Athleisure fashion: sports outfits inspired by the girls from ITZY

korean fashion trends - sport outfits inspired by itzy - yeji

Many people think that sportswear is only for sports because if we wear it at another moment, it can look dowdy. There is nothing more wrong than that. Sportswear also serves to create casual outfits full of style. Of course, it all depends on what clothes you wear and what other clothes you mix them with, but in general, sportswear is a good option. It is not for nothing that athleisure fashion exists, a trend in K-Fashion. But if you don’t know what it is or how it works, don’t worry. Today we will talk about Athleisure fashion: sports outfits inspired by the girls from ITZY. In that way, you will not only know the benefits of this trend. You can also put it into practice if it is what you want, and it suits your style. Also, the sports outfits inspired by these K-Pop stars will make you look amazing. Keep reading!


What is athleisure fashion?


It is a trend that consists of combining sports pieces with other more sophisticated ones to elevate the outfits considered “sporty”. You can wear them to the streets, the office, and even to a party. Contrary to popular belief, the athleisure craze didn’t start three years ago. Athleisure emerged around 100 years ago. Some sports began to gain popularity in people’s lives, and designers like Coco Chanel and René Lacoste (who loved to play tennis) took notice at the end of the 19th century. That is why in the 1920s, they began to incorporate new sports garments into their sophisticated clothing collections, in which shorts and buttoned sports shirts stood out. This fashion is comfortable and can be glamorous. Korean fashion has a distinctive taste for comfort when it comes to dressing. For that reason, it is natural that athleisure fashion is a trend in Korea.


How to dress according to athleisure fashion?


In recent years, we have witnessed how sneakers have dominated the runway looks of international and Korean brands. The sneakers (mostly in eccentric, retro, and glamorous designs) have accompanied haute couture dresses from world-renowned firms. But did you know that athleisure goes beyond just wearing sneakers? The goal of athleisure fashion is to elevate sporty outfits. In that way, you can create a look that is comfortable, sporty, and sophisticated at the same time.


The effect that this trend commonly produces is that of an effortlessly cool style, in which it seems that the person wearing it did not go out of their way to look good at all, but achieved it easily and naturally. To dress according to athleisure fashion, you need to include sports pieces in your closet such as hoodies, sports pants, tennis skirts, etc., and not just sneakers. You will see all the outfits that you can recreate with garments as basic as these. Just by looking at the Korean street style from afar, you will know that this type of clothing is taken to another level without problems.


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4 Sports outfits inspired by the ITZY girls


The ITZY girls show off their fashion sense at all times, whether on or off stage. We have found that girls can wear any style without fear of looking bad. However, they look perfect in sportswear. As we said before, sporty style clothes can also make you look great. ITZY’s Yuna and Yeji confirm it because they have the best outfit ideas to prove it. In addition, they are also proof that K-Pop idols show us that their style of dress adapts to very diverse occasions. Sometimes we see them gala on red carpets, with stunning looks in their performances, or showing their style daily. Sportswear can’t be missing in the ITZY girls’ closet. Why? Because with their energetic choreography, they probably spend quite a while practicing their dances before taking them on stage. In addition, they manage to stand out with an athleisure style. That’s why today, we present sports outfits inspired by the girls from ITZY. Get to know these outfits!


2 athleisure outfits inspired by Yeji


  • You need white pants to recreate the first athleisure outfit inspired by Yeji from ITZY. You can combine these pants with a crop top of the same color. In this way, you could also achieve a monochromatic look, a trend that stands out this year in Korean fashion. Ideally, however, the pants should be slightly short, or you can hold them up so your ankles are exposed. In that way, you could also show off your stockings if you prefer. To finish off this outfit, add a zip-up sweatshirt in a contrasting color. It can be black, navy blue, red, etc. Use your creativity. For footwear, choose sneakers that match your clothes. White or black sneakers will be great for this alternative. Finally, add a bucket hat to your look, and voila, you will have your first Yeji-inspired athleisure outfit.


  • For the second Yeji inspired athleisure look, you will need shorts or bikers. Add a hoodie. But this time, it will look better if it is a closed garment. You can experiment with an oversized style, but either will look good. Add some sneakers and finally accessories such as beanies and socks above the ankle. Do not forget to create a balance with the colors of the clothes and accessories. It is a simpler option among the sports outfits inspired by the girls from ITZY.


2 athleisure outfits inspired by Yuna


  • When recreating Yuna’s first outfit, you must wear black shorts or bikers. However, you can also replace it with pants or leggings if you prefer. You can add a white crop top to create contrast. Also, add a sweatshirt to your look. Take advantage of this garment to give color to this outfit. If you selected shorts, you can wear an oversized sweatshirt. To finish perfecting this option of sports outfits inspired by the girls from ITZY, add accessories such as caps, knee pads, wristbands, and whatever you think will look great.


  • Finally, the second athleisure outfit inspired by Yuna is easy to achieve. You need some black joggers and a matching crop top or shirt. It will be ideal if the joggers are oversize and your shirt slightly tight. But you can also reverse these qualities. For footwear, we recommend tennis with a platform so that you look great. It’s that easy to achieve this option of sports outfits inspired by the girls from ITZY.


The sports outfits inspired by the girls from ITZY allow you to join the athleisure trend. This trend has been popular in K-Fashion for a long time, especially in street style. You can look comfortable without losing style when you wear perfectly athleisure outfits. Do you like this fashion? Are you already part of it? Tell us your experiences in the comments. See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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