How to style a cardigan according to Korean fashion?


Hello! Welcome back to our section on how to style a garment according to Korean fashion. So far, we have talked about different clothes and how you will wear them according to Korean fashion. However, among all the garments we still have to talk about, we have an important one that is part of many Korean looks. That’s the cardigan! The cardigan is a jacket that is usually knitted. Also, it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your closet. As one of the most timeless garments, there are many ways to wear them. For that reason, one of the biggest concerns in terms of knowledge of Korean fashion is cardigans and how to wear them in trendy looks, but not complicate our lives too much. So how to style a cardigan according to Korean fashion? Stay with us and discover how to combine these garments to elevate your looks. Let’s get started!


Tips you need to know to style a cardigan


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Tips-you-need-to-know-to-style-a-cardiganBefore discovering how to style a cardigan according to Korean fashion, it is necessary that you first know some general tips that will help guide you better on your way to wearing a cardigan correctly. What are those tips? Here we present it.


  1. You must play with contrasting lengths, that is, you can wear a short skirt with a short cardigan, and it will look fantastic.
  2. Cinch your waist with a cropped cardigan, high-waisted pants, or a belt. That will be flattering for your figure, and you will wear a perfect outfit.
  3. You can add a cardigan to a semi-formal dress code. That’s a great way to look good while staying warm in a cardigan.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try different patterns and colors. Your cardigan can be the piece that will enhance your look. Get the most out of it.


5 ways to wear a cardigan according to Korean fashion


After knowing the tips to style a cardigan in the best way, we can now get to know the five ways to wear a cardigan according to Korean fashion. You can use the cardigan of your choice. Although some more than others are the hit of K-Fashion, they are very versatile and feminine garments. They are worth having in the closet regardless of their design. If you want to learn how to style a cardigan according to Korean fashion, stay and discover these five perfect combinations to wear your cardigan with great style. Here we go!




Kwoman wearing a cardiganWe have the short cardigans to start this list of options to style a cardigan according to Korean fashion. This type of cardigan is one of the most common in Korean fashion.


You’ve probably already seen your favorite Korean celebrities wearing short knitted cardigans in floral or pastel shades.


These cardigans can accompany many outfits. You can even create a youthful and modern retro outfit with a cropped cardigan sweater.


Also, you can complete the look with a pair of baggy jeans and sneakers.


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Korean-Fashion-Trends-OUTFITS-WITH-A-LONG-CARDIGANBut short cardigans aren’t the only ones that stand out. The long ones too! For that reason, the second way to style a cardigan according to Korean fashion includes a long cardigan.


Don’t know how to use them? This garment is ideal for intermediate seasons. It works as a trench coat.


Also, a long cardigan is a perfect combination of comfortable and chic. You can wear it with jeans for a casual look. And if it’s not too cold, a calf-length fine knit is quite comfy. If the temperature starts to drop, choose a thicker fabric.


These cardigans look great in neutral tones like beige, brown, white, or black. In this way, they also provide a sophisticated appearance.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-OUTFITS-WITH-CARDIGANS-WITH-BUTTONSThe third option to style a cardigan according to Korean fashion allows you to go back to the slightly more classic styles. With a cardigan with buttons that stand out, you can give a vintage touch to your looks.


If you want to achieve a retro and trendy look, you can experiment with patterns and colors such as blues, stripes, and pinks: there are no rules with this fun knitwear. You can wear these cardigans with jeans and tops, but, if you prefer, you can also wear them with dresses and midi skirts.


Also, if the cardigan has buttons and oversizes, it will be more of a Korean style. Those cardigans will add a different touch to the look. You can also accompany these looks with sneakers, combat boots, or long boots according to your preferences.




sunmi wearing a cardiganCardigans are perfect allies for casual and day-to-day looks. For that reason, this option to style a cardigan according to Korean fashion is ideal for an everyday but chic style.


A better way to dress it is with a pair of jeans (mom, baggy or wide leg) and a cute top for a casual cardigan look. Add a cardigan that reaches down to your cheeks to complete the look.


The best thing to do is go for a monochrome color scheme. Or you can also make the cardigan stand out from the rest in a bold color knit.


You can accompany this combination with sneakers, converse, or any other casual shoe. If you want an extra touch, the shoes can be a platform.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-FORMAL-OUTFITS-WITH-CARDIGANSMany believe that cardigans can only accompany casual looks. Although they are garments that stand out a lot in this type of combination, remember that we said that cardigans are very versatile. Maybe as much as the blazers.


Thanks to that, it is possible to accompany formal looks with a cardigan. A cardigan is an easy way to go from day to night for an elegant look. For example, you can choose pleated pants or palazzos and a blouse if you go to work. Add a black or neutral-colored cardigan, preferably long, and voila.


You will have a perfect formal outfit with a cardigan. Maybe you didn’t think it was possible before, but in K-fashion, many options are a reality. Don’t limit your outfits with cardigans, since they are usually a good ally in several combinations.


How to style a cardigan according to Korean fashion? You can do it easily, considering that they are versatile, feminine, and very chic garments. Some ways of styling a cardigan are using the short, long, with buttons, for casual and informal looks and combining them with jeans, skirts, dresses, etc. What other way to wear a cardigan would you add to this list? Or which of all these is your favorite? Tell us in the comments! See you soon.


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