How to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion?

How to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion trends

The hoodie is one of those pieces of clothing that never go out of style. In addition, we all have at least one hoodie in our closets. You’ll find your favorite hoodie if you open your closet right now. That one that already has the shape of your body looks somewhat worn and is the most comfortable thing you have among all your clothes. And also, you have probably wondered if that sweatshirt you love so much should only be worn at home, in the gym, or in casual situations. That’s not the case because you can wear a hoodie at any time (yes, even the most formal ones depending on the hoodie you wear), but you have to know how to wear it correctly for it to work. But how to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion? If you like Korean fashion and want to know how to style this garment as you have seen it in idols or Korean series, stay with us! Today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will review some outfits that you can put into practice if you want to wear looks with hoodies. Let’s get started!


Why do you need to have a hoodie?


Before knowing how to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion, we must first clarify why it is important to have a hoodie. Why? Because they are a basic piece like a shirt or a jean. In addition, they are comfortable garments. And contrary to what many believe, hoodies are not a completely sporty garment. Although initially it was used as a pure sports garment, it later became popular until it became a basic piece. It became a typical garment in cultures such as hip-hop, skaters, teenagers, young adults, and college students. But they no longer represent rebellious teenagers. Hoodies are also suitable for adult men and women who want to look fashionable. Today, they appear on fashion catwalks. They are practical and comfortable.


5 ways to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion


If you’ve been following Korean fashion for a long time, you may have noticed that the hoodie is just as important a piece as a jean or a blazer. Do you want to achieve a Korean style? Then you need to have at least one hoodie in your closet. If not, you can begin to consider acquiring one or several. Preferably, hoodies in neutral tones are the best option. However, that does not mean that you have to give up the desire to buy a hoodie in any other shade of your choice. You can, but make sure you also have one in a neutral tone. In this way, you will have more possibilities when creating outfits with these garments. Know with us about these 5 ways to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion!




An athleisure look is the first option to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion. The athleisure look is the most traditional with a sweatshirt. You can combine the hoodie with the sports pants of your choice and your favorite sports shoes. This look is pretty casual, so leave it alone to hit the gym or go for a brisk walk. Although it is a comfortable look that you may want to wear on other occasions, remember that comfortable doesn’t mean dressing outside the occasion. In this case, wearing a hoodie in a sporty outfit with sweatpants is a perfect look for training. You can see that idols do their dance practice in outfits like this.




A grunge look with a hoodie is the second way to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion. Also, in Korean fashion, this style is a favorite among young people. Because of that, the grunge style reigns in the streets as part of the urban style. To achieve this type of combination, wear a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a long black coat. Complete with jeans or pants of your choice. But if you want to look even more grunge, wear a t-shirt of your favorite rock band and black boots. Softer grunge would be black, with black pants, a black sweatshirt, a bag, and black leather boots. You can also wear a white turtleneck shirt and a hoodie on top with some jeans.




The third option among the forms of style a hoodie according to Korean fashion is perfect for the spring and summer months. Why? Because you can combine a hoodie with shorts or a skirt. That’s how it is! In summer, you can wear a hoodie. You have to know how to combine them. For a very feminine and chic look, wear a black pullover sweatshirt, a white shirt with a skirt, or high-cut shorts. Wear a belt to add extra detail. If you don’t know what kind of hoodie to wear, wear a hoodie with a crew neck. Also, a hoodie with no hood, no zipper, and in mint green or gray. This look will go very well with a pair of sneakers. If you match your tights with the color of the hoodie, it will be a perfect Korean-style look.




Did you know that there are also hoodies that look like crop tops? It is true! Therefore, the fourth option among the ways to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion is with a short hoodie. These hoodies are on-trend and can be paired with high-cut jeans. With mom or baggy jeans, it looks great. You can complete the outfit with some pointed heels, and you will have a perfect look for a night out. However, if you prefer it for a more casual outing, wear sneakers or chunky shoes. This combination is quite feminine, chic, and pretty. It is a comfortable outfit but a fashionista at the same time.




And to finish this list of options for style a hoodie according to Korean fashion, we have a look with a fitted hoodie. This hoodie is a trend among women because it gives a sophisticated look. You can wear them when you are going to be outdoors for a long time. They are very comfortable and look good. You can wear them with the jeans of your choice. And in the colors and combinations that you prefer, although if it is to be used in summer, we recommend that the hoodie be in more neutral and classic colors. You can use accessories of your choice. Some sneakers or combat boots fit well with this combination.


How to style a hoodie according to Korean fashion? There are many ways to wear a hoodie. You can wear them with jeans, skirts and even shorts. You can also wear a hoodie with or without a hood or zipper. In addition, they are good allies when it comes to casual looks, although it is possible to achieve sophisticated combinations with them. Do you like hoodies? After today, you will have more ideas to wear them in style. See you soon!


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  1. Mia Evans
    Mia Evans says:

    It really helped when you said that short hoodies will be great with high-cut jeans, and they are on-trend these days. I will buy organic cotton black and white unisex hoodies in that style for myself this weekend. It would be my outfit when I go to a concert this coming July.

  2. Victoria Addington
    Victoria Addington says:

    It was interesting to know that hoodies became popular among young adults. My friend prefers a blue tie-dye pullover. I should advise him to look for a store that sells a wide selection of pullovers.

  3. Millie Hue
    Millie Hue says:

    I like that you talked about combining a sweatshirt with a hoodie as well as wearing sports pants, too because it will achieve a casual look. That kind of outfit is going to be perfect for the simple date night that my husband and I plan to have. We will just go to fast food restaurants we can find and watch movies, so I hope to buy an athleisure plutocrat embossed hoodie for the both of us soon.


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