What is the skincare routine that K-Drama True Beauty taught us?

Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare routine from True Beauty

What is the skincare routine that K-Drama True Beauty taught us? A youth K-Drama that fascinated many people this year is True Beauty. If you saw it, you will already know the premise of this webtoon-inspired K-Drama. If not, don’t worry. We put you in context. The drama is about a girl who gains a lot of popularity thanks to her makeup channel. But will her popularity status be short-lived? How long can she keep her “real me” a secret? And what about that cute boy that she likes? Can you imagine if he found out the truth? You can find the answers by watching the drama! Because today at Korean Fashion Trends, the only question we will answer is “What is the Skincare routine that the K-Drama True Beauty taught us?”. If you are interested in knowing that skincare routine, stay with us!


Know the True Beauty skincare routine


The skincare routine we learned from True Beauty is similar to the Korean skincare routine. Well, after all, it is a K-Drama. However, knowing it in detail could inspire you to follow it. Also, it is a more simplified version than the Korean 10-step routine. By knowing it, you will get not only beautiful but also healthy skin. What is the skincare routine that the K-Drama True Beauty taught us? These are the steps:


Remove makeup before going to sleep


In any skincare routine, this step is so important. Luckily, the main character, Jugyeon, knows that. It is extremely crucial to remove all makeup before going to sleep. For no reason, no matter how tired or exhausted you are, you cannot go to bed without first cleaning your face. Jugyeon taught us very well that every night she cleans her face from all the makeup. There are several products to remove it, such as micellar water or makeup remover. Remove it with special cotton, pads, or sponges so as not to damage your skin.


Wash your face


The second step to an effective beauty routine is also important: Wash your face. Every chapter, week after week, we witnessed that after Jugyeon removes her makeup, she washes her face with soap and water. But facial skin is sensitive, so you should not apply any product. In dermo-cosmetic pharmacies, there are special soaps for all skin types. In addition, there are also various devices to facilitate facial cleansing, such as special brushes or sponges. A plus to achieve better results is to clean your face with a towel that you only use on your face, just as we can see in True Beauty.


Face masks


In how many dramas have we seen the characters wear face masks? With True Beauty being a beauty drama, of course, it is no exception. Do you know the benefits of facial masks? They help hydrate the skin and keep it radiant. The constant use of them will bring better results in the face’s appearance. There are different types of masks. You can find face masks for the full face, eyes, or small masks for some specific areas, such as cheeks and forehead. They are ideal for fast and very economical hydration.


Facial Serums


The serum is a product that has not always been in the skincare routine. In fact, in recent years, the use of famous facial serums became popular. You should know that there are many types of skin problems. Some serums serve as moisturizers, and some are to combat the signs of aging. While the Jugyeong from the drama does not use it, the Jygyeong from the Webtoon does and uses a specific one with vitamin C, which helps remove blemishes on the skin. Try using a serum similar to that to see how your skin says goodbye to those unwanted blemishes.




If you are a Korean beauty fan, you will know the importance of sunscreen in your skincare routine. Because of that, using the product is perhaps one of the most important of all. Sunscreen is a product that cannot be missing from your facial care routine. It does not matter that you do not go for a walk to the beach, or that you do not leave your home. It is important to use sunscreen every day. Before applying foundation, use a generous amount of sunscreen. That will help not only to protect you from UV rays but also keep your skin even and hydrated. Do not forget! Include sunscreen if you want to put into practice the skincare routine that we learned from True Beauty.


What products does Jugyeong use?


A frequent question among viewers of this K-Drama was which products Jugyeon used. Most of the makeup products that Jugyeon uses are from the Colorgram brand. This beauty brand achieved international fame thanks to this K-Drama. From palettes, shadows, foundations to lipsticks and mascara. All the makeup you see at True Beauty is from the Colorgram brand. On the other hand, the skincare products that Jugyeon uses are from Korean brands! They are Bring Green and Round A’Round.


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What can we learn from True Beauty drama?


But from the K-Drama True Beauty, we didn’t just learn a skincare and makeup routine. The most significant thing we can learn from this drama is not about those things. It’s about less superficial topics, like self-love and inner beauty. The main protagonist, Lim Jugyeong, spent a lot of time trying to overcome her insecurities. Although the love triangle was exciting, some people couldn’t see beyond it.


One thing we learned from True Beauty is that inner beauty is what matters most at the end of the day. That way, we realize that True Beauty may have sold the stereotype of the ugly duckling story, but it reminded us why Jugyeong received love thanks to her kindness, warmth, and loving personality. Another lesson that the K-Drama left us is that self-love is born from inside us. The confidence does not come from makeup, but from yourself.


What is the message of True Beauty?


The message of True Beauty is in all that we were able to learn from the K-Drama, and that is not necessarily about makeup and skincare. The main message of this famous K-Drama is that you should not care how you look with or without makeup, that self-love is the most valuable thing, and that it is important to trust ourselves. If we take into account the Korean context, where the image is so significant and where lookism has a lot of importance (Do you want to know what lookism is in Korean beauty? Find out by clicking here), these messages have great depth. It is good to know there are more and more productions whose stories are oriented to carry a message like this.


What is the skincare routine that K-Drama True Beauty taught us? It is a more simplified routine but just as effective as the Korean 10-step skincare routine. Knowing it will make you want to put it into practice. Besides being effective, it keeps some fun too. Have you already put it into practice? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments. See you on the next blog!


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