6 rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style

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Although they say that you should only wear what suits you in fashion, there are some rules you can follow to transform your closet completely and become a queen of street style. If you want to elevate your outfits and enrich your style, adapt Korean fashion to your clothes. The result will not only surprise you. It will also help you look on point. Also, if you are a K-Pop and K-Dramas fan, you must accept that you have wanted to wear the clothes worn by your favorite Korean celebrities. The good news is that you can do it if you pay attention to these 6 rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style. In this way, you will get a Korean fashion style with ease and without investing too much. Remember that everything is in having the basic pieces and having the necessary accessories to elevate your looks. Keep reading! And don’t miss these 6 rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style!


6 rules you have to follow if you want to have a Korean fashion style


With these 6 rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style, you can transform your closet into one of Korean fashion. You no longer have to wish for a style like the Koreans because you can have it if you consider these rules. They will help you achieve the looks of your dreams. Are you ready? Let’s get started!




When we talk about the rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style, the colors need to be an important rule. Korean culture is known for its vibrant and bold colors. But when it comes to clothing, many women resort to neutral and pastel tones. These Pantones are the difference between having a grotesque look and a sophisticated one. Dare to combine them with skirts, blouses, pants, and jackets. Neutral colors like white, beige, and black, and pastel colors like pink, blue and yellow, are a complete hit in Korean fashion. Try that your closet does not lack garments, accessories, and shoes in these colors. In this way, you can count on a repertoire of possibilities.




The second of these rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style is about patterns. If you still don’t know the trending prints this spring 2022, click here. However, in general, prints are a good bet in K-Fashion. In addition, prints have become a basic in any wardrobe, as they are so versatile that you can wear them with all your clothes. However, they can sometimes make you look exaggerated. Small and subtle prints will be key to achieving a 100% Asian look. It is best to incorporate small squares, circles, stripes, and floral prints. Make sure your garments are balanced in both size and color. And be careful when you want to combine them with other colors. It’s usually hard to mess it up if you don’t know how to mix it with the right solid colors. For example, floral prints always fit better with pastel colors.




If you consider getting rid of your dresses to have a closet with Korean-style looks, we warn you that it is a terrible decision. For that reason, the dresses are part of these rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style. Maxi and midi dresses remain at the forefront of trends, especially in Korea and Japan. They are pieces that give a romantic but chic touch to any look, especially those with several layers. These dresses look great with any figure, as they lengthen it. In addition, they are so combinable that you can wear them with basic t-shirts underneath or mini cardigans on top. You can accompany the dress looks with sneakers, boots, and heels according to your preferences and the occasion. Dresses are pieces to achieve a perfect Korean style.




The fourth of these rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style is about A-cuts. Princess or ‘A’ cuts are flattering for all body types since they define the waist. In addition to being a success in stylizing the figure, it is the favorite design among Korean fashionistas to create formal and elegant looks without being boring. Take advantage of the fact that you can find this type of cut in skirts, tops, and dresses. They are perfect for elegant or casual events. In addition, they are garments with a feminine and chic appearance that provides a unique and beautiful touch to any outfit.




In the beginning, we said that accessories are just as important as clothes when it comes to Korean fashion. For that reason, accessories are part of these rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style. Asian women fully understand the phrase less is more and reflect it in their day-to-day clothing. Accessories are essential to elevating any look, but it is necessary to select the right ones. You can go for a beret, some bow headbands, statement earrings, or decorated tights. Also, bucket hats and caps are some of the favorites in K-Fashion. But make sure the designs match the color palette of your outfit. Also, you don’t have to wear all these accessories in the same look, because you could look exaggerated. Some accessories fit better with some outfits, and others don’t. You must make sure which ones fit best with your outfit on duty.




And to finish this list of rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style, it is necessary to mention the star garment of Korean fashion: the blazer. Blazers have become a statement piece in any Korean-style look because with this garment, you can create an elegant and sophisticated outfit without much effort. In addition to that feature, it stands out because it is versatile. You can wear it in a tailored suit, with dresses and skirts. And even with biker shorts. If you want to look much more sophisticated, opt for neutral tones such as white, black, and gray to combine them with pastel colors. You can also wear oversize blazers, because as you know, K-Fashion bets a lot on oversized clothes. If we include one more rule, it would be that: say yes to oversize garments. Oversized blazers bring a look that is both sophisticated and relaxed at the same time. Also, when they are oversize blazers, it is possible to achieve a look where the blazer has the appearance of a dress, and that is a complete success of Korean fashion.


You need to know the 6 rules that guarantee an authentic Korean style if you want to achieve a perfect Korean fashion style. They can look like clothes or accessories that could go unnoticed. However, in reality, they are key and basic pieces if you want to achieve the Korean look of your dreams. If you do not have some of these items, it is best to try to get them. That way, you can achieve a Korean style in no time. See you in the next blog!

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