5 secrets of Korean street style

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 secrets of Korean street style

5 secrets of Korean street style. We all know that Korean society still has a lot of prejudices, especially when it comes to clothing. For this reason, the new generation rebelled against the restrictions. Young Koreans are taking the streets with their extreme and unique looks. Thanks to that, any designer or fashion lover can take inspiration anywhere in Seoul’s streets. Why? Becausee of the refreshing contribution of a youth that is obsessed with style, looking good, and taking their outfits to another level. As streetwear declines in other cities, the public phenomenon of viewing fashion as a spectacle continues to expand in Seoul. That’s thanks to a new generation of young people who are discovering freedom. If you want to know more about Korean urban fashion, stay with us. Because, we will tell you the 5 secrets of Korean street style. Are you ready? Here we go!


What is Korean street style?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean street styleStreet style refers to street clothes, a way of dressing in a casual, comfortable, and versatile style. The street style is the youngest today, with thousands of people following this trend.


This Korean style is characterized by garments that you can wear daily and that are very versatile since you can use them to go to class, to go to the supermarket,  or even to go out to a party.


Due to its informality, it was not very common to see the street style on catwalks or red carpets. But, in recent years, this way of dressing has reached the masses, and many celebrities bet on street style when it comes to putting together an outfit, as well. We must bear in mind that casual or informal doesn’t mean carelessness.


What is Korean street style called?


Korean Fashion Trends - South Korean Street Fashion HongdaeKorean street style is called South Korean Street Fashion Hongdae. It is the most common fashion style in Korea.


Its name is because it is associated with the streets of Hongdae.


However, it is not limited to just that area in the city. Korean street fashion is all over Korea, especially in Seoul.


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What garments characterize the Korean street style?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean urban styleBefore knowing the secrets of Korean street style, we are going to define the garments that characterize the Korean urban style.


The garments that characterize this street style are mainly comfortable and oversized clothing, such as sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, etc.


The street style is the one that characterizes the garments with hoodies, tees, crewnecks, polo shirts, and half zip, of various models.


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What are the five secrets of Korean street style?


The new generation is embracing a new creativity thanks to a shift in gender norms and a more open discourse of self-expression. The motivation to get dressed is about more than just making a statement: it’s also about freedom. So maybe, that is one of the main secrets of this popular style in Seoul. Next, we will present the secrets of Korean street style. Which includes elements that most characterize this style of clothing. Let’s see!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean people with hip-hop clothing and elementsOne of the secrets of the Korean street style is hip-hop clothing and elements. This style fills the streets of Itaewon, Seoul’s bustling international district that adjoins Yongsan Garrison, a US military base.


The presence of American tourists and military members has brought an influx of new cultural signs. Thanks to that, you see excessively baggy jumpers, bombers full of patches, and jackets combined with torn jeans and Timberlands on the streets.


Others keep the look completely ’90s-inspired, wearing XL sweatshirts under puffy overalls and sneakers. Do you need clothes of this style to start wearing a Korean street style? Buy here!




Korean Fashion Trends - punk rock style - BLACKPINK LisaThe punk rock style is also part of the secrets of Korean street style.


Sturdy boots and leather jackets characterize the Korean punk scene on the streets. Plaids pop on red miniskirts or tied around the waist over black jeans and creepers.


Dark make-up, piercings, and chains end up deviating towards the gothic, while the presence of skulls and crossbones stands out in the clothes and accessories without irony.


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Korean Fashion Trends - genderless fashionChanging accepted gender norms have made it easier for individualized styles to be encouraged. Genderless is one of the secrets of the Korean street style. Korean women now embrace shaved heads and bobs while being influenced by genderless clothes by sporting oversized sweatshirts, baseball caps, and baggy, aggressive silhouettes.


Hoodies are more likely to be worn by girls these days, while Korean men are also experimenting with more androgynous ways of dressing, opting for long, wrap-around jackets and whimsical prints with a boyish feel.


Some Korean men also change their hairstyles and hair color every few months or wear crop tops and skirts. Buy the clothes you need to achieve a genderless style here.




Korean Fashion Trends - hyper-sexed clothes in street styleAlthough Korean society repels some clothes for revealing too much skin, there is also a trend of wearing hyper-sexed clothes in street style.


For this reason, these clothes are part of the secrets of Korean street style. And while hip-hop fans wear Yeezy-style oversize sweatshirts and retro-inspired slogan T-shirts, some young Koreans wear high heels, thigh-high boots, and leather chokers.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Fashion Trends - excessive logomania in clothesAnd finally, the excess of logomania is also a part of the secrets of Korean street style. Those who have the possibility demonstrate their richness by superimposing the logo on the logo, with complete looks from Chanel, Kenzo, Moschino, and other fashion houses, especially European ones.


It is the first generation of young people who have grown up expressing themselves through consumption, which also influences the excess of logomania.


Young Koreans are super consumers, and fashion is something they have latched on to, so now it’s all about ‘How can I stand out?” For this exact reason, logomania is a first choice in street style for those who can afford it.


Knowing the secrets of Korean street style is essential if you want to wear this style, and especially if you want to stand out in it. Add baggy pieces, hip hop, and punk-style clothes, among other clothes, styles, and elements, and you will see how you can easily achieve a Korean street style. Are you already subscribed to our newsletter? If not, then make sure to subscribe now! That way, you can stay connected with all our updates and discounts on Korean fashion. See you soon!


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