What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear?


What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear? The first thing that comes to mind is clothes, accessories, and beauty when we think about fashion. Everyone knows that style is in garments, complete sets, and makeup and skincare. However, many ignore that fashion not only means looking good but also smelling good. No one can deny the positive effect that a good perfume causes. Also, it is important to wear a perfect fragrance. In this way, everyone will remember us for our incredible outfits… But also for the fantastic aroma that we leave when we walk. In Korean fashion, this is no different. What perfume do Korean celebrities wear? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question but still don’t get the answer, then you’re in the right place. The reason? Today we will talk about the perfumes that your favorite Korean celebrities wear. Stay in Korean Fashion Trends and discover the fragrances of Korean artists!


12 fragrances Korean artists wear


1. Park Seo Joon – Blanche


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Park-Seo-Joon-Blanche- What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear?We all know the handsome Park Seo Joon. He is one of the most recognized Korean artists, thanks to all the dramas and movies he has done.


And now, thanks to his involvement with Marvel. For that reason, it is not weird that he leads this blog that answers the question “what perfumes do Korean celebrities wear?”.


Park Seo Joon loves Byredo’s Blanche fragrance! It is a unisex fragrance with a simple structure, but an imposing character.


This fragrance captures the innocent and pristine side of each person. The brand represents classic beauty, so the scent of this fragrance reflects elegance. 




2. Wonho – Banilla Boutique


The talented idol’s favorite perfume is ‘Banilla Boutique’.


This perfume contains various floral scents such as lotus, hyacinth, and vanilla extract.


It is a perfume with a pleasant, fresh, and summery aroma.


It is ideal for any occasion.

3. Lee Min Ho – Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir Eau


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Lee-Min-Ho-Bvlgari-Pour-Homme-Soir-Eau-(subtitulo)The favorite perfume of this renowned Korean actor is the timeless Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir Eau perfume.


The bottle of this perfume is minimalist and luxurious.


Its scent is elegant and charming.


Those qualities also describe Lee Min Ho, so it’s no wonder it’s his favorite perfume.


Without a doubt, it is the essence of him.


4. YoonA – Issey Miyake L’eau


Korean-Fashion-Trends-YoonA---Issey-Miyake-L_eau - What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear?Girl’s Generation’s YoonA is a lover of perfumes that are neither strong nor heavy.


Therefore, her favorite perfume is Issey Miyake L’eau, whose scent is light but wonderful.


It is a fragrance that also contains delicate flowers, roses, and lotus.


With those ingredients, she achieves a floral and summery fragrance.


It is a perfume that has elegance, glamor, and luxury.


Korean-Fashion-Trends-XIUMIN---Light-Essence - What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear?5. XIUMIN – Light Essence


EXO member’s favorite fragrance is ‘Light Essence’ by Ferrari.


It is a perfume that he distinguishes by the mixture of aromas of:


Wood, with orange blossoms and green apple extract.




6. Son Ye-Jin – Chloé Eau de Parfum


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Son-Ye-Jin---Chloé-Eau-de-Parfum-(subtitulo)The Crash Landing On You star is a fan of fresh, floral scents.


Thanks to that, her favorite perfume is Chloé Eau de Parfum. This fragrance is sweet and irresistible!


Why? Because it has roses, middle notes of magnolias, and lilies.


These ingredients elevate femininity also with their hints of amber and cedar.


Without a doubt, it is an elegant and very feminine perfume.


7. Park Min Young – Love in White


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Park-Min-Young---Love-in-White-(subtitulo)The protagonist of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim revealed in a YouTube video that she always carries this fragrance in her bag for any emergency.


Creed’s Love in White is her favorite perfume.


The scent of this fragrance takes inspiration from a bouquet of white roses that combines the flowers and fresh herbs of spring.


In addition, it also has a little vanilla. It is a fresh, creamy, and very floral perfume.



Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jackson---SÌ-PASSIONE-(subtitulo)8. Jackson – SÌ PASSIONE


Jackson wears the ‘SÌ PASSIONE’ fragrance by Emporio Armani.


It is not weird, since this perfume is so special for him because it is a significant collaboration he made with the iconic Italian company.






9. Nayeon – Flower in the Air and Magnolia Nobile


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Nayeon---Flower-in-the-Air-and-Magnolia-Nobile-(subtitulo)Twice’s Nayeon confessed to being a fan of floral and feminine scents.


For that reason, her favorite perfume is not just one, but two. Nayeon uses Flower in the Air by Kenzo, and Magnolia Nobile by Acqua Di Parma. Both are sensual floral bouquets.


Flower in the Air contains rose, violet, and hawthorn powder, vanilla, white musk with a hint of pink peppercorns and frankincense.


Thanks to that, it is a perfume that has subtle and underlying sweet notes. Likewise, Magnolia Nobile contrasts various ingredients that evoke flowers and Italian villas.


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Kang-Daniel---Aventus-Creed-(subtitulo)10. Kang Daniel – Aventus Creed


The famous idol’s favorite fragrance is ‘Credo Aventus’.


This perfume is famous thanks to its combination of:


Flowers, black currant, pineapple, and apple.


Those ingredients create an interesting aroma.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Song-Hye---Kyo---Orange-Blossom-(subtitulo)11. Song Hye- Kyo – Orange Blossom


This K-Drama actress’s favorite perfume is Penhaligon’s, Orange Blossom.


It is a perfume that captures the melancholy of the floral haze in the orange blossom orchards.


It is a fresh, sweet, and tempting scent.




12. Song Joong- Ki – Dior Fahrenheit 32


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Song-Joong--Ki---Dior-Fahrenheit-32-(subtitulo)Thanks to the fact that it is a light and comfortable perfume, it is the favorite fragrance of the protagonist of Vincenzo.


It is a perfume that contains floral ingredients such as:


Orange blossom, vetiver, and vanilla.


It is the ideal perfume for those men who love to smell fresh and clean.




What perfume do K-pop idols wear?


In the 12 fragrances that Korean artists use, you could know the favorite perfumes of some idols. However, to add a few more, we can start by saying that Korean idol and actress Suzy’s favorite perfume is Jeanne Lanvin Eau De Parfum. Secondly, Jisoo’s favorite perfume is Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. It is famous these days among Korean twentysomethings.


On the other hand, when it comes to male idols, G-dragon’s favorite perfume is Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle for men and women, while Key’s favorite perfume is Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin. The perfumes of your favorite idols are as many as there are idols. However, we can see that lately, the preference is in floral, simple, and light aromas.


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What perfumes does BTS use?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Suga---Paco-Rabanne,-Invictus-(subtitulo)Suga – Paco Rabanne, Invictus


Legend says that if victory had a smell, it would be that of this perfume.


It has a masculine scent that lasts for a long time.


The truth is that it fits Suga’s personality a lot.





Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jin---Diptyque,-Philosykos- What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear?Jin – Diptyque, Philosykos


This unique, complex, and stunning perfume combines the fragrance of:


Wood, figs, and coconut.


It’s also unisex.


Which is brilliant news for ARMYs who want to share the same scent as Jin.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-J-Hope---Hermes,-Terre-D’Hermes- What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear?J-Hope – Hermes, Terre D’Hermes


The perfume used by J-Hope stands out thanks to the notes of:


Orange and spices.


This fragrance is dark and strong.


That is why many people are surprised to find that Hobi wears a perfume like this.



Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jimin---Jo-Malone,-Orange-blossom- - What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear?

Jimin – Jo Malone, Orange blossom


This perfume is a pure delight.


It has a floral and so sweet aroma that makes us think of Jimin without hesitation.






RM – None


Korean-Fashion-Trends-RM---None-(subtitulo) - What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear?Namjoon doesn’t wear any perfume, which is a huge surprise.


He once stated that he does not like heavy and artificial scents, but prefers just the opposite: light and natural fragrances.


Fortunately, we know from fans who have known him that RM smells like soap and clean.


If you don’t like to wear perfume either, RM is an example that you can smell good without using one.




V – Aveeno Stress Relief


Taehyung does not use any perfume.


The only thing that is known is that he uses Aveeno Stress Relief moisturizing lotion.


In that sense, we assume he smells like the three leading aromas of the cream:


Lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang.


Jungkook – Bvlgari, Omnia Paraíba


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jungkook---Bvlgari,-Omnia-Paraíba-(subtitulo)From what we know, Jungkook uses women’s perfumes exclusively.


It is a bit surprising, but at the same time, it is an advantage.


Why? Because ARMY that wants to share the same fragrance as Kookie can do it without problems.


The perfume takes inspiration from an exotic Brazilian gem called Paraíba tourmaline. It combines the scent of flowers and fruits, which makes it a tropical and summery perfume.


What perfumes do Korean celebrities wear? Among their favorite fragrances, floral, light and elegant stand out. However, every Korean celebrity is different, so their perfumes are too. Their fragrances reflect their personalities. And you, what perfume do you like the most? Would you try wearing one of your favorite Korean celebrities’ perfumes? Tell us in the comments. See you on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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