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Skincare with Korean products. Worrying and taking care of your skin is an important habit, and when it comes to quality, Korean skincare products have everything to win.


The popularity of skincare with Korean products came with the fame of the celebrities of this country. They have given much to talk about in recent years. Since the launch of BBcream in 2011, the proposal of a product that combines makeup and skincare at the same time has caused many people to become more interested in Korean products.


But it does not only owe its popularity to the Korean boom. The Korean beauty routine has earned its recognition for many years. It’s not for nothing that most Korean women have dreamy skin. They have always believed in the effectiveness of their skincare routine and, above all, of their skincare products. 


It is an ancient ritual


The success of this skincare ritual is also part of the oriental philosophy regarding beauty. The most important thing is radiant, healthy, and porcelain skin. Makeup is secondary.


Thanks to that, this movement has gained more force until it has become an international phenomenon. It is not only Korean women who carry out their beauty routine, but also women around the world who want to have beautiful and healthy skin.


Just as the skincare routine is becoming very popular lately, the market for Korean beauty products is already in high demand. Many companies offer excellent quality products that develop green and innovative formulas and free of animal cruelty.


If you want to find out more about skincare with Korean products, keep reading this post. This time, we will explain what the Korean skincare routine consists of, the steps to achieve it, and some extra information that will be useful to you. Also, we will present you with 10 Korean brands of beauty products. Then, you will know which ones to buy when doing your skincare routine.


Let’s find out all about the Korean beauty routine


This routine consists of 10 steps that involve the use of specific products for each skin need. Perhaps ten steps sound like something laborious and even annoying, but while it is true that this routine takes time, it is also true that it is worth it. The best thing is that you won’t have to wait long to see the first results. After the first time, you will be able to notice a considerable change.


Applying the products in layers is the secret of the Korean skincare routine. It starts with the lightest so that it can penetrate the skin more deeply. Continuous and finished with thicker products to create a protective layer.


What are the 10 steps of the skincare routine with Korean products?


Step 1: The Oil Based Cleaner


First of all, you should remove all the excesses of the day from your face. With this product, you can remove all traces of makeup. Even the products that are most difficult to remove. If your skin is oily, don’t worry. This cleanser is not exclusive to dry skin. Combination skin or even oily skin can also use (depending on the characteristics of each skin) without worrying about a greasy appearance.


Step 2: The Water-Based Cleaner, skincare with Korean products


Once you’ve cleaned your skin with the oil-based cleanser, you will need to use the water-based cleanser. This cleaner is soapy and comes in different presentations. It is in liquid, bar, or gel soap. With this cleaner, we will be able to remove impurities. It also helps to refresh the skin.


Step 3: Exfoliating


This step is so important. Skin experts recommend not exfoliating every day. It would be best to do it once or twice a week. It is part of the routine because when you use it, you need to use it well. The use of the facial scrub is significant. It helps to remove dead cells from our skin and get rid of impurities. 


Step 4: The tonic


It is necessary to find the toner that meets the requirements of your skin type. You should also make sure that the toner does not contain alcohol. Or your skin will dry out. The toner helps balance the skin’s PH, detoxify the pores, reduce inflammation of breakouts, and eliminate bacteria. Protects and hydrates at the same time.


Step 5: The Essence


The essence is part of the legendary secrets of Korean skincare. It is a more concentrated product than a toner but lighter than a serum. It helps to hydrate the skin, reduce wrinklesand produce cell renewal. So, it gives your skin that shiny and smooth look.


Step 6: The serum


It is a substance that contains many concentrated active ingredients. The serum treats specific skin problems, such as aging, acne, blemishes, etc. It is lighter than creams and therefore works faster by penetrating the skin more easily. A lot of serums can help you. But you must find the one that meets the needs of your skin.


Step 7: The facial mask


You can put it on and do other things while the waiting time passes. They help to enhance moisture. It covers your entire face, which allows it to absorb the nutrients it contains evenly. There are all kinds, in paper, in aluminum, in clay, and more.


Step 8: The eye cream, skincare with Korean products


Because the eye area is thinner, it deserves a special cream. The trick here is to apply it in gentle strokes with an upward motion. Use the finger with low strength. There are several types of eye creams. Choose the burns that suit you and give love to your skin. A lot of eye creams work to stretch and hydrate.


Step 9: The moisturizer


You must put this product in various parts of the face. Distribute it from the inside to out and upwards. The moisturizer created an extra layer that moisturizes the skin and seals in the previous products. There are heavier and more intense moisturizers and others much lighter. The best are the ones that moisturize without leaving a greasy feeling. But in the end, it all depends on the needs of your skin.


Step 10: the sunscreen, skincare with Korean products


Did you know that sunlight is not the only one that affects your face? Contact with the screens of cell phones and computers also affects us. 


Light from electronic equipment can be just as damaging as the intense rays of the sun. So this is an essential step in any beauty routine, not just the Korean skincare routine. Sunscreen helps prevent skin aging. Also, skin cancer is not fake.


There are ways to avoid it: for example, using sunscreen. Apply it in the morning and reapply every three hours whenever you can. It is best to use maximum protection and broad-spectrum sunscreen. At night, you can replace the sunscreen with a night cream. Now, we have more things you need to know about skincare with Korean products.


Get a facial massage


An easy massage is significant during the skincare routine. You can use your hands or a facial roller specially designed for those cases. It will help your skin to relax, deflate, and to make fewer imperfections or wrinkles appear. However, those are just a few of its benefits.


The truth is that easy massages have many positive things that will make your face beautiful and smooth. But not only will you have healthier skin by improving oxygen circulation and the amount of oxygen, but it will also help your skin absorb beauty products better. Massage your face, and the changes will be more effective.




The cica-products contain Gotu kola in their formulation. This plant accelerates healing, repairs, firms, soothes, and softens the skin. They are products that can come in the form of a cream, gel, cleanser, or more. They are also allies of anti-pollution, anti-stretch marks, and anti-cellulite.


Collagen is good


In Korea and many parts of the world, it is common to take collagen as a dietary supplement for skincare. Collagen has many benefits as it makes the skin soft, firm, and smooth. Do not be afraid to consume it. Besides that, you can get it in different presentations like gummies, pills, or liquids.


The essence


In your skincare with Korean products, you cannot miss the essence. This product will hydrate your skin, help you delay aging, renew your skin cells and keep your face fresher. I assure you that it is the perfect product to give love to your skin.


If you suffer from dry skin, do not worry about it. It is not a problem. In skincare with Korean products, the essence is even more meaningful. The reason is that it will help, precisely, to nourish your skin more. It is one of the secrets of Korean beauty that has become popular the most.


10 Best Brands in Korean Skincare Products


1. Tony Moly


Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - tony moly

It is the number one brand in the Korean market.


Tony Moly is popular inside and outside of Korea thanks to his never-before-seen products and packaging.


Tony Moly manufactures and distributes cleansing creams, masks, soaps, and foams. Its variety is another of its strengths.


That has also earned it the recognition and trust of millions of women.


2. Holika Holika, skincare with Korean products


Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - Holika holika

This brand aims to help women reveal their hidden beauty. And how do they do it? Using a high-quality product, and a price that is within everyone’s reach.


They use natural ingredients for their products. They think a lot about effective skincare.


Thanks to this, the Holika Holika brand is increasingly popular and recognized throughout the world. It is one of the most famous companies in Korea in terms of beauty products.


In addition, the originality of its packaging is an attraction for women of all ages. Holika Holika also produces body care products, shower gels, famous BB creams, makeup, and many other things you will surely want to try.


3. Missha


Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - missha

This brand knows that they represent what Korean cosmetics mean to everyone: quality and effectiveness.


Missha offers luxury beauty products that are affordable.


And like most Korean products, these also have original and attractive packaging.


The application of their skincare products is novel and easy to put to use.


4. SkinFood, skincare with Korean products


Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - Skin food

From the name, we can guess what the philosophy of this brand is.


SkinFood is a brand of Korean products that focuses on food’s properties on our skin.


Due to its success in using food to achieve numerous skin benefits, this brand is among the most acclaimed in Korea.



5. Etude House


Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - etude house

With this brand, we verify once again that the image in Korea is so important.


Etude House stands out for the delicacy and variety seen in its products.


They have their stores and are responsible for distributing their products that stand out for their quality and attention to detail.


Pink is predominant in the finishes of both its stores and its products. That is its hallmark.


6. Skin Lounge, skincare with Korean products


Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - Skin lounge

Unlike previous brands, Skin Lounge only focuses on face masks.


Their masks are the best on the market.


Be it cellulose fiber or hydrogel masks, they always combine delicacy with unique effectiveness.


That’s because they make their masks with vitamins and natural ingredients.


7. Dewytree

Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - dewytree

It is a brand that offers a variety of products, but most of them focus on skincare.


Among its most acclaimed products are face masks.


They are firmly committed to including natural ingredients in cosmetics and makeup.



8. Skin79, skincare with Korean products

Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - Skin 79

This brand stands out for its BB creams.


They distribute the best on the market, and their products reach many Western countries.


It is one of the veteran brands in the field of skincare products.


Over the years, numerous awards have distinguished it as one of the best companies.


9. E Nature


Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - E- nature

Their formulas contain natural ingredients and also use technology for the retention of birch sap water.


That helps to achieve maximum hydration.


Using its aqueous gel cream, you can reach a hydrating effect on your face throughout the day.



10. A. By BOM, skincare with Korean products


Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - A - by - MOM

It is another of the Korean firms that focuses its attention on natural ingredients.


A. by BOM creates products of high quality and design.


Its Korean aesthetic focuses on the essence, aromas, and organic oils.


And on extracts of plant origin such as rice, grains, flowers, or tea too.


Korean culture is revolutionizing the entire world. It does so not only with K-POP but also with the cosmetic industry. When we talk about Korean skincare, we immediately think of the skin of our favorite Korean celebrities.


They all have smooth, soft, and porcelain skin. Having skin like this is not very difficult. It requires some dedication, but the results will make you forget the time invested. If you are interested in learning more about Korean products, stay tuned for news on our blog.


Photo by: The Korean Face Shop

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