How to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - How to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion?

The Converse can be that basic shoe or the shoe called to be the star of the look. Thanks to this, the Converse has become, in recent years, the quintessential shoe in our wardrobe. And they go well with everything. For that reason, both celebrities and Koreans, in general, add this shoe to their looks. And since we know that you are also a fan, we have prepared new looks to combine with Converse that you will love. Stay on Korean Fashion Trends because today, we talk about how to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion! That way, it will be easier to look stunning this season. And it is that any outfit looks more youthful if you combine it with these emblematic canvas sneakers. Are you ready? Here we go!


6 ways to wear Converse shoes according to Korean fashion


How to wear Converse sneakers? It doesn’t have much science, but there are some keys to making them look much better. And so that you can use them even in a more formal and sophisticated way. Anyway, did you know that you can use converse to combine jeans or an haute couture dress with the same mastery? That’s how it is! Season after season, Converse prove its versatility. Today Korean Fashion Trends took the trouble preparing a list of how to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion. So you can have new proposals with which to follow this fall’s trends, wearing these shoes as comfortable as perfect. Keep reading if you want to accompany your seasonal looks with the best footwear! These six ways to wear converse shoes according to Korean fashion will help you achieve it. Let’s get started!


  • With white pants


korean fashion trends - wear converse with white pantsWe start this list to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion with a look that includes white pants!


It is a formula with the same validity, whatever the season.


In the same look, you must mix Converse sneakers in any color (better if it’s neutral, like white, cream, or black) and add white jeans.


Time will tell the rest of the style (and what we feel like). Such as a gray sweater with an overshirt. Or a vintage fringed jacket and a matching bag.


  • With colorful clothes


korean fashion trends - colorful clothesYou should consider colorful garments if you want to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion. For example, the colors of the fall 2022 season. Such as green, very peri, red, and fuchsia.


Also, the advantage of Converse sneakers is that their design remains classic and simple. But you can find the same models with all colors and patterns, which means you can create more combinations.


The most vibrant colors are ideal for this season. But the classics (black and white go with everything) and dark tones can be seen a little more formal if you get to combine them with more serious looks. You can also create monochromatic looks with your converse.


  • With tailored suits


korean fashion trends - wear converse shoes with tailored suitsThis third idea to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion shows that tailored suits are a perfect option for dressing a sophisticated, elegant, and chic look.


Still, it can also be casual if you mix it with a pair of converse shoes. In addition, Converse does not distinguish between ages and is the best option for any occasion. It is made very clear by those who combine this suit with the most comfortable and versatile shoes on the market.


How can you achieve it? Combine a suit jacket with a white t-shirt and converse sneakers in light tones. It is a perfect uniform to withstand the hectic pace of the office or for an outing with friends or a date when you want to show off your good sense of fashion.


  • With shorts and cargo pants


korean fashion trends - wear converse shoes with shorts and cargo pantsThe fourth option to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion is a bit more casual than the previous ones. This time you will combine converse with shorts or cargo pants. Pairing them with shorts is more suitable for spring and summer. While wearing them with cargo pants is for fall and winter.


For that reason, if you want your sneakers to be seen, you have two options. The first is to combine it with short shorts (which is currently a trend). And the second is to go for cargo pants cut to the ankle, which will also show your socks, and you can have that Korean touch that we are all looking for.


The color of the converse can be the one of your preference. However, try to mix it wisely with the colors and patterns of your clothes.


  • With a sporty and oversize look


korean fashion trends - a sporty and oversize lookDo you want to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion? Another correct way to do it is with a sporty and oversize look.


If you follow Korean fashion trends, you know that the oversize style is characteristic of this fashion and that it never goes out of style.


For this reason, wearing printed Converse and adding a polo-type dress in different shades and a mini bag in a vibrant color is a perfect look to stand out with your converse and your oversize outfit.


  • With dresses


korean fashion trends - wear converse shoes with dressesAnd in this last option to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion, we have a mix that never goes out of style, especially in K-fashion. What combination are we talking about? To combine converse with dresses, that’s right.


The gesture of combining the most sophisticated dresses with Converse in any color is always perfect. In this case, you can wear an ultra-romantic white dress and low-top yellow sneakers, which serve as a contrast.


However, you can also wear converse with a mix of dress and shirt. She wears a long-sleeved white shirt under a strapless dress and adds converse in a color that contrasts with the garments.


 How to style converse shoes according to Korean fashion? There are many ways you can wear these stunning shoes. You can wear them with dresses, cargo pants, and even tailored suits. It all depends on what you want to achieve with your look. We hope to see you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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