Steal Nana’s Effortless Cool Girl Flair!

Korean Fashion Trends - Steal Nana's Effortless Cool Girl Flair!

When it comes to effortlessly exuding cool girl flair, few can rival the timeless style of our ‘’Mask Girl’’ star Nana. With her unique blend of confidence, attitude, and fashion sense, Nana makes looking effortlessly cool seem like a walk in the park. Furthermore, Nana is considered one of the most beautiful faces in South Korea. Taking her as inspiration means improving your style from head to toe and with results like a true fashionista. So if you’re eager to infuse a little of her cool girl magic into your own style, here are some tips to help you steal Nana’s effortless cool girl flair!


Talented K-Pop Idol to an Extraordinary Actress! Who Is Nana?


Korean Fashion Trends - Nana's effortless cool girl flair - Korean idolWe already know you want to recreate Nana‘s effortless cool girl flair. But hold on! You can’t do it without knowing a little more about her. Although, if you are a K-Pop and old group lover, you will already have this girl under your radar whose talents and beauty steal anyone’s breath! However, for newcomers, she can be quite an enigma to decipher.


That’s why today, before diving into Nana’s effortless cool girl flair, we want to tell you more about her. Also known as Im Jin-ah, Nana was born on September 14, 1991. She made her debut in November of 2009 with After School. Furthermore, she also was a member of After School’s sub-groups Orange Caramel and After School Red.


Moreover, she kick started her career in 2014 with SBS’s roommate. And she is now moving forward in her acting career by taking on significant roles in top-rated K-Dramas such as: ‘’Glitch,’’ and ‘’Mask Girl.’’


Why Is Nana Considered One Of The Prettiest Faces In Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - Nana's effortless cool girl flair - Korean idolWe’re just two steps away from getting the deets on the wardrobe essentials that will help you steal Nana’s effortless cool girl flair! But first, let’s talk about why Nana is one of the prettiest faces in Korea. In fact, among her titles, whether idol, actress, or model, that is one that she has had for a long time. But, Nana’s “boom” occurred during her blonde hair era. Because she was considered the Asian who looked the best with blonde hair. With this hair color, she got the essence of the perfect supermodel.


So, the “Flashback” era of After School was magical for her. In addition to getting attention because of her beauty, she also received attention because of her figure. From then on, Nana began to gain more popularity and began topping major beauty charts like TC Candler, causing the chart to be popular among K-Pop fans. She paved the way on this list, being number one for two consecutive years, including the number one spot on the Most Beautiful Faces of the Decade list, and being the first K-Pop Idol to achieve this.


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What Is the Essence of Nana’s Beauty?


Korean Fashion Trends - Nana's effortless cool girl flair - Korean idolNana’s effortless cool girl flair sheds a lot on the beauty of this Korean celebrity. What is the reason?


Nana’s beauty is described as cool and cold. Even Koreans consider her beauty to be “too sexual” due to her alluring photo shoots and her sensual eyebrows. Koreans clearly prefer more innocent and less strong looks than Nana’s.


However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t attract attention inside and outside Korea. Of course, beauty is something subjective. There may be people who don’t consider her such a beauty. But generally, most people agree that Nana possesses exceptional beauty, an effortless beauty capable of captivating anyone’s attention. And her style reflects these characteristics of the Korean idol and actress very well!


How to Build Up the Cool Girl Essence With Nana?


It’s time to achieve Nana’s effortless cool girl flair by knowing her wardrobe staples! Take note of them and achieve the cool girl style just like Nana’s!


Rock the Basics


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing white crop topNana loves to mix and match her classic basics with prints, tulle tops, knitwear, off-shoulders, and crop tops. So, what you need is to create a solid wardrobe that will exude timeless elegance. Start with absolute staples like baggy jeans, oversized blazers, basic mini-oversized tees, and jackets. Shop here.


Color Galore


To make statements and keep her looks fun and exciting, Nana makes sure to include colors like red, pink, purple, orange, blue, and many more. Opt for colorful bags, sneakers, and accessories to keep your looks effortlessly chic like Nana! Shop here.


Always Trendy


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing crochet capEven though trends come and go, Nana’s tasteful choices in fashion prove her status as the icon she is.


Besides often opting for clean lines and minimalistic looks, Nana chooses to put twists to her looks by blending trendy pieces with her basics.


She adds tulle tops, crochet pieces like beanies, floral prints, lace, and stripes. Also, she even wore a piece from the Versace x Dua Lipa collection recently, proving that mixing things up is always a good idea.. Shop here.


Unwavering Attitude


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing pink clothing setSteal Nana’s Effortless Cool Girl Flair!. Nana’s cool girl affair doesn’t only come from her stylish choices, but also her unwavering confidence and uniqueness. Nana is authentic and true to her own personality. Which makes her style stand out more.


Focus Point


Additionally, Nana opts for stylish belts, chokers, and hair accessories. So to add a bit of a razzle-dazzle to your ensembles, opt to create a focus point in your overall look. Shop here.


3 Nana Looks That You Can Recreate!


Now that you know Nana’s Wardrobe Staples, don’t hesitate to click here to buy everything you need to recreate the following three looks that will allow you to steal Nana’s effortless cool girl flair. As a recommendation, you should consider visiting her Instagram account, as you can find a lot of style inspirations there. Let’s take a look!


Classic and Chic


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing blazerIn one of her recent posts on her Instagram, Nana gave us a look that highlights her style. She paired high-waisted mom jeans along with a basic white t-shirt. On top, she added an oversized beige blazer. She accessorized with accessories, like earrings and a necklace, and styled her hair in a high ponytail. It is a sophisticated, classic, and chic look. Shop here!


Denim and Top!


A denim skirt and a top could be really basic pieces without a hint of style if you don’t know how to wear them. However, this is not the case with Nana because she is a Korean fashionista!


Take inspiration from Nana and pair a denim mini skirt with a denim belt. Add a green long-sleeved top and combine it with brown Knee-high boots! Don’t know how to style these boots? We previously talked about them in one of our recent blog posts! Click here to shop and recreate this outfit.


Black and White? An Absolute Yes!


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing pantsUndoubtedly, Nana knows how to give a twist to any basic piece look! Likewise, you can combine black wide-leg pants with a black belt and a white off-the-shoulder long-sleeved shirt. It’s a timeless and classic look, maybe a little dressy, but it can be casual if you pair it with white sneakers instead of heels. Shop here!


It is possible to steal Nana’s effortless cool girl flair! Although you need a few key pieces to achieve it, you can wear Nana’s style now! Full of sophisticated, classic, chic, and cool touches, Nana’s style is an inspiration that you should pay attention to if your goal is to boost your style to the next level! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch! See you soon, K-lover!


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