How to style combat boots according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - how to style combat boots - korean woman wearing a midi skirt and combat boots

Combat boots are shoes that accept any look that comes to mind. The style that you can find in the military trend is infallible when combined with khaki garments and neutral tones. These boots look great with everyday looks. But it is also possible to mix them with slightly more sophisticated clothes. It is a fact that military boots can handle everything, and there is no style, not even preppy, that can resist it. But how to style combat boots according to Korean fashion? Today, in Korean Fashion Trends, you will be able to discover how to wear these boots with outfits of another level. Also, if you are already someone who wears these shoes, maybe you will be able to find some ideas of looks that you didn’t know before. In this way, you can expand the possibilities and get more out of these boots, as comfortable as fashionistas, that are a complete hit in Korean fashion. Are you ready? Then keep reading!


5 Korean looks to combine with your combat boots


In Korean fashion, combat boots are part of many outfits. These boots stand out, especially in the grunge, street, and e-girl style. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in other styles. It is possible to wear more casual and even more sophisticated looks with combat boots. And if you still doubt it, there is a lot of Korean content that proves it. Korean celebrities have worn these boots on more than one occasion. And they take them to another level very easily. Even many female idols have worn them with dresses. So how to style combat boots according to Korean fashion? Sit down and make yourself comfortable because then you will be able to know 5 outfits in which you can wear combat boots!




We find tennis skirts in this first option to style combat boots according to Korean fashion. When we wear combat boots, we can take the preppy style literally or give it an even more grunge touch. The key isn’t just adding military boots to that checkered tennis skirt. You should also add an ‘oversize’ t-shirt with a sports aesthetic. Or the shirt of your choice. In this way, you can achieve a casual and stylish look. You can wear clothes in neutral or dark tones. Or you can create this outfit with pastel colors if you want a softer and cuter look. And if you want to add an extra touch, you can wear the boots with fishnet stockings or normal stockings but always let them stand out.


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The trench coat is part of this second option to style combat boots according to Korean fashion. Trench coats are very trendy coats in Korean fashion. Especially when they are neutral in color and sophisticated in appearance. You can achieve sophistication even if you combine them with some combat boots. You can wear wide pants with a blouse and a trench coat on top. Take this outfit to another level with long combat boots! Although the most common are the short ones, the long combat boots are also very fashionable. They fit very well with this look, where the garments are a little more sophisticated.




The third option to style combat boots according to Korean fashion includes baggy jeans. It is another perfect sum of basics. Why? Because it includes in the same formula military boots in black to match your favorite shirt and bag. The touch is provided by baggy jeans whose boot is worn and rolled up. As you already know, if you are a lover of Korean fashion, baggy jeans are a significant ingredient. For that reason, outfits with these jeans are never overlooked. Also, you need a pair of baggy jeans. They can be ripped or not, although the classic style ones provide a more sophisticated appearance. So this look could also work that way if you go for classic baggy jeans. However, if you prefer ripped jeans because it’s more your style, you can wear them. But this look would already be casual. You can take advantage of those jeans and combat boots by wearing fishnet stockings. That would be a grunge and street look.




Another hit when it comes to wanting style combat boots according to Korean fashion is the layering outfits. This trend is very famous in Korea when it comes to clothing. If you have watched K-Dramas or follow your favorite idols closely, you have surely noticed that they take this trend to another level without much effort. One way to do it is precisely to accompany a look of this type with combat boots. This combination is one of the most repeated styles in street style. In addition, it is an ideal outfit when temperatures drop. It is only necessary to bet on that overlapping of garments capable of achieving perfect looks to achieve this look. For example, adding a white shirt under our long summer dress and adding black military boots underneath. Maybe you can add a trench coat. This outfit is perfect if you want to wear a casual outfit with a sophisticated appearance. For that reason, it is ideal as a daily outfit, but also to go to the office. Remember, combat boots can accompany a sophisticated look if you combine them with the right pieces. Well, these garments are some of them.




This last option to style combat boots according to Korean fashion includes a midi skirt. Do you know what a midi skirt is? A midi skirt is a skirt with a length between a mini skirt and a maxi skirt. The hem of most midi skirts falls mid-calf, between the knee and the ankle. These skirts are a complete success in Korean fashion. In addition to long dresses, midi skirts also stand out a lot. A perfect way to wear these skirts is with combat boots. These pieces together create a look worthy of the runway because it seems to combine the casual and the elegant with a perfect balance.


How to style combat boots according to Korean fashion? There are several ways to do it! In fact, with these boots, you can accompany casual and sophisticated looks. Combine them with garments such as tennis or midi skirts, dresses, and jeans. That way, you can take advantage of these boots that grab attention in Korean fashion. See you soon!


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