How to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - How to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion?

The bodysuit is an undergarment you can transform into an outer top to create new looks. It is a perfect garment to wear with your wide pants, boyfriend, or palazzo. Or even to accompany skirts. Also, it is a tight garment that marks the figure, so you must be careful with it if you do not want to mark your abdomen a lot. What stylizes the most is to bet on a dark-colored body although if you have a narrow body, you can afford a colorful and printed body. The most elegant thing is to balance volumes. And wear an oversize garment like a blazer or denim or biker jacket. But how to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion? Today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we tell you how to achieve it. Let’s get started!


What is a bodysuit?


korean fashion trends - What is a bodysuit? - korean womanHow to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion? Before we find out, we first need to define the bodysuit. It is a piece of underwear, which covers the trunk area, and whose closure is located in the crotch.


Starting from this base, we find a thousand and one variations of bodysuits and models, with sleeves (long or short), plain, printed, lace, and cotton. Some incorporate hoops in the chest area and even reducers to flatter our figure. But if there is something that characterizes the body is its versatility. It is not simple underwear that you can only wear inside the house or under your clothes.


You can also wear the bodysuit in combination with other clothing. That way, you can get a sophisticated touch in your looks. The body is a garment with which you can feel super feminine. In addition, this garment enhances your figure making it more flattering.


5 keys to wearing a bodysuit


korean fashion trends - 5 keys to wearing a bodysuitHow to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion? If you want to wear a bodysuit correctly and in the best Korean style, you need to follow these keys. These tricks will help you to consider your size and dimensions when combining this versatile garment!


  1. For Women with a wide torso and a showy abdomen who want to dare with the bodysuit, the ideal is for it to be dark and smooth. Wear it with a wider oversized jacket.
  2. Women with a pear shape, narrow torso, and hips can dare with colorful and patterned bodysuits. You can wear it with straight or looser bottoms.
  3. Women with long and slim legs can combine their bodysuit with a tight bottom and wear it with a long oversize garment.
  4. For short women, the ideal is to achieve a proportionate look with a bodysuit and ankle-length pants, an oversize jacket that is not very long, and high-heeled shoes.
  5. If you want to hide thick arms, bodysuits with long dark sleeves are the key. Or wearing a short-sleeved bodysuit with a jacket is also a good idea. You can go for strapless bodies or strapless tops if your arms are thin.


How to wear a bodysuit?


korean fashion trends - How to wear a bodysuit? - korean womanIf you want to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion, you must know how to use it. First, we must remind you that the bodysuit is good for everything. However, its main use is as an undergarment.


Many women use bodysuits to wear under their clothes as a 2-in-1 garment: a bra plus an undershirt. Many other women, too, use shapewear bodysuits to stylize their silhouette when they want to wear a very tight dress or ensemble.


In addition, a bodysuit can cover many needs when it comes to dressing. When we wear a dress with a bare back, with which we cannot wear a bra, we can always choose to wear a body with a low back, and at the same time, enhance our bust. Beyond the functional piece, the bodysuit is a piece of feminine lingerie with which you can feel sexy.


3 Korean Fashion looks you can recreate wearing a bodysuit


And finally, after learning more about the bodysuit, the keys to dressing it, and how to use it, it’s time to learn about these three Korean fashion looks that will help you to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion. The bodysuit is a garment that has proven to have incredible versatility over the seasons. Thanks to that, you find it in all possible styles. There are different types of bodysuits for different occasions and styles. But remember that you can choose the bodysuit that you like the most. But you must consider our recommendations if you want to wear the right one for your body shape. However, among the colors, neutrals and pastels will always be better. Let’s discover those Korean looks where you can style a bodysuit!




korean fashion trends - korean woman - classic style red bodysuitWe start this list to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion with a fresh and colorful look.


The first thing you need is a classic style red bodysuit. You can accompany this bodysuit with some wide-leg jeans. These jeans can be ripped or not, that’s up to you. Add a gray overcoat and white sneakers.


If you want to add accessories, we recommend wearing nude sunglasses and a backpack in the same tone.


In addition, you can also add a pashmina that you can wear in your hair or around your neck.




Do you like the color green? If yes, this option to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion is for you.


You need a black bodysuit that you are going to mix with beige palazzo pants.


On top, you can wear a mint green long-sleeved shirt.


Add some black Asian-style sandals.


Finally, complement it with a mint green bag and black sunglasses.




And finally, in this list of options to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion, we have a very feminine and chic combination. Pair a pink bodysuit with classic mom jeans.


Add beige sneakers and black sunglasses.


If you want to carry a bag, it is best if it is also pink but a shade lighter than the pink of your bodysuit.


How to style a bodysuit according to Korean fashion? It is not difficult! You need to consider your body type to choose the one that suits you best. Otherwise, you can combine them with jeans, pants, overcoats, and shirts. Bodysuits are a very versatile garment, so you can include them in almost any style. Do you like bodysuits? Tell us in the comments! See you in the next blog.

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