How to style a belt according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - How to style a belt according to Korean fashion?

Are you one of those who believes you don’t need different belts? Or do you think belts are just a useful accessory? If so, we recommend that you reconsider that idea. Why? Because the truth is that they are the perfect accessory to look like a goddess. Belts accentuate your waistline and turn a boring outfit into a bright (and elegant) one. But they also help balance the look if you wear oversize garments. For that reason, belts are perfect. And if what scares you is not knowing how to use belts, don’t worry anymore. Today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will learn how to style a belt according to Korean fashion. In this way, we show you different styles where you can include them so that they are your favorite accessory to elevate your outfits. Are you ready? Let’s get started!




How to style a belt according to Korean fashion? Like bags, belts are one of the most versatile accessories out there. They are not only useful. They also add a unique touch to every look. Wearing a belt can make the difference between a boring or a perfect outfit. Although you can do without it, sometimes you can add a belt to take your look to another level. In addition, there are new ways to use them. And many times, the contrast they make with clothing is incredible. You don’t have a belt to elevate your look? Don’t worry. You are still in time to acquire one. Let’s get to know those five Korean styles you can enhance by wearing a belt. Here we go!




korean fashion trends - COMFY AND COOL STYLEThe first option to style a belt according to Korean fashion is a comfy and cool style. Did you know belts don’t necessarily have to be linked to work or extreme elegance? That’s how it is.


For that reason, you can also use them to add a comfy and cool touch to your casual outfit. Think of a skinny belt in shades of nude or brown with a gold buckle. It is perfect for a quiet day if you use it with any outfit of basic garments (a white t-shirt or shirt, with denim pants).


In addition, this is a perfect casual combination for outings with friends, your partner, or going to university. Wearing a basic clothing look is never boring. Especially when you perfect the look with a belt.


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korean fashion trends - CLASSIC STYLEWe continue learning to style a belt according to Korean fashion but now with a classic style. It is one of the best-known styles, and therefore, the most used and loved. If you still don’t know much about it, you can check our blog about Korean classic style.


There, you will learn more about this style. A black belt with a blazer and jeans will always be the perfect look for something casual or an important meeting at work. If you remove the belt, it would be a boring outfit or without an accessory that steals glances. But a belt with sparkly detail can turn it upside down. Also, it makes it more sophisticated too. That is why it is a look you can’t only wear in your day-to-day life. You can also wear it in more elegant moments.


So how to style a belt according to Korean fashion? A perfect way to do it is by wearing a classic look. You can also wear a large black belt. Are you looking for a big belt, but you don’t know how to use it? One of the favorites is the large black leather belt. And it looks better when mixed with a black blazer, or a tailored suit. Even if your suit and belt are black, they will have so much presence that there is no need to add another detail to that part of your body. It is a perfect classic look that you cannot miss if you are also looking for a more elegant look.




korean fashion trends - style a belt - GRUNGE STYLEHow to style a belt according to Korean fashion? With a grunge style! If you like K-Fashion, you will know that the grunge style plays a fundamental part in Korean fashion styles.


Best of all, if this is your style, you can also perfect your looks with a belt. You can give a street twist to your outfit. Opt for a belt with more remarkable details, such as holes with metallic finishes, a double buckle, and even add a chain.


With that, you will achieve a perfect urban and grunge-style outfit. Another belt that you can wear in style is a double buckle belt. They look incredibly cool.


You can wear it with pants and a shirt, although in long dresses they also achieve a super chic effect.




korean fashion trends - style a belt - ROMANTIC STYLEThe Korean romantic style is one of the favorites in summer. Wear a romantic Korean style and stand out with your feminine and graceful outfits.


In addition, also the Korean romantic style is perfect to style a belt according to Korean fashion.


Why? Because dresses are also a garment that you can combine with belts. Some already have an integrated belt, with the same fabric as the dress.


Remember that fashion is all about experimenting: look for leather belts, gold buckles, or metal details. Add belts to your looks with a dress without fear of clashing with your look. As you can see, these accessories are not only mixed with jeans, skirts or shorts.




korean fashion trends - MINIMALIST - style a beltWe end this list of styles to style a belt according to Korean fashion with a minimalist style.


It is a sophisticated style. And you can add the extra touch with an accessory, such a nice belt.


Add a different detail with your belt if you wear a minimalist look.


You can wear an animal print belt. Don’t just wear leopard print.


You can use others, and it will also be an excellent choice.


How to style a belt according to Korean fashion? You can use them in a comfy and cool style, classic style, grunge, romantic, and even a minimalist style. Belts (like any other accessory) serve to perfect your outfits. Take advantage of this accessory and improve your looks with just one accessory. They can be black, large, with pretty buckles, or in animal print. The important thing is that you know how to mix them with the right clothes. Will you also add a belt to your outfit? Tell us in the comments. See you soon!


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