How to style blazers according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - style blazers according to Korean fashion

In Korean fashion, many elements are versatile. In other words, they are garments that are suitable for any time of the day, from the most formal and sophisticated to the most casual. One of the main garments that fulfill this double function is the blazer. But how to style blazers according to Korean fashion? There are many ways to achieve it. And with each of them, you will feel fashionable. A true Korean fashion lover has more than one blazer in their closet, and they know how to wear them. Therefore, for those who have just immersed themselves in K-Fashion, today, we present several outfits to know how to style blazers according to Korean fashion. Stay here and discover with us how to make your outfits take off with blazers!


Why do Koreans wear blazers?


Blazers are usually meant for the office. But in Korean fashion, you will notice that people wear a blazer even outside of their offices. The reason? Blazers are also a significant part of everyday clothing. They are great for recreating casual outfits. If you are inspired by Korean fashion, you can wear the blazers not only to go to the office. You can also use it when you go out with friends or family. Best of all, you don’t need to buy an expensive corporate blazer to complete a casual look. You need an informal approach. So you can combine it with a pair of jeans or pants to achieve this. You can tailor the blazer to suit you and turn it into a classy look that both men and women can pull off equally well. However, here we present you with six outfits for style blazers according to Korean fashion.


1. With jeans, a basic t-shirt, and an open shirt


If you want to style blazers according to Korean fashion, here is an idea that you can easily recreate. Wearing mom jeans, a basic white t-shirt, and a button-down shirt is a good idea. On top of all that, add a blazer in a neutral tone. It can be black, beige, or even gray. For shoes, you can wear sneakers or low pointed heels. Depending on what situation you use this outfit, you can make it more sophisticated or casual. During the fall, these types of combinations are popular in Korea. Dressing well is not at odds with temperature changes. Therefore, even in the coldest seasons, you can look fashionable. Also, there is nothing more versatile than a blazer. You can use them at any time, and they will look good.


2. With the beige suit that is more fashionable


In Korea, the suit with a beige blazer stands out in the ideas of how to style blazers according to Korean fashion. This combination is perfect because it has a sophisticated touch that will not go unnoticed. In addition, just like most outfits with a blazer, you can also use this one both in the most formal moments and in the most casual ones. There is no distinction. Also, if you wear them with sneakers, it will be an outfit that fits more everyday outings. But if you add some heels, you can wear them to the office or even to important meetings. All you have to do is make sure that the blazer is the same color as the pants and wear a long white button-down shirt inside it.


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3. In a monochrome look


If you are a Korean fashion lover, you will know that minimalist and monochromatic looks are a fashion statement. To style blazers according to Korean fashion, this is an excellent option. Especially if you like this style of outfit. To achieve this, you only need garments on the same color scale. You can wear white wide legs with a white turtleneck shirt, and on top, add a cream blazer. Try that the heels are also the same tone. With the bag, you could add a darker tone. It could be a beige or a soft brown.


4. With black jeans and a white t-shirt


Many Korean girls like to add an item of clothing in a different shade when wearing all-black looks. This combination of style blazers according to Korean fashion is simple. You only have to wear black palazzos with a black blazer, black heels or sneakers, and a bag of the same color. The color that will contrast will be in the shirt, which in this case, would be better than a white shirt. It is also a minimalist outfit, but it doesn’t go unnoticed. You can use it in casual moments as in the most elegant. Because of that, all the outfits that you recreate using a blazer are a must.


5. With mini and tight dresses


It is a look that many Korean models love. That is why they are a source of inspiration also when it comes to style blazers according to Korean fashion. It is an outfit that you can wear in the hottest seasons. Why? Because it is a tight mini dress above the knee, it will expose your legs. The dress can be white or beige or in the color of your choice. But try to use a blazer in a neutral color. In this way, you can achieve a successful contrast in the outfit. To accompany it, you can add long brown boots or another that fits with your clothes. You can use it to go out with friends and classmates or your partner. However, the blazer, of course, will always add that sophisticated touch that is never too much in any look.


6. With shorts and sneakers


It is another more casual combination to style blazers according to Korean fashion. We know how much Korean women love to show off their legs. Therefore, shorts are essential in a Korean fashion closet. For this outfit, you are going to combine shorts with a white shirt and add a blazer in the same color as the shorts. Why not add a statement necklace over your shirt? To add a different and stand-out detail. Accessories are also important. In this case, it will add a tiny touch of color that will not ruin your outfit. For shoes, you can use sneakers or closed sandals. Any option is good and fits with this combination.


How to style blazers according to Korean fashion? With the ideas that we present to you today, you will be able to achieve incredible outfits where the focus will be on your blazer. Remember that these elements are very versatile. You can use them in elegant or casual outfits. That is why this garment is one of the favorites of Korean fashion. All the use you can give it and all the styles you can achieve with it are endless. See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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