Embark on a Style Adventure With Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun

Korean Fashion Trends - Style Adventure With Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun

If you’re seeking style inspiration for the Fall/Winter season that seamlessly fuses streetwear and high fashion, look no further than NCT’s very own Jaehyun, who shines as Prada’s Brand Ambassador. And today, at Korean Fashion Trends, let’s Embark on a Style Adventure With Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun! Here we go!


A Close Up to the Luxury Brand Prada


Korean Fashion Trends - Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun - Jaehyun NctBig fashion brands successfully positioned themselves in South Korea thanks to the popularity of haute couture brands in the country. But also, because of the K-pop idols who serve as ambassadors. In this way, high couture brands acquire more recognition in all places. So, we are going to take a closer look at this renowned haute couture brand before diving into Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun and the style of this young K-pop star. The Prada brand was founded in Milan in 1913, and is the result of the work of Mario Prada. During that time, with his expert craftsmanship and his excellent finishing touches, Mario Prada positioned the brand as the official supplier of the Italian Royal Family. At first, the company manufactured and sold trunks, bags, suitcases, and shoes. However, Prada has expanded its market and now produces clothing, bags, footwear, fragrances, sunglasses, and accessories, among other products, for both women and men. Every year, Prada proves that innovation is not a problem for them. And seeing Jaehyun being a part of Prada shows that the brand aims for success with every decision it makes!


Why the Italian Fashion Powerhouse Prada Chose Jaehyun?


Korean Fashion Trends - Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun - Jaehyun NctJaehyun’s partnership with Prada is undeniably robust and unwavering, and it owes much of its strength to Jaehyun’s strong passion for fashion. And this was evident to Prada when Jaehyun sent the fashion world in a complete frenzy with his all-Prada look in 2021, during Milan Fashion Week.


For Prada, this presented a unique opportunity to meld Jaehyun’s opulent idol persona with Prada’s iconic fashion lines.


The result was a harmonious fusion that turned heads and set a new standard in the world of fashion. Following that pivotal moment, NCT’s Jaehyun graced the pages of magazines like GQ and Vogue Korea, in addition to becoming the face of Prada’s 2022 Menswear campaigns.


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What Are NCT Jaehyun’s Style Essentials For a Prada-Inspired Look?


Let’s continue on our path to learn everything about NCT Jaehyun Style! We’re already getting a little closer to the brand and the reason why Jaehyun is the perfect ambassador for Prada. Now, it’s time to get to know the clothes that are part of Jaehyun’s closet as an ambassador of this haute couture brand. In reality, they are also garments that perfectly define his unique and sophisticated style. Keep reading and learn about NCT’s Jaehyun’s Prada wardrobe essentials!


Suede Coats


Korean Fashion Trends - Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun - Korean woman wearing a suede coatConsider suede coats to add a touch of sophistication to your outfits like NCT Jaehyun. Because the smooth texture and rich hues of suede coats elevate even the simplest of ensembles. Shop here.


Tank Tops


Basic yet versatile, tank tops are a staple in Jaehyun’s wardrobe. And they serve as the foundation for many of his layered looks. Also, they effortlessly transition his outfits from casual to chic. Simply shop here!


Leather Details and Jackets


Korean Fashion Trends - Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun - Korean man wearing a leather jacketLeather exudes an edgy vibe that Jaehyun often incorporates into his outfits. Leather jackets, in particular, add an element of rebellion which fits with his Prada image. Hurry up and shop here!


Denim on Denim


Jaehyun showcases the timeless charm of denim on denim. Whether it’s a classic blue jean jacket paired with jeans, or a denim shirt under a denim jacket, this bold style choice is at the forefront for Jaehyun. And let’s be honest, for the fashion world. Shop here now!


Oversized Hoodies


Korean Fashion Trends - Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun - Korean woman wearing an oversized hoodieOversized hoodies have become a signature item in Jaehyun’s wardrobe. They provide a comfortable and relaxed look, perfect for a casual, comfy day out. Also, oversized hoodies are a must have in Korean fashion no matter the season. Shop here!


Bandanas and Caps


Accessories play a crucial role in Jaehyun’s style. He often sports bandanas and caps to complete his street-wear looks. Shop here now!


Statement Jewelry


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a necklace Jaehyun isn’t afraid to experiment with accessories. He loves thick chainlinks, big pendants in silver, and big, bold rings that create a focal point. Shop by clicking here!


Baggy Jeans with Unique Details


Jaehyun’s choice of baggy jeans goes beyond the ordinary. Look out for unique details like frayed hems and double layers, which add an unconventional twist to this classic piece. Shop here!


Shirts with Unique Prints


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a printed shirtTo infuse summery vibes into his outfits, Jaehyun often dons shirts with unique prints. These shirts radiate a carefree spirit that can be perfect for a casual day under the sun. However, Jaehyun also layers his funky shirts with tank tops, and cardigans. Also, he often pairs them with baggy jeans. Shop here!




For footwear, Jaehyun frequently opts for sandals. They’re not only comfortable but also align with the relaxed and laid-back aspect of his style. Shop here now!


Crossbody Bags


Crossbody bags are a practical choice for anyone on the go. Jaehyun uses them to complete his chic looks while maintaining functionality. Shop here!


What Are NCT Jaehyun’s Favorite Brands?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean man wearing BennieIn addition to his all-out Prada ensembles and his solid relationship with Prada that grows day by day, Jaehyun also frequently delves into fashion experimentation.


If you’ve been keeping a close eye on NCT’s Jaehyun, you would quickly realize that his fashion sense is as eclectic as it is remarkable. Jaehyun’s style is a reflection of his dynamic personality.


And he has a knack for bold fashion choices. Among his many fashion exploits, there are a few brands that are his personal favorites. So, let’s explore which brands Jaehyun loves the most:




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean man wearing a crossbodyThe French brand Jacquemus has a special place in Jaehyun’s fashion repertoire. Known for its understated yet bold designs, Jacquemus adds a touch of French elegance to Jaehyun’s wardrobe. Whether it’s a finely tailored blazer or a minimalist shirt, this brand complements his style seamlessly.


Chrome Hearts


Chrome Hearts is another favorite of Jaehyun. The brand’s jewelry and apparel give an unapologetic edge to his outfits. And their signature silver accessories often feature prominently in his looks. If you are wondering which K-Pop idols love to rock Chrome Hearts like Jaehyun, click here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean man wearing jacketTo add a vintage charm to his outfits, Jaehyun incorporates Bode to his wardrobe. The brand is known for its nostalgic and artistic pieces, often showcasing unique patterns and textures. So, when Jaehyun wants to add a whimsical and nostalgic element to his outfit, Bode is his go-to choice.




No wardrobe is complete without a pair of classic Levi’s. And Jaehyun is well aware. Levi’s offers timeless denim pieces that effortlessly integrate into his style. From relaxed-fit jeans to vintage-inspired jackets, this brand plays a pivotal role in his everyday look.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean man wearing a capJaehyun is also drawn to the avant-garde and innovative designs of Y/Project. Their unconventional silhouettes and creative layering options align perfectly with his desire to stand out. It’s no wonder that Y/Project’s pieces often find their way into his wardrobe.


Acne Studios


Acne Studios’ minimalist approach to fashion resonates with Jaehyun’s style sensibilities. The brand’s clean lines, quality materials, and understated designs create a balance in his wardrobe. And this allows him to experiment with different looks while maintaining his signature essence in fashion.


3 Outfits Inspired By NCT Jaehyun’s Prada Style


What do you think so far of Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun and his iconic style? You probably enjoy his classic and sophisticated touches, but we also know that you might like to recreate his style to enhance yours. It’s a completely right decision! So, after knowing the essentials of Jaehyun’s closet, it’s time to discover three outfits that you can recreate to achieve NCT Jaehyun’s Prada Style. Let’s take a look:




Korean Fashion Trends - NCT jeahyunLet’s start this small list of outfits inspired by NCT Jaehyun’s Prada Style with a combination that is as elegant as it is stunning! Also, this is a look that both men and women can wear.


Combine a white T-shirt with black pleated pants. On top, add an electric green blazer.


And pair with a black crossbody bag. Even if it’s not Prada clothing, you can click here to buy Korean fashion alternatives to recreate this look!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean man wearing a crossbodyAnother sophisticated look inspired by NCT Jaehyun’s Prada Style combines a set of pants with a navy blue blazer. Also, if you consider adding a turtleneck shirt combined with  a black and white checkered shirt, this will be a winning look. Pair it with black loafers, and that’s it! You have an outfit inspired by Jaehyun’s Prada style! Shop here.




Unlike the other options, this option is casual and ideal for a Korean-style airport look. If you want to recreate NCT Jaehyun’s Prada Style, it’s relevant that you also have a more casual option. So, combine parachute pants with a black long-sleeve sweatshirt. And pair with a black beanie and black sneakers. Shop here!


Korean Fashion Trends - Jaehyun from NctDelving into Prada’s Brand Ambassador NCT Jaehyun not only showcases Jaehyun’s reach in all areas but also his fashionista essence! NCT Jeahyun’s Prada Style is elegant, innovative, and worthy of being recreated. Because he is a total style inspiration.


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