Seoul Trip: 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 places you should visit on your trip to Seoul and how to dress for each occasion

Seoul Trip: 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips! Are you planning a trip to Seoul but don’t know which places to visit? Don’t worry! Because today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will unveil our guide to Seoul Trip: 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips! In Seoul, South Korea, there are many places that you must visit. However, if you are on a short trip, you might not have the time to see them all at once. Therefore, we gathered 5 essential places you must visit on your trip to Korea. In addition, we will unveil how to dress in each situation. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

What to Pack For a Trip to South Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - trip to South KoreaBefore we delve into the 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips, let’s talk about what you should pack for your trip to South Korea. The truth is that everything will depend on the season in which you make your trip. However, there are garments that you should not skip on.


For example, jeans or any kind of denim, athleisure style clothing, dresses, tops, shirts, and loose clothing are some of the garments that will work for you. And you can enjoy your trip comfortably and blend in with the rest of the Korean fashion lovers. Still, remember that the most important thing is to show your personality through your outfits.


As for footwear, sneakers or combat boots will be ideal. And sandals for the warmer days can complete your summer outfit. But, don’t forget to bring a jacket or a coat with you. Because, the winter days are really cold in South Korea. However, if you decide to not go overboard with the packing, you can always find places to shop and many options to choose. Do you want to buy K-fashion online? Click Here.


What NOT to Pack For a Trip to South Korea?  


Korean Fashion Trends - trip to South KoreaJust as there are clothes that you should take on your trip to South Korea, there are others that would be a bad idea to take. Before we delve deeper into the 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips. let’s talk about those clothes you should discard for your trip to Seoul.


Leggings are the first garments you should forget. Consider wearing appropriate clothing for the weather but do not overdo it.


Yes, you might like them a lot. But if you wear them in Korea, you will probably draw inappropriate attention. Because many people consider leggings inappropriate and disrespectful.


Are you organizing a trip to Korea and you don’t have clothes for such an important event? Don’t worry! You can access the best discounts and offers in Korean fashion if you click here. In this way, you can assemble your suitcase to achieve a Korean style. Take the opportunity and get your outfits ready to visit your favorite country!


What Is the Best Season to Travel to South Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - travel to South KoreaWhen discussing 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips, you might inevitably worry about travel seasons. You might not believe that there is “one perfect season” to visit Korea, since the country presents beautiful scenery each season.


The truth is that everything depends on you and what you want to see. If you like winter, you can travel to Seoul and enjoy the city’s cold winter landscapes. However, in Autumn, Seoul is just as beautiful. If you prefer the heat, summer or spring will be the right seasons to visit South Korea.


Additionally, you can enjoy the flowery landscapes and the cherry trees. Which season do you identify with the most? Contemplate on it before you organize your trip. But hey! Think about your outfits based on that too. Just because you want to put together tasteful outfits doesn’t mean you will not be exposed to the inclement weather of Seoul.


What Places Should I Visit in South Korea?


In South Korea, there are as many plans as there are types of kimchi. It is a metropolis that seems almost infinite because it has 25 different districts divided into neighborhoods. With so many options for all tastes, it is hard to make a list of things to see and do in Seoul. But, at Korean Fashion Trends, we have succeeded. It is time to know the 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips. Are you ready? Let’s take a look:




Korean Fashion Trends - royal palaces of the Joseon dynastyOne of the first places among the 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips is the royal palaces of the Joseon dynasty. Why? Because you haven’t been to Seoul if you haven’t stepped foot in (at least) one of the Royal Palaces of the Joseon Dynasty.


This dynasty was the longest in history (1392-1897). You should visit all of them since each one has a certain peculiarity. And yes, visiting a royal palace is one of the best things to see and do in Seoul.


To go to the royal palaces, you must wear appropriate clothing. Classic jeans with an appropriate shirt and a sweater or jacket can be a great option. And sneakers are the right footwear to be comfortable. Shop Korean clothes here! Also, here are three Joseon Dynasty palaces you should know about:


A) Gyeongbokgung


It is the largest, the oldest, and for many, the most beautiful. Impossible not to get excited before you even arrive at the Gwanghwamun gate. Its name means “palace of happy blessing.”


B) Changdeokgung


This palace is also beautiful and has an interesting plus. It has a secret garden! And the visits are guided. Its name means “palace of prosperous virtue.”


C) Changgyeonggung


It was born as the Summer Palace, but it soon became an official residence. It was one of the most affected during the Japanese occupation (here, they built a zoo and a botanical garden). Its name means “palace of blooming joy.”




Korean Fashion Trends - MUSEUMS OF SEOULMuseums are also a great option among 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips.


Especially on those days when it dawns rainy or cloudy.


There are tons of museums in Seoul, and most of them are free.


Depending on the weather, you can wear cargo pants and a knitted cardigan along with boots.


However, you can add clothes and dress in layers if you think it’s necessary. Buy your Korean clothes here!




Korean Fashion Trends - GangnamOf course, as Korean fashion lovers, Gangnam is a must-see among the places you should visit on your trip to Seoul. This neighborhood gained popularity thanks to PSY’s catchy song “Gangnam Style.” And Gangnam is the most fashionable area of Seoul.


It is full of luxury shops, cafes, aesthetic sites, skyscrapers, international companies, and nightclubs. Seoul never sleeps, and its clubs and parties are famous all over the world. If you go during the day, you should think carefully about your look! Because going to Gangnam is like visiting a fashion show.


You can opt for a sophisticated look with a blazer or something more comfortable but just as chic. If you go at night and want to go to a party, it is time to take out your best night outfit! For example, you can opt for a black dress with a see-through shirt. Don’t know where to buy Korean clothes? Click here!




Korean Fashion Trends - INSADONGAnother neighborhood among the 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips is Insadong.


Its location is perfect (by walking you can reach many tourist spots), it has immense amount of food offers, souvenir stalls, and typical,  traditional shops such as tea houses. Insadong is the perfect place to go shopping, so you will need a comfortable outfit.


You can wear a dress over a blouse, jeans and a top, or shorts and a T-shirt along with a bucket hat. There are many options for comfortable and chic looks that you can wear when visiting Insadong.


Remember that if you click here, you can buy Korean style fashion items from the comfort of your own home!




Korean Fashion Trends - MYEONGDONGThe most interesting thing about Seoul is its neighborhoods, all with their personality and full of things to do. Just like Insadong, Myeongdong is another place you should visit on your trip to Seoul.


Myeongdong is the mecca of Korean cosmetic stores that are among the best in the world. There are hundreds of stores where you can buy the best sheet masks on the market. It is an area full of restaurants, clothing stores, street stalls, and neon signs everywhere.


That is why it is one of the best places to see in Seoul. Do you want to buy Korean fashion and skincare products from the comfort of your own home? Click here!


This guide to the 5 Must-See Places and Dressing Tips is ideal if you are planning a trip to Korea and still don’t know which places to visit and what to pack. Take advantage of our suggestions and enjoy your trip to Korea wearing the best of Korean style! Remember that you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of our content on Korean news, fashion, and beauty. Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch to enjoy more of our content. Don’t miss it! See you in the next blog of your favorite website!


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