Top 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry


Top 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry. Sometimes, we feel on those blue days. So, we don’t have the best mood of all. That’s normal. Don’t blame yourself for it. We all have the right to feel sad sometimes. The important thing is to know how to drain that feeling. In that way, we can feel a little better. Many decide to do it crying. If you are one of those people, maybe you would like to do it by watching the saddest K-Dramas of all. Koreans are experts in creating romantic plots where sadness also has a significant part in the story. Many have endings that make up for all the tears shed, but others have tragic endings that will make you cry even until the last minute. If you want to know which K-Dramas will make you cry the most. Stay with us because today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we have the top 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry. Are you ready? Keep reading!


What are the saddest K-Dramas?


If it is among your plans to start watching some of these 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry, we recommend that you get your tissues at once because you will not stop crying from the first chapter. Do you want to know which are the saddest dramas? Keep scrolling down!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-MOON-LOVERS-SCARLET-HEART-RYEOTo kick off this list of the saddest K-Dramas to cry, we have Moon lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It is a historical drama full of fantasy and lots of romance.


This K-Drama tells us the story of Wang So, the fourth heir to Emperor Taejo. After the emperor’s death, Wang So engages in a battle with the other princes for the crown.


On the other hand, we have Go Ha Jin. She is a girl who is transported to the Goryeo era during an unexpected solar eclipse. There, she is known as Hae Soo. Her peculiar personality ends up involving her with the heirs to the throne.


It is a drama with twenty chapters in which the first half will make you laugh and fall in love with the characters. The second half is where you will not stop shedding tears in each episode. Thanks to its story, its leads (IU and Lee Jong Gi), and such a heartbreaking ending, it was a popular drama.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-HI,-BYE-MAMASecond place on this list of saddest K-Dramas to cry goes to Hi, Bye Mama. It is a drama that premiered recently, in 2020.


It tells us the story of Cha Yoo Ri, a young mother who lost her life due to an accident after giving birth to her baby. Her spirit remains by her daughter’s side as she passed away.


However, her greater strength puts her to the test by bringing her back to life for 49 days. During that time, she has to find her place in the world again, but maybe that place is impossible to recover because someone else already occupies it.


It is a drama that will bring you more than one tear from beginning to end. The story and the characters convey the process of losing a loved one. It’s one of those dramas that no matter how sad they are, you could watch over and over again because, after all, the story is beautiful.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-I_M-SORRY,-I-LOVE-YOUThird place among the saddest K-Dramas to cry goes to I’m Sorry, I Love You. It is a drama starring So Ji Sub and actress Im Soo Jung.


The opening introduction to the story is already depressing enough, as we learn that Cha Moo Hyuk (So Ji Sub) was abandoned at birth. Also, he was adopted but was abused and forced to wander the streets.


Later, we know the heroine Song Eun Chae (Im Soo Jung). She becomes the person who pits Moo Hyuk against a struggle between love for family and love for Eun Chae.


That continues to drive the story forward while breaking our hearts. Don’t waste time and start watching it now if you want to know more about this K-Drama.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-STAIRWAY-TO-HEAVENWhen we talk about the saddest K-Dramas to cry, it’s impossible not to mention Stairway to heaven. It is a classic of classics that premiered in 2003.


It tells the story of Han Jung Suh (Choi Ji Woo) and Chan Song Joo (Kwon Sang Woo). They are childhood friends. They came together because they both lost a loved one.


After a few years and with the arrival of an evil stepmother, love relationships begin to entangle and are filled with jealousy, memory loss, and deadly disease. When things are finally falling into place, they turn everything against them.


However, the masochistic hearts of those who watch the K-Drama can’t stop watching it in the hope of a happy ending. We don’t want to spoil you for that, so you better watch the drama right now. 




Korean-Fashion-Trends-UNCONTROLLABLY-FONDWe are already halfway through this top 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry. Fifth place goes to Uncontrollably Fond.


This drama is about the story of Shin Joon Young and No Eul. They were inseparable and were very much in love in their teens. But unavoidable circumstances separate them.


However, as adults, they meet again. He is a successful superstar, and she is a documentary show producer. The drama depicts a dramatic and daring love story between the two.


Will it have a happy ending? We can’t tell you, but we assure you that the story is moving to tears.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-THE-SMILE-HAS-LEFT-YOUR-EYESThe Smile That Has Left Your Eyes is the sixth drama in this list of saddest K-Dramas to cry.


It tells the story of Kim Moo Young. He is a Korean brewery attendant.


However, he later becomes a suspect when a student’s suicide turns out to be murder. The matter draws the attention of Detective Yoo Jin Gook. As the detective gets deeper into the case, Moo-Young becomes more suspicious. Kim Moo Young’s life begins to change when he meets the detective’s sister, a kind and warm advertising designer, Yoo Jin Kana.


She has as many emotional scars as he does. As Yoo Jin Gook tries to reveal the truth behind the case, she wants to keep her sister away from Moo Young. Do Moo Young and Jin Kana finally get together? You can find out the answer by watching the K-Drama right now. Don’t waste any more time!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-49-DAYS - saddest K-Dramas to cryIt would be a sin to forget this drama among the saddest K-Dramas to cry. 49 Days tells the story of Shin Ji Hyun, a young woman who lived in absolute happiness as she was about to get engaged.


However, a car accident leaves her in a coma. She receives a chance to live only if, in 49 days, she finds three people outside of her family who cry true tears for her.


Yes, we already saw the plot of 49 days in Hi, Bye Mama, but 49 Days is already several years old. Both stories are battles against time where these souls try to return to life clinging to hope.


What will be the outcome of 49 Days? Find out by watching the drama now.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-HYMN-OF-DEATH - saddest K-Dramas to cryThe next drama on this list of saddest K-Dramas to cry is Hymn of Death. It tells the story of Kim Woo Jin.


He is a playwright at the time when Korea is under Japanese occupation.


He is married but falls in love with Yun Sim Deok. Yun Sim Deok is the first Korean soprano.


She records the song Praise of Death which becomes the first Korean pop song in 1926.


Kim Woo Jin and Yun Sim Deok’s fate ends tragically, but the path that led them there is worth walking with them.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-FATED-TO-LOVE-YOU - saddest K-Dramas to cryFated To Love You is the penultimate drama in this list of saddest K-Dramas to cry.


The story is about Lee Gun. He is the president of a major company, while Mi Young is a secretary who cannot refuse the tasks given to her daily.


They lose consciousness and have a one-night stand on a night of fun. Now that Mi Young is pregnant, her family will do anything to keep them together.


But do they want to be together or not? Will their wishes come true? Tears will accompany you while you discover the answer to your doubts.


30 BUT 17


Korean-Fashion-Trends-30-BUT-17 - saddest K-Dramas to cryAnd to end this list of saddest K-Dramas to cry is 30 but 17.


The drama tells the story of a talented young violinist. She suffers an accident that leaves her in a coma.


She wakes up thirteen years later and still maintains the personality of a 17-year-old girl, but she is 30 years old.


Fortunately, she will have the help of a guy to readjust to her new life.


The process is full of complications, but accompanying her during her story is worth it.


The saddest K-Dramas to cry will make you cry everything you haven’t cried until now. While it is true that Korean stories can make you laugh or make you feel happy with their romantic stories, they can also easily break your heart with these stories full of tragic romances. Have you seen some of these dramas? What is your favorite? We are interested in knowing your opinions. See you soon!

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