How to style berets according to Korean fashion?


Many believe that only French women can wear berets. Although it is a very characteristic accessory of France, the truth is that this accessory travels around the world and has managed to position itself as a favorite accessory in many fashions. For example, you can easily find looks where a beret perfects the style in Korean fashion. If you haven’t seen some of your favorite Korean celebrities wearing berets, maybe you haven’t paid enough attention to their looks. However, it doesn’t matter! Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about berets in our section on how to style a garment according to Korean fashion. So how to style berets according to Korean fashion? Today you can have the answer and learn about some fashion combinations where you can add a beret to take your outfit to another level. We don’t have to waste any more time. Let’s get started!


5 tips to wear a beret correctly


When wanting to know how to style berets according to Korean fashion, it is also necessary to have some tips to use a beret correctly. For that reason, before knowing the combinations where you can add a beret to perfect your look, we present some recommendations that you need to consider when wearing a beret.




Leather berets have many benefits.


In addition to being durable, you can give your look a more sophisticated and chic touch if you use them.


If the beret is of black leather or another neutral and classic color, it will be a better option because you can combine it with many looks.







Why is a large beret a perfect choice?


Because that way you can wear it crooked or fall to one side.


That achieves quite a fashionista and chic effect on your look.








Think of your hair as the base on which to place your beret because if you wear it too combed, you will surely remind yourself of a French schoolgirl.


The best thing is that your hair flows, whether you have it curly or straight.








Korean-Fashion-Trends-WHAT-IS-YOUR-GOOD-SIDEWhen wearing a beret, you must consider the answer to this question.


Is your good side right or left? Right on top?


The truth is, it is not easy to know how the beret looks better on us.


In the 1930s, it used to be twisted to the maximum. While in the 1960s, it was much more relaxed and loose. Find out which team you belong to.


When you know what your best side is, you will be able to twist your beret to the right side. That will help a lot with your look. 




If you want to buy a classic felted wool beret, make sure it’s not itchy.


Otherwise, in the end, you will never wear it.


Soft, warm wool is best.


But if it is in your possibilities, always choose a leather beret.




How to style berets according to Korean fashion? After knowing the tips that will help you to wear a beret more successfully, you can know the 5 ways to wear a beret according to K-Fashion. Here we go!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-CASUAL-AND-CHICThe first combination to style berets according to Korean fashion is casual and chic. Therefore, it is a functional look for every day if you do not want to go unnoticed.


In this combination, you need a black skirt of the cut of your choice. It can be long, short, pleated, or tennis.


Although it will also depend on your approach to style, you can wear whatever you want. You are going to accompany this skirt with an oversize long-sleeved red shirt.


You can wear the front of the shirt inside the skirt for a more youthful style. Regarding footwear, they should be black. They can be combat boots for a better style. Lastly, add your black felt or leather beret and finish the look with some pretty glasses.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-SOPHISTICATEDYou can recreate a sophisticated outfit to style berets according to Korean fashion.


The secret is to stay within the most classic and neutral tones.


Wear white pants with a black blouse and add a beige trench coat.


You can accompany this combination with heels or combat boots if you want.


Everything will depend on the occasion and your preferences. Finally, add the beret in one of the colors we already mentioned.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-CASUAL-AND-AVANT-GARDEAnother way to style berets according to Korean fashion is to do it with a casual and avant-garde look. It is a combination that is a hit in the most fashionable streets of Seoul.


It is a look that takes inspiration from the outfits that fashionistas wear when they go to Seoul Fashion Week.


Wear a long denim skirt with a long-sleeved white shirt that you will wear inside the skirt. Try to make the sleeves of the shirt long enough to protrude from the oversized blazer you’ll be wearing over it. Some combat boots fit perfectly with this outfit.


However, it is best if they are the same color as the blazer. If both are neutral tones, it will be a better bet. Finally, add the beret of your choice in white. And ready! There you have an avant-garde and casual look where the beret perfects everything.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-PREPPY-STYLEAnother stunning way to style berets according to Korean fashion is with a preppy style. It is one of the styles that best accompany a beret.


You need a white long-sleeved shirt, a neutral-toned vest, and a pleated skirt that blends well with those colors to pull off a look like this properly.


Wear some sneakers where you can see your white socks.


And finally, the beret must be beige, or preferably the same color as the vest. It is a very preppy combination. But it also has sophisticated air.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-COLORFUL-AND-HAPPYThe color of happiness is yellow. Why not reflect your mood through your clothes?


If you are happy, this option to style berets according to Korean fashion is for you! Unlike the others, this combination includes a yellow beret. It can be leather or soft felt. Like the beret, you’ll be wearing a high-cut yellow fitted skirt.


You can accompany these garments with a white shirt with long and slightly puffed sleeves. For shoes, you can wear heels or boots. If you wear your lips red, it will add a perfect touch to the look.


How to style berets according to Korean fashion? Contrary to what many believe, there are many ways to achieve it. After considering the tips to wear a beret correctly, you can use them with casual, sophisticated, preppy, and colorful outfits. It all depends on your style and the occasion. A beret is a perfect accessory for an everyday look. For that reason, lose your fear and add this accessory to your closet to recreate the best Korean fashion looks. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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