot of style to your image.


In addition, this is a comfy look and is ideal for the coldest days.


We couldn’t overlook the perfect combination of flared pants and a dad shirt.


For a cooler touch, add a solid color crop top and your favorite sneakers.





korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing a knitted vest - style flare pantsWe almost end this list to style flare pants according to Korean fashion. In this fourth option, we include a knitted vest because the mix it achieves with flared trousers is perfect.


Also, if you are looking for a simpler look, we recommend this combination.


Why? Because combining jeans with something knitted is a perfect outfit if you want to stand out thanks to your style.


If you combine flared pants with a knitted vest, even better. Those are trending. And all Korean influencers and idols are wearing them to welcome fall.




korean fashion trends - white sneakers and flared pantsFinally, we have the last option to style flare pants according to Korean fashion. We close this list of options with the combination of flared pants with white sneakers.


Footwear is also important when you want to wear flared pants. While you can wear them with heels, they’re best with white sneakers for a casual look. You can achieve such a combination by adding these shoes to the options above.


Also, flared pants or jeans will work with any pair of white sneakers and a plain top. It will look like a perfect combination. That doesn’t mean that it is a simple outfit. Why? The secret is to add some platform tennis shoes or dad sneakers. It will give you a few extra centimeters.


How to style flare pants according to Korean fashion? These pants greatly stylize the figure. Also, you can mix it with oversize sweaters, white tops, knitwear, and white sneakers. These pants are perfect for fall looks. So if you want to stand out this season thanks to your style, we recommend that flare pants are not missing in your closet. See you in the next Korean fashion trends blog!


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