5 sophisticated Korean-style outfits: let’s take inspiration from BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 sophisticated Korean-style outfits: let's take inspiration from BLACKPINK's Jisoo

Are you Blink? Then, you know that in the world of fashion, the members of BLACKPINK have made a significant impact. In addition to being the female idols of the moment, they have become ambassadors for various internationally renowned brands. For this reason, when it comes to Korean fashion and wanting to adopt the Korean style, there is no better group to inspire you if you want to achieve it. BLACKPINK members have a great fashion sense, especially Jisoo. She has an elegant bearing and a unique presence. For that reason, she has incredible outfits to inspire you if you want to look more elegant. So if you want to change your look and have a youthful and elegant style, these BLACKPINK Jisoo outfits will be the perfect inspiration you are looking for. Meet the 5 sophisticated Korean-style outfits: let’s take inspiration from BLACKPINK’s Jisoo!




BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has shown to have a great style to wear. Thanks to that, she is even considered the perfect ambassador of the Dior brand. Do you want to improve your closet and take your sophisticated outfits to another level? So your choice should be to take inspiration from Jisoo! She is constantly wearing iconic looks that are perfect for casual dining or going to work looking youthful and elegant at the same time. When we take a look at this idol’s look, we notice her sensitivity, femininity, and fashion taste. In addition, her style offers us a wide choice if we want to start or take an elegant and sophisticated style to another level. If you want to know about the sophisticated Korean-style outfits inspired by Jisoo, keep reading!




Korean Fashion Trends - BLACKPINK's JisooAs fashion lovers, we know that black is a color that exudes elegance and good style. Jisoo knows that very well. We start this list of sophisticated Korean-style outfits with one where black stands out very well.


If you want to recreate a look like Jisoo’s, you don’t need many clothes other than the basics. Wear a white button-down shirt with black wide-leg pants. On top, add a black leather jacket and perfect it with some sneakers or ankle boots.


Add the accessories of your choice, but do not forget to use a suitable crossbody or clutch bag. Those bags make the difference when it comes to elegant and sophisticated outfits. If the bags are timeless and classic in appearance, they will be better.




Korean Fashion Trends - BLACKPINK's JisooContinuing with this list of sophisticated Korean-style outfits, we have an ideal option for every day. Jisoo not only surprises us with stunning looks on stage. Outside of it, this Korean idol and actress also knows how to amaze others through her style.


For that reason, if we want to improve our daily style, it is not necessary to go further. It is enough to notice how she dresses in her day-to-day to verify that she knows how to implement an elegant style in any outfit.


If you want a sophisticated and elegant look even to go to study, we recommend combining a white long-sleeved shirt with mom or baggy jeans. You can wear these garments with loafers or sneakers, or if you prefer with ankle boots. Don’t forget to use a crossbody bag and other accessories if you want. This outfit fits well with your loose hair and very natural Korean-looking makeup.




Korean Fashion Trends - sophisticated Korean-style outfits - BLACKPINK's JisooAnd for the coldest days, we have an option that you can’t miss. In this third combination of sophisticated Korean-style outfits, Jisoo shows us that trench coats are the perfect allies in colder climates. And the best thing is that with this garment you will never be out of tune because its elegant appearance never goes unnoticed.


We recommend wearing a camel or beige blouse with black jeans to achieve a sophisticated look with this garment. On top of that, wear the trench coat in a tone similar to that of the blouse. Also, try to make this look only in neutral tones.


Therefore, the shoes also have to be in the same color palette. They can be a white boot or the tone of the trench coat. Another option is a dress. Wear a short beige dress and wear knee-high black leather boots. Or if you prefer, they can be combat boots. And they will also be a perfect option! Add a gray trench coat and let your hair down to spice up this look. You can add the accessories you like the most if you still want to perfect this outfit a little more.




Korean Fashion Trends - sophisticated Korean-style outfits - BLACKPINK's JisooAnother perfect Jisoo look that we must include in this list of sophisticated Korean-style outfits is layers. If you are looking for another casual but elegant and sophisticated look, some garments should not be missing in your closet to achieve it.


For example, a navy blue shirt in oversize, and a gray vest in oversize too. Combine that two pieces with some mom jeans and add some black loafers and a black tote bag too.


In this way, you create a perfect layered outfit that gives the appearance of being expensive and elegant. That is the image we want to convey when we wear this style.


Luckily, we have Jisoo, who teaches us what clothes to mix to achieve it.




Korean Fashion Trends - sophisticated Korean-style outfits - BLACKPINK's JisooIf you like the preppy style, this last option among the sophisticated Korean style outfits is for you. Last March 1st, Jisoo made everyone fall in love with a sophisticated preppy style that exuded elegance and conveyed femininity and a very chic style.


If you don’t know what it is, we’ll tell you. Jisoo wore a short, wide-sleeved shirt under a yellow plaid dress that reached a little above her knees, revealing her legs. She accessorized this outfit with black pointed heels and a black clutch bag.


However, the different touch and the focus of attention also fell on the black tie she wore.


In this way, Jisoo created an outfit with a touch of collegiate influence, but where elegance and fashion sense stands out like nothing else. If you want a look like this, you don’t need many pieces. But you need a tie! Otherwise, the outfit will not have the desired effect.


These sophisticated Korean-style outfits inspired by BLACKPINK’s Jisoo remind us that elegance can be achieved at any time, not just on special occasions or events. If you know how to combine the right garments and have a closet ready with the basics, you can pull off a sophisticated look without trying. Which of these Jisoo looks was your favorite? We hope to see your comments. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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