How to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - How to style a bucket hat

The bucket hat was a trend in the 90s. But for some strange reason, we then stopped using it and came to think that it was not cool at all, that it was only for fishers and retirees who didn’t know how to wear a hat with style. But now, Korean fashion has shown us that the bucket hat is the new king of casual outfits, especially spring and summer outfits. For many Koreans, this is one of their favorite accessories. You can check it by looking at the looks of your favorite Korean idols and celebrities. They always know how to wear it with style and combine it with the right pieces. All in Korea who have a keen sense of fashion know how to highlight their outfits with these fashionable hats. But how to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion? If, until now, you don’t know how to wear a bucket hat correctly, stay with us to learn how to wear these hats in the best way. Keep reading! 


What are bucket hats?


Before we learn how to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion, let’s talk about this stunning accessory. The bucket hat is a unisex style accessory. Initially, the bucket hat was worn by fishers and farmers to protect themselves from the rain. In the 1980s, bucket hats leaped from practical and functional to fashionable. Now, the bucket hat has versions of different colors, materials, and textures that became part of the skate and Hip Hop subculture. For that reason, today, it is also a favorite accessory in Korean streetwear. This accessory evolved to become one of the garments that stand out in streetwear. Now they adorn heads and perfect the looks of fashionistas and the best dressed. If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that idols recurrently wear it in all colors and designs. And although they are a typical accessory for the warmer months, some know how to use them in the colder months without betraying their style.


Are bucket hats in style in 2022?


Yes, bucket hats are also in fashion in 2022. Not for nothing, there are several ways to wear them with style in this year’s trends. You need first to know that these accessories are a great complement to casual outfits. If you plan to add them to your closet, that is a good decision because you can easily carry your day-to-day outfits with just this accessory.


How do you make a bucket hat look good?


Before knowing how to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion, it is important to know how to make a bucket hat look good. For that, there are some recommendations that you should take into account. Avoid the following mistakes when wearing a bucket hat, and you will see how you take it to another level.




If you want to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion, you should know that not only Gen Z members can wear the Bucket Hat. It is an accessory that you can wear at any age. Someone 18 can wear it with shorts, sweatshirts, and sneakers. And someone 60 can wear it with a casual shirt, straight jeans, and classic sneakers.




Fashion is cyclical. What was once fashionable can return to the catwalks. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t wear these bucket hats with modern touches. Therefore, it is best to bet on new trends when you want to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion. For example, you can wear a denim bucket hat with a denim outfit for a denim outfit. Play with retro styles, colors, and trends, but you can also add a modern twist and make it edgier.




If you want to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion in the best possible way, you should consider that the bucket hat is not the accessory you have to wear to a gala or formal event. But it can be seen very well with a casual outfit. In that case, it is best to combine it with tennis and choose neutral colors to create a more elegant effect. Olive green, black, navy, or even white can be great options.




You must not forget to use the appropriate size when you want to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion. The bucket hat should not cover your entire face and impede vision too much. But a small one is not an option. It should be able to fit comfortably into your head without covering your eyes, pinching, or looking as if you put a bucket on your head.


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What outfit goes well with a bucket hat?


And to continue learning how to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion, here are five outfits you can wear a bucket hat with without fear of being out of style.




This first option among the outfits to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion is comfortable and very Y2K style. Mix a printed bucket hat with a graphic tee, hoodie, and jeans. You can wear some cool sunglasses and your favorite sneakers for an easy yet runway-worthy outfit. Also, you can use a bucket hat with decorations like pins.




We had already said that bucket hats are perfect allies in summer outfits. But it is not a problem to use them during the colder days. For that reason, this option to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion includes a long coat. You can wear a neutral-colored bucket with an outfit of the same shades. Also, you can wear black pants along with a white shirt and a long beige coat. Add the shoes of your choice and wear the bucket hat during the colder seasons.




Cardigans are quite a fashionista fashion piece. Therefore, they are especially used in Korean fashion. In this option to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion, you can mix the bucket hat with a cardigan of the color of your choice, with jeans, a shirt, and sneakers. Here the combination is a bit free, just try to make a good balance of colors. Even the bucket hat can be with a flower print and the outfit in pastel colors. That would be a winning look.




Oversize garments are a great success in Korean fashion. As a K-Fashion lover, you will already know that very well. Oversize garment outfits are always an excellent option, and, in general, you can accompany them with almost any accessory. For that reason, it is possible to wear a pair of jeans with an oversized shirt. Let the socks be exposed by wearing them with your shoes. Add a bucket hat of your choice, and you will see that it stands out a lot in your look.




And to finish this list of outfit options that you can use to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion, we have a look where it is possible to wear a dress with a bucket hat. Wear a summer dress with floral prints and add a pastel bucket hat. The dress can be midi, long, or with puffed sleeves. Or if you prefer, you can wear a pastel bucket hat with a white dress. That would be a pretty and very feminine combination.


How to style a bucket hat according to Korean fashion? There are many ways to do it since this garment stands out in Korean fashion trends. You can combine them with looks with jeans, graphic shirts, and even dresses. Bucket hats are the best friends of casual outfits. Do you like bucket hats? Hopefully, you can combine them with the outfits of your choice. See you soon!


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