Hit K-Drama ”King the Land”: How to Recreate YoonA’s Effortless Style?

Korean Fashion Trends - Hit K-drama ''King The Land'': How to Recreate YoonA's Effortless Style?

Among the second gen K-idols, YoonA is one idol we just can not get over. Her natural beauty, kind personality, and great style are among many things that we love about her as an idol. We all can agree that she has rightfully earned the popularity she attained. She successfully forged a strong reputation for herself in the industry. Her recent k-drama, “King the Land,” captured the attention of K-drama enthusiasts, both within Korea and across international borders. So, let’s dive into YoonA’s elegant style that she portrays in her character, Cheon Sarang! Keep up with Korean Fashion trends, keep reading, and discover how to recreate YoonA’s effortless style.


What Is the K-Drama King the Land About?


Korean Fashion Trends - Recreate YoonA's effortless style - King the land“King The Land” features beloved Girls Generation member Lim YoonA and 2PM’s Junho as its main cast. YoonA’s character is a dedicated hotel concierge who takes immense pleasure in her job, excelling as the top employee. Junho portrays Gu Won, a romantically inclined individual who happens to be the CEO’s son.


The drama “King the Land” has garnered exceptional attention from the public. It embodies a timeless narrative of the relationship between a wealthy man and a hardworking woman. As the protagonists develop a captivating attraction, tensions arise due to the struggle for control over the King’s Hotel, leading to conflicts among the heirs of the conglomerate. Thanks to this enthralling and dynamic love story, “King The Land” stands out as one of the best romantic K-dramas of the season.


What Is YoonA’s Character Like in ‘’King the Land?’’


Korean Fashion Trends - Recreate YoonA's effortless style - YoonABut, before delving into how to recreate YoonA’s effortless style, let’s talk a little about what YoonA’s character is like in King the Land. Yoona portrays Cheon Sarang, a sweet young woman who always dreamed of working at the King’s Hotel. And through her dedicated endeavors, she not only fulfills her dream but also attains remarkable success.


She is an outgoing young woman with a contagious personality and smile. However, that is not the only thing that draws the character’s attention, since working in a luxury hotel, her style is worth admiring. If you like feminine outfits with sophisticated touches, then the Cheon Sarang style will be the perfect fashion choice. Still don’t know where to shop for Korean-style clothes? Click here and shop for Korean fashion and beauty at the best prices!


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What Is YoonA’s Style Like in ‘’King the Land?’’


Korean Fashion Trends - Recreate YoonA's effortless style - YoonABefore we unveil how to recreate YoonA’s effortless style, let’s talk more about YoonA’s style choices in King The Land. As the K-drama continues to thrill viewers with each new episode, Cheon Sarang’s looks are also a visual delight for fashionistas.


So far, the character played by YoonA has dressed in quiet luxury style outfits, where luxury and elegance are key.  A prime example includes her donning a refined ensemble consisting of a white Dior jacket matched with a pleated skirt in the same hue. Moreover, she effortlessly embodies a cute and gentle aesthetic by combining a silk blouse with pink pants, complemented by a stylish Celine bag. Her refined and sophisticated style is an impeccable fit for her role in a high-end hotel setting.

How to Copy YoonA’s Character’s Style Head to Toe?


Korean Fashion Trends - Recreate YoonA's effortless style - Korean woman wearing flower printed dressHow to recreate YoonA’s effortless style? Next, we will finally get to tell you how to achieve YoonA ’s style from her starring role as Cheon Sarang.


Take note of each of the following garments because they will be key when recreating the style of Cheon Sarang!




Floral prints can be an excellent option when you know how to wear them. You can combine them with garments in neutral tones, and they will create a perfect look. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Recreate YoonA's effortless style - Korean woman wearing blouse with skinny jeansWho said that skinny jeans are not a good option? YoonA, as Cheon Sarang, proves that it is! Especially when you combine them with baggy clothes, such as oversized shirts or shirts with puffed sleeves. Shop here!




If you want to recreate YoonA’s effortless style, you must aim for a simple and feminine style. Neutral and pastel colors (and suit sets and silk garments) are a perfect style option.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing wide leg pantsThe key to recreating YoonA’s effortless style is to add wide-leg pants of different colors to your closet. They are cute, feminine and can be good allies in casual and elegant looks. Shop here!




Another perfect fashion choice to recreate YoonA’s effortless style is to wear maxi skirts with slits and pastel toned shirts. That way, you can also show off a very chic look. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean mini bagsWhen it comes to recreating YoonA’s effortless style, clothes alone aren’t enough. Accessories count too! Therefore, add mini bags to perfect each of your looks. Shop here!




You couldn’t wear a timeless style, and you couldn’t recreate YoonA’s effortless style without knitwear sets. They are safe options for when you feel like you have nothing to wear. In addition, they always provide a sophisticated touch.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean pumpsAs well as the knitwear set, classic pumps are essential to recreate YoonA’s effortless style. Especially if, like Cheon Sarang, you also work in a luxurious environment.




So far, Cheon Sarang’s style has also revealed more relaxed and comfortable moments. Therefore, when it comes to more casual looks, you could wear striped jumpers. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean claw clipsWe already said that if you want to recreate YoonA’s effortless style, accessories cannot be missing. The best options will be claw clips if you want to put your hair up just like her. Shop here!




Another garment you should have in your closet if you want to recreate YoonA’s effortless style is the buttoned-up long sleeves. They add a sophisticated look to any timeless and classic look. Shop here!


Are Bright Colors the Hits of the Summer 2023 Season?

And finally, if you want to recreate YoonA’s effortless style, your closet shouldn’t lack clothes in pink, orange, yellow, and white, since they are Cheon Sarang’s favorites in King The Land.


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing long sleeves blouseHow to recreate YoonA’s effortless style? King The Land is the romance K-drama of the moment. However, YoonA playing Cheon Sarang has captivated all viewers, not only because of her character’s personality, but also because of her clean and classic style of dressing. Also, it’s an easy style to pull off, so you don’t need to work as hard to achieve it.


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