Big Buckle Belt Point: The Return of the Statement Belt in Korean Fashion!

Korean Fashion Trends - Big Buckle Belt Point: The Return of the Statement Belt in Korean Fashion!

As we all know, fashion is a dynamic realm. And one trend that has recently made a noteworthy comeback in Korean fashion is big buckle belts. We know that minimalism rules in Korean fashion. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t embark on new and avant-garde trends. This is why Korean fashion is making a notable shift towards the most extravagant styles in 2023. Why is this happening? Largely because the trends of the 2000s are influencing the creation of clothing, shoes, and accessories. As a result, it’s understandable that we’re witnessing the dominance of statement belts in Korean fashion trends. The revival of the statement belt brings a fresh twist to accessorizing, giving fashion enthusiasts a bold way to enhance their outfits. So today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we’ll delve into the significance of the big buckle belts and how to use them as a statement in your fashion choices. Do you want to know more about the statement belt in Korean Fashion? If so, scroll down and keep reading!


Why Is the Statement Belt the Favorite Korean Fashion Accessory in 2023?


Korean Fashion Trends - Statement Belt in Korean Fashion - Korean woman wearing strapThe return of the statement belt in Korean Fashion proves that the statement belts will be the favorite accessory in 2023! Because style pioneers have warmly embraced the statement belt as one of the most versatile and impactful accessories of the year.


Also, this essential accessory has become a must-have in 2023, transforming mundane attire into a bold fashion statement. Initially deemed practical, the statement belt has evolved over the years, riding the wave of fashion’s creative expansion. And given their perpetual alignment with the latest trends and often even being the trendsetters, Koreans have wholeheartedly welcomed the big buckle belts as an indispensable statement piece. Don’t have the right statement belt yet? Shop for your statement belt here!


What Are the Factors Behind the Big Buckle Belts Comeback in Korean Fashion?


Korean Fashion Trends - Statement Belt in Korean Fashion - Korean woman wearing strapStatement belts have a rich history in fashion, dating back to the waist-cinching corsets of centuries past. However, their contemporary interpretation has evolved into an emblem of personal style and creativity. However, the last time they were this popular was back in 2010’s, and everyone had a pair to wield it as a fashion statement when necessary. And recently in Korean fashion, these belts have been embraced as powerful means of adding intrigue to an ensemble, enhancing silhouettes, and showcasing individuality. Whether you opt for a chunky leather belt with a dazzling metallic buckle or a fabric belt adorned with an intricately designed clasp, including one in your look is sure to make a great statement. And because they are such statement pieces, adding them into a daily look with jeans and a crop top can instantly revamp your Korean style outfit.


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How to Wear the Big Buckle Belts in Korean Fashion?


Korean Fashion Trends - Statement Belt in Korean Fashion - Korean woman wearing strapHow could you take advantage of statement belts in Korean Fashion if you don’t know how to wear them? Don’t worry. Luckily, we will unveil how to incorporate this unique piece in your ensembles. But, if you want to wear statement belts like a Korean celebrity, you should also delve into the double belt trend. Click here to see our blog dedicated to the double belt trend! Furthermore, we must also highlight their qualities to know how to style the big buckle belts. One of the most attractive qualities of big buckle belts is its versatility.


These belts can be worn in various ways – cinched around dresses, layered over oversized shirts, or even threaded through blazer loops for a chic, tailored look. This adaptability allows fashion enthusiasts to play with proportions and redefine their silhouettes, all while staying true to their personal style.


And we can see one of our favorite idols, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, wear a big bold leather belt around her black dress with intricate details like lace and ruffles, which are other trends that have been going strong this year. Like her, you can mix and match the trends and get creative! Shop for your statement belts here.


2 Important Tips to Style a Statement Belt in Korean Fashion!


As you can see, styling statement belts in Korean Fashion is not as complicated as you think. Also, we will unveil two tricks to get a trendy look with statement belts today in Korean Fashion Trends! Let’s dive in!


  1. Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing strapThe first trick is the easiest. If you want to take advantage of the statement belt in Korean Fashion, you should opt for a belt whose quality transmits your personality. That is, the strap must have a striking color and the buckle must be large. Also, it must have some special embroidered detail. And if it has all three of these qualities, it will be much better! Shop here!
  2. The second option is more suitable for lovers of minimalism who think that less is more. This applies particularly to enthusiasts of Korean fashion that love and connect to minimal style of Korean Fashion. To ensure your outfits radiate distinctiveness, opt for a belt that boasts simplicity while taking on the role of the main attraction. This can be accomplished by donning the belt in a way you are not used to. For instance, when sporting a complete denim ensemble, introduce a belt that takes the position of the protagonist. Alternatively, when blending it with a knitted dress, fasten it around the waist, guaranteeing its visibility. The essence of this approach revolves around elevating the belt to the status of the central focus. Shop for statement belts here!


3 Outfit Ideas Featuring Big Buckle Belts to Create a Striking Look Like a Korean Idol!


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing strapThere is no doubt that the big buckle belts are one of the most versatile items of clothing. Thanks to that, fashion creatives don’t miss the opportunity to create their own interpretations in each new season.


So, the statement belt in Korean Fashion has a great role in 2023, and you should not overlook it! While we’ll also continue to embrace more understated minimalism for belts, 2000s vibes are back. And they are here to stay. So XL buckle and strap belts will be your best ally.


After unraveling how the big buckle belts have taken the lead in Korean fashion trends and how you can take advantage of them, we have selected 3 outfit ideas that will let you in on how to include statement belts in your outfits. Ready? Let’s dive in!


Street Style Flair


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing street style clothesThis is a look for the most devoted street style lovers. Create an edgy and voluminous look by layering oversized pieces.


Start with a loose graphic t-shirt, and let it hang slightly off one shoulder for a chic touch. Pair it with a mini skirt of your choice.


Secure the look with a big buckle belt worn at a slant across your waist. This unconventional placement will add an element of intrigue to your outfit. Slip into chunky combat boots and accessorize with ribbons on your hair or a wavy hairdo and a statement pendant. Shop here!


Bohemian Chic


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing strapEmbrace an elegant yet subtle vibe by opting for a flowy dress with flower details, or a dress with lace and tulle details for the ultimate fashionista look. Add a bold leather belt as a statement like Jisoo, and finish it off with kitten heels and a mini bag. This look is perfect for an evening out or a dinner date! Shop here!


Edge Factor


For an utterly fierce touch, consider a black denim miniskirt or a mini leather skirt as your base, and pair it with a cut-out top or a graphic baby tee. Throw a big buckle leather belt slanted across the waist. Secure the look with a black mini bag and cool sneakers. This look is a must-try for everyone with a love for rebellious ensembles. Shop here!


Korean Fashion Trends - mini skirtDon’t let the statement belt in Korean Fashion slip past you this year! Add statement belts to your looks to enhance your ensembles in Korean fashion! That way, you’ll be able to stand out wherever you go, since a statement accessory always makes a difference! Are you already subscribed to our newsletter?


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