Rowoon Parts Ways With SF9: The Artist’s Sudden Departure from the K-Pop Group!

Korean Fashion Trends - Rowoon Parts Ways With SF9: The Artist’s Sudden Departure from the K-Pop Group!

If you’re a fan of Rowoon, the Korean idol and actor, you’ve likely appreciated his talent not only as a K-pop idol but also in the various K-dramas he’s featured in. However, it’s now time to exclusively support him as an actor, as Rowoon departs from SF9 and says goodbye to the K-Pop group! Continue to stay on Korean Fashion Trends to find out the details of the news that has shocked the group’s fans! Let’s dive in!


Rowoon Halts His Group Activities With SF9


Korean Fashion Trends - Rowoon Parts Ways With SF9Rowoon parts ways with SF9! On September 18, FNC Entertainment announced that Rowoon would no longer be a part of SF9.


Through the fan cafe, the agency announced that SF9 is once again moving forward, but this time with only 8 members as Rowoon is leaving the group to focus on acting and his personal activities under FNC. FNC asked for support for the artist in his upcoming activities.


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Rowoon’s Letter to His Fans


Rowoon parts ways with SF9! After FNC published the announcement confirming that Rowoon was leaving SF9, a K-Pop group to which he belonged for seven years, the artist published a letter expressing his feelings about leaving the group. And he also apologized to his fans. Rowoon said:


“Hello, this is Rowoon.

I think I thought a lot about what words to start with.

It honestly also feels a bit scary to write for the first time in so long.

I think I’ve become slightly more familiar with being more strict on myself while taking on scheduled activities and taking on new challenges.

There was also frustration in not being able to solve big or small misunderstandings one by one, and while thinking that one day my sincerity would be delivered, the days passed by while I focused on the work I immediately needed to do.

Of course, I understand that I may receive as much hate as I’ve received interest and support, but I guess I’m a little soft.

Depending on the occasion, you need to have courage to face and deny a misunderstanding when it arises, but the past few days I was always busy hiding. I sincerely apologize if there are fans who were hurt and felt upset at my complacent attitude.

If you felt unfamiliarity with how I changed, you must have also definitely felt upset that I hid away. I sincerely apologize.

I participated in scheduled activities with a grateful heart for each and every precious memory during the past seven years.

I’m only filled with gratitude as I’m writing [this letter] while looking back on my life. This is also thanks to everyone.

This year, I am 27, and I want to take on a new challenge.

I really didn’t know at all how to say this or where and how I should start speaking, but I want to take the courage to convey that I want to take on a new challenge.

Please keep watch over me so that 27-year-old Kim Seok Woo (Rowoon’s real name) can live a life that he can be responsible for.

I will be exactly the way everyone remembers me.

I am grateful to everyone.

I would be grateful if you keep watch over me with affection.”


What Do Fans Think of Rowoon’s Departure From SF9?


Korean Fashion Trends - Actor and K-idolRowoon parts ways with SF9! Since his debut as an idol, Rowoon has also been active in the Korean entertainment industry as an actor. Of course, after the announcement, many fans showed support for the artist. But others openly expressed their discontent. Some stated that Rowoon didn’t actively participate in the group’s activities. Fans also expressed displeasure about how he did not communicate with fans. After these comments, Rowoon apologized to everyone through his letter.


Rowoon Parts Ways With SF9! While the news surprised all SF9 fans and garnered disagreement from many, others have expressed their support for his decision and chosen to accompany him in this new phase of his career.


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