Discover the spring/summer trends that K-drama stars are wearing


Do you know that the spring-summer season is not just about saying goodbye to one climate to welcome another? It is also about facing a new scene for fashion. You might be wondering why, and the answer is that people have saved thick winter coats. Now they are ready for lighter fabrics and fancy layers. However, we know that sometimes inspiration is scarce. Because of that, we turned to Korean stars for our much-needed fashion ideas. For that, you need to discover the spring/summer trends that K-drama stars are wearing. Are you ready? Keep reading! 


10 spring-summer trends are a must in the style of K-drama stars


Summer outfits and sets


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Summer-outfits-and-sets(subtitulo)Who says you can’t wear a suit when it’s hot? Casual suits are perfect for both business and an outing with friends. An example of that is Shin Min Ah.


She wears a short dress and matching ensemble that looks classy and sophisticated. Without a doubt, this Korean star knows how to combine the pieces to look amazing in the summer as well. Ha Ji Won is another example.


She opted for a neutral linen suit that is not only breathable and comfortable but also just pretty like her. Would you like to try this type of outfit? With the spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearing, you won’t be short of inspiration to do so.


Pop art nails


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Pop-art-nails(subtitulo)Summer gets more colorful with these trendy nails. Korean nail experts and brand Unistella popularized these nails.


We can see this style in many K-Pop videos! IU showed her mysterious side with pointy and artistic nails in a magazine photoshoot. If you need to find out more about Korean nail trends, visit the Korean fashion trends blog by clicking here.


You will have at your disposal information about the latest in Korean nail style.


In this way, you will miss nothing, and you will know the trends that you can also wear on your nails during this season.


Floral prints


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Floral-prints(subtitulo)Spring summer florals aren’t groundbreaking, but there’s a reason they’re a staple this season.


Do you know it? Because captivating colors can brighten up any look.


And also because you can easily complement it for a night out on the town, or keep it casual for a picnic day.


Nana is feminine and stunning in her pastel midi dresses. Go Jun Hee wore her floral dress with casual sneakers for a perfect look.






Straight bang


Do you want a drastic hairstyle change without cutting your hair? Try blunt, straight-cut bangs that are sure to change your whole vibe. This trend caught on not only in the West this year. It also reached Asia, and actresses like Kim Go Eun, Han Ye Seul, and Moon Ga Young are examples. They tried this trend for a sleek, sharp, and modern look. They are actresses who took the spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearing to another level. And we all love it!


Flower-inspired accessories


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Flower-inspired-accessories(subtitulo) - Spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearingRemember those dainty, beaded, colorful flower rings that were popular during our childhoods?


These were also popular during the 70s.


This trend is making a comeback and adding a touch of cuteness to any outfit.


Large flower earrings are all the rage too, with Yoon Eun Hye showing how she wears hers in her fashion video, while Shin Min Ah modeled flower earrings and sandals with flower details.


Bucket bags and woven accessories


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Bucket-bags-and-woven-accessories - Spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearingLee Si Young looks ready for a comfortable flight in her roomy sweater dress. She accessorized her look with a trendy knitted hat and matching bag.


Another trend is the bucket bag like Shin Min Ah and Lee Sung Kyung let us see in photos.


Leather accessories and these bags are a must in the spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearing.


Do not miss these trends and put them to the test by taking them to your closet!


Baby doll dresses


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Baby-doll-dresses - Spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearingThis style of dress is a perfect ethereal option for a dreamy summer.


Oh Yeon Seo wore a light pink dress that made her look youthful! Park Min Young wore a cheerful dress with string details! The dress matched her soft waves and her sweet smile.


If you want a youthful, fresh, and girly appearance, wearing baby doll dresses is a perfect option.


In addition, thanks to its simplicity, you can combine them with other pieces and accessories to perfect the outfit, if you wish to do so. These types of dresses are very feminine and graceful. 


Knee-length denim shorts


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Knee-length-denim-shorts(subtitulo) - Spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearingThis knee-length piece is the perfect mid-length bottom that you can casually style, like Son Dam Bi.


She looks ready for a summer vacation, or you can show off some skin like Han Ye Seul! Many of these shorts are in denim, which is a favorite in Korean fashion. It is a beautiful, feminine, and fresh garment.


Besides showing what is allowed to show in Korea: The legs! Do not be a victim of the heat and show off your pretty legs by wearing denim shorts. They are spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearing.


White crop top blouses


Korean-Fashion-Trends-White-crop-top-blouses(subtitulo)- Spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearingWhite is never the wrong choice for hot days!


But you can certainly make it more interesting with unique details, like the sleeveless top with stitching that Gong Hyo Jin wore.


Suzy and IU wore white blouses with sleeve details for a fresh look.


This type of top not only allows you freshness but also gives you an elegant and feminine touch.


Denim set


Sunny days mean resting and also staying comfortable while being active. The simple denim outfits in shorts and long pants versions worn by Suzy and Hyeri are a quick pick that looks cute and will match any time of the day!


Who is the most beautiful Korean actress in 2021?


It is hard to decide which of all is the most beautiful. And it is that these women are brilliant not only on the screen but also outside of it. Besides being beautiful, they also have different styles that inspire everyone! They are without a doubt our resource for ideas when it comes to fashion. Some of the most beautiful Korean actresses and fashionistas are Suzy, Kim So Hyun, Park Shin Hye, Kim Go Eun, Go Ara, Seo YeJi, and Kim Hyun Joo. They are just a few though, as the list would be endless when we have to talk about the most beautiful Korean actresses and fashionistas.


The spring-summer trends that K-drama stars are wearing help us prepare for warmer climates. And it is that being able to enjoy the heat without being a victim of it and look good is practically an art. Korean stars show us we can achieve it! Because of that, these trends are a must during the season. Renew your closet and look good on these warmer days. Did you like this post? Let us know in the comments! And remember to visit Korean Fashion Trends every day. In that way, you will connect with the news of this unstoppable fashion.


Long-Sleeve Plain Knit Cardigan



Short-Sleeve Flower Print Shirt


Short-Sleeve Flower Print Shirt



Lettering Oversized Sweatshirt



Plain Button-Up Oversize Shirt



Short-Sleeve Plain Ruffled Trim Blouse


Wide Leg Dress Pants


Flared Hem Midi Overall Dress


Oversized Striped Polo Collar Sweatshirt


Cropped Straight Leg Jeans


Korean Fashion Trends - trends that K-drama stars

Round-Neck Cropped Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt


Korean Fashion Trends - trends that K-drama stars

Checkerboard Pattern Denim Jacket


Korean Fashion Trends - trends that K-drama stars

Canvas Sneaker Mules



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