5 sports looks inspired by TWICE

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 sports looks inspired by TWICE

Do you exercise and would like to look good style when you train? If so, let me tell you that there are many possibilities to sport a great style when you work out. Why? Because sport and style are not at odds. The sporty aesthetic is an increasingly popular trend in Korea. That means that there are a lot of types of 100% sporty clothes with a lot of styles. However, even if you are a dressing well lover when exercising, sometimes it is a mistake to choose sportswear without much care, and that is a mistake. It will not motivate you to play sports. Nor is it going to help you look good even if you go 100% sporty. So today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will go through the closet of one of our favorite K-Pop groups and take inspiration from them. For that reason, we present 5 sports looks inspired by TWICE! If you love the style of these girls, read on! Because they will serve as a guide to achieve those dream sports looks. Let’s get started!


4 tips to choose your perfect sporty look


Before starting with the sports looks inspired by TWICE, it is necessary to review some tips and recommendations so that you can achieve your perfect sports look. Follow these tips. That way, you will see how you take your sports outfits to the next level.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE member wearing garments in neutral colorsIt will never let you down, and we are not just talking about black, but white, gray, and even beige.


Choosing your sportswear in neutral colors is better. Why? Because choosing too many colors is one of the most common mistakes in these looks.


Therefore, you can’t look stylish in sportswear.


It is best to play with the four neutral colors for these garments. They all combine. And you will look stylish even if you dress in 100% sports clothes.




You have to pay attention to the shapes, the cuts, and the length of the upper garments, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and raincoats.


Do not wear super baggy shirts in any way.


If you start to notice you will see that apart from the excessively tight lycra and the loose oversize, there is a whole world of cuts, shapes, necklines, and details.


The most important thing is that it is neither too tight nor too loose, and the length doesn’t exceed your hips to keep the body’s harmony.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE Nayeon wearing one bold color in her sporty lookIf you feel like introducing color, enter one combined with the neutrals.


In this way, we maintain the formality of seeing ourselves dressed in these garments and giving them a touch of color. In sneakers, it would be perfect. And if not, consider your silhouette and choose in which part you are interested in attracting more attention. You can guide yourself by knowing the shape of your body. We have a blog on how to dress according to your body shape according to Korean fashion if you still don’t know what it is.


For example, printed leggings with details can be a good option if you are a triangle. But don’t stay with the typical black leggings. They can be black, but with some interesting detail.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE member wearing a sporty look with chic accessoriesIf you are one of those who wears sportswear often in your day-to-day even if you don’t go to do sports. You have to be the first to apply this advice.


Why? Because they are already garments that you use a lot and therefore looking good in them is even more significant for you than for others who only wear them for an hour to practice sports, and that’s it.


Don’t wear leggings, a baggy t-shirt, and plain sneakers. Better choose neutral or neutral colors with a single color.


Respect the needs of your silhouette and look for interesting details in these garments. And if you want to elevate the look a little, combine it with more chic, more arranged accessories. They can be a stylish bag, a hat, sunglasses, socks, etc.


5 Sports looks inspired by TWICE


For K-Pop groups, fashion is important. They always set trends and show off their fashion senses. For that reason, manyidols become brand ambassadors for world-renowned brands. As it happens with the TWICE girls, since each one has a great style to wear. And it’s not just the costumes they wear on stage that are great. The girls also come to the rehearsal rooms with relaxed and iconic looks, perfect for physical activity. If you want inspiration to improve your style when working out, these outfits will give it to you. But if you also need a good motivation to start working out, surely TWICE’s style will be more than enough. Nothing like playing sports while dressed as your favorite artist. Also, these girls always look to dress in the best way. They constantly inspire ONCE to try new styles, including sports. Know these sports look inspired by TWICE!




We start with the sports looks inspired by TWICE with a neutral and striking combination. We already said it is best to choose outfits in neutral and classic colors.


However, you can combine a neutral color with a striking color.


For example, bold colors are perfect for pants, especially pink and purple. You can mix them with a white or black shirt. However, an oversize white shirt with pastel pants and white sneakers will be a great option.


It is a perfect sports style. Jihyo and Mina are good inspirations for this look.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE member wearing lycra and oversized garments - sports looks inspired by TWICEThe second option in these sports looks inspired by TWICE consists of lycra with an oversize garment.


Sports tights are also usually very comfortable for working out, as in a look with a slightly loose T-shirt. That will help you feel freer to move.


Wear short black sports leggings and a white or another colored shirt. The shirt may be a bit wide.


Accompany with sneakers, and let your stockings reach your ankles.


Jihyo knows how to take this look to the highest level.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE member wearing hoodie and pants - sports looks inspired by TWICEWe continue with the sports looks inspired by TWICE with a combination that includes hoodies.


The pants and sweatshirts are also very comfortable to exercise.


Also, you can find them in many colors.


You can opt for white, gray, or black, even in brighter colors but always accompanying them with a neutral color.


You can accompany it with the sneakers of your choice. Sana stands out a lot in these looks.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE member wearing pants and a topPants and tops take fourth place in these sports looks inspired by TWICE.


Although loose shirts are a good option, a top could work if you want to stand out with a perfect sporty look.


Use the pants of your choice, and instead of combining them with an oversize shirt, combine them with a sports top.


You could also mix the top with short lycra.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE member wearing leggings - sports looks inspired by TWICEAnd finally, in these sports looks inspired by TWICE, we include leggings.


Although wearing leggings is not always a good idea in Korea, they are a perfect option when it comes to exercising.


In addition, sports leggings always serve to be able to move with greater freedom and lightness. They are perfect for yoga or pilates. You can wear it with shirts, tops or hoodies.


They are very versatile garments.


Therefore, they should not be missing in your closet if you want to wear a good sports style.


The sports look inspired by TWICE is a guide if you want to improve your sports outfits. However, they are also ideal as inspiration for those who have not yet started training. Look like the girls of TWICE in your exercise time! Which of all the combinations was your favorite? Tell us in the comments. See you soon here at Korean Fashion Trends!

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