How to style a corset according to Korean fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to style a corset according to Korean fashion?

The corset has gone from being a simple item of underwear to becoming a classic in the wardrobe. It is usually more suitable for nightwear, although some women wear it during the day with elegant skirts. And it is that the corset has become something comfortable, easy, and sensual to wear and show off. Currently, corsets are a garment that you can integrate into various looks. And that is what fashion is all about, taking elements from the past and bringing them back to life by making them part of the latest fashion trends. But how to style a corset according to Korean fashion? Today, we will talk about the corset in our section on how to style a garment. And we will give you several ideas you can apply if you want to look perfect wearing a corset. Remember that fashion is cyclical and that perhaps in a few years, this garment will disappear again. So if you like corsets, this is your moment to use them and take advantage of them because you will be fashionable. Are you ready? Keep reading and learn how to style a corset according to Korean fashion!


5 tricks to correctly use a corset


Korean Fashion Trends - 5 tricks to correctly use a corset - korean woman wearing a corsetHow to style a corset according to Korean fashion? If you want to know, you need to keep in mind these five tips that we tell you below:


  1. You must wear a looser corset than you can stand, preferably 10cms. Smaller than the waist measurement.
  2. You must pay attention to the materials of the corset lining. That way, you will avoid skin irritation or allergies.
  3. Before using it, you must soften it with talcum powder on the part of the lining.
  4. If you wear it for the first time, please put it on a few minutes before so that the body adapts.
  5. For the corset to stand out and look better, it is advisable to combine it with stockings and a garter belt. This way, you will achieve a feminine and very chic outfit. But this advice only applies when you wear it with oversized dresses or shirts. Of course, it’s optional.


5 looks that you can recreate if you want to wear a Korean-style corset


Wearing a corset is a trend that, in addition to shaping the figure and hiding those love handles that can be annoying for some, also gives a sensation of sensuality and elegance. Although that depends on how it is combined. So how to style a corset according to Korean fashion? In Korean Fashion Trends, we suggest five ways to mix that corset with different accessories depending on the occasion. Pay attention to these combinations and try to recreate them later if you want to wear this garment and elevate your Korean style looks!




Korean Fashion Trends - KOREAN WOMAN WEARING A CORSET WITH A SKIRTIn this first option to style a corset according to Korean fashion, you can combine a corset with a skirt. We defined that a corset will shape your figure.


Also, it makes you feel and look sexier. You can wear it with a skirt for casual outings. But also for more important outings. Or even to go to work. If you’re wearing it to the office, wearing it with a pencil skirt in a neutral color is a great idea. It contrasts perfectly with the corset. We suggest the skirt be flat and plain, so it does not detract from the corset but complements it.


However, if you want to wear a corset to the office but you don’t want to combine it with skirts, you can combine it with palazzo pants or even jeans, as long as the shirt you wear is oversize.




Korean Fashion Trends - CORSET AND THE BLAZER - korean woman wearnig a corsetDid you know that you can combine a corset with a blazer? That’s how it is! And that is why in this second option, we recommend combining a corset with a blazer.


Another outfit that can help you if you want to look elegant and sophisticated is to wear a corset with a blazer and dress pants.


Like the skirt, the blazer complements the corset in a way that adds a little more seriousness and elegance.


If you choose to button it up to below the bust or wear it open, it also makes the corset’s details stand out. You can accompany it with the pants of your choice.




Korean Fashion Trends - KOREAN WOMAN WEARING A LONG-SLEEVED SHIRTHow to style a corset according to Korean fashion? A perfect way to do it is to combine them with long-sleeved shirts.


If you have a corset to the bust, you can complement it with a matching long-sleeved shirt that highlights your figure and adds some irreverence to your look.


You can wear the corset over your shirt for a laid-back rock star look or under a sheer top for a sexy edge to your outfit.


The most important thing when wearing this style is that you complement your outfits in a way that balances them out and doesn’t look overdone.




Korean Fashion Trends - KOREAN WOMAN WEARING JEANS WITH A CORSETDid you think you couldn’t wear jeans with a corset? Well, you’re wrong! Jeans are a casual garment that will make a plain corset look incredible if you know how to use them correctly.


The corset complements the relaxed, uncomplicated look that a pair of jeans gives without making you look too dramatic or excessive. Remember to level the loads when using them.


If the jean has appliqués, use a plain corset and vice versa.


It is best to keep the style as simple as possible when you wear a corset since, by themselves, they are already an accessory that attracts a lot of attention.




Korean Fashion Trends - KOREAN WOMAN WEARING A VINTAGE DRESSThis last option to style a corset according to Korean fashion is romantic and chic. If you like the romantic Korean style, you have to combine a corset with a vintage dress.


Why? Because wearing a corset under a vintage dress adds drama and sexiness.


In the ’50s, the burlesque style was very fashionable, so if you get a dress that suits this era, you will be the sensation of the party. You can complement it with a jean jacket closed to the bust or with a matching bag. They will make you look very elegant.


In addition, it is a look that stands out very well. Try it if you like the romantic style with avant-garde touches.


How to style a corset according to Korean fashion? You can combine them with skirts, oversize long-sleeved shirts, and jeans! The truth is that corsets are currently quite versatile garments. Correctly using them is not very difficult, you need to have the basic clothes. Do you like corsets? How would you use them? Tell us in the comments! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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