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korean fashion trends - skin tones and korean fashion

Colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion. When we choose an outfit, we consider from the clothes to the accessories that we want to use. However, something that we often forget is the color of the clothes. We don’t think if the colors fit our skin tone. Why do we have to think about the color of clothes according to our skin tone? Because before buying a new wardrobe for special occasions, it is better to know how to choose colors that flatter your skin tone. When you choose the wrong color, your skin can look dull. But the right colors for your skin tone can make you look perfect. Today we will talk about colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion. This article will help you determine your skin tone and how to choose clothes that will make your complexion look radiant. If you are interested, stay with us and continue reading!


How to determine your skin tone?


To talk about colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion, you need to learn how to determine your skin type. Many times, it is not about being white or brown, nothing more. In many cases, it is much more complicated than that. However, although individual coloring encompasses a wide range of tones, there are only two skin tones: warm and cool. Warm complexions have yellow undertones. And cool complexions have rosy undertones. Although your skin may become lighter or darker, depending on how tan you are, your skin tone will remain consistent. One method of determining your skin tone is the white paper test.


Why is this technique recommended? Because the skin on your face often has reddish tones that might lead you to believe you’re cool-toned, but redness can come from hormones if you’re a woman or from sun exposure. It is best to use the skin on your neck and chest in the paper test, not on your face. How to achieve this technique? First, hold up a clean piece of white paper up to your neck and chest. Second, see what colors jump out when you juxtapose the white paper against your skin. Third, keep in mind that the colors blue and pink mean that you have a cool skin tone. Green and gold colors mean that you have a warm skin tone. Finally, we should mention that the coloration for neutrals could fluctuate depending on the time of year and sun exposure.


What colors go best with what skin tones?


When talking about colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion, we have to see which colors fit better with certain skin types. However, some colors look good on everyone, so people of all different skin tones should try incorporating bright red, pale pink, deep purple, and teal into their outfits. Also, keep in mind that not all of your clothes have to match your skin tone perfectly, as then you will be wearing the same handful of colors. However, you have to keep a choice of colors that work well with your complexion.


You can also use other colors, either as a test or to shake up your routine, so your clothes don’t start to look monotonous. There are specific tones that you can use according to the seasons. In summer, wear lilac and pale blue clothes—also, pastel and neutral tones with pink undertones. Subdued colors will work better than vibrant ones. During the winter, wear clothes with blue or pink undertones or bright colors like white, black, and navy blue. In spring, wear clothes with shades of yellow and orange like peach, ocher, and coral. And finally, in the fall, wear warm, rich colors like brown, caramel, beige, tomato red, and green.


4 outfits that you can recreate according to your skin tone


After knowing the colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion and determining your skin tone, we can review four outfits that you can recreate according to your skin tone!




This outfit for people with cold skin is perfect among the colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion. In Korean fashion, pastel colors are popular. For that reason, a look where these colors stand out will always be a good choice. Purple, pink, and green are good options for people with cool skin. For that reason, to achieve a nice and suitable outfit for day-to-day, you can combine mom, baggy or wide-leg jeans with a top and a pink, purple or true cardigan. It can even be blue. Add a bag! It can be a crossbody bag. The color should be neutral, so you achieve harmony between the garments and the accessories. Finally, wear some sneakers and a bucket hat or the hat of your choice.




Another combination of colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion is an elegant look for people with cool skin. Whether for a cocktail, a night out, or a brunch, you can try wearing a dress in gray or red. These colors are perfect for cold skin. You can add the complements that you want. If you want to wear heels or comfortable shoes, try to make them in neutral colors. Instead of a dress, you can wear some white palazzos with a shirt with puffed sleeves in the colors we mentioned before. Either of the two combinations will be a hit.




Among the colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion, a combination for warm skin includes neutral colors. Such as beige and brown, but also orange and coral. A casual and comfortable look, but at the same time, fashionistas can be a jean with a hoodie and some sneakers that let you show off your legs. However, if you prefer a dress, you can try wearing a white shirt and over it a dress of the cut of your preference but in one of the colors that we mentioned before. Of course, you can also add the accessories that you consider the best to elevate this outfit.




And to close this list of colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion, we have an elegant combination for warm skin. In general, the coral color brings a very calm and elegant appearance. It is a very feminine and cute color. For any event where you want to highlight those qualities, you can choose to wear a coral-colored outfit. You can wear a dress or a jumpsuit. Or you can wear black jeans with a white blouse and a coral blazer. Mix it with heels or heeled boots. You choose according to your preferences and the occasion.


Knowing the colors, skin tones, and Korean fashion will help you think better about your outfits when choosing them. It is important to determine what your skin tone is. That way, you can create looks with colors that flatter you. First, you must know your skin tone and then check which ones fit you best and the outfits you can recreate. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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