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Beauty standards in Korea are known to be extremely strict. Because of that, most Korean women aspire to be tall and slim. If you are a fan of K-pop bands and other Korean celebrities, you may have noticed that none of them are plus size. And if there are, they are very few and very little recognized thanks to their weight. In Korea, it doesn’t matter how much talent or skills you may have. If your image doesn’t fit with the standards, you will hardly stand out in a good way. Both the stars and the people in Korea do strict diets that often become very radical. They are our belief that in Korea, image is the most important thing above all else. But what is the perfect weight in Korea? Find out with us!


What’s considered skinny for a girl in Korea?


Due to the great sacrifices that people must make to look good, many people have even referred to the beauty standard in Korea as unattainable. The ideal height is 162 cm, and the weight is 42 kg. It is a weight that is out of reach for many due to the strict regimen of exercise. And because of the diet that is needed to achieve and maintain that weight too.


Many families in Korea teach their children from an early age that the ideal weight is less than 50 kg, whether it is 49 kg or 45 kg. Although the weight problem includes both men and women, women are the ones who are most concerned about their weight. It is usual for Korean girls from adolescence to weigh and compare themselves. In that way, they make sure they are within the perfect Korean weight. It is a competition to see who is closest to being beautiful. What they consider skinny has been synonymous with diseases and eating disorders, at least on many occasions.


What do K-pop girls weigh?


The Korean entertainment industry is one of the main scenarios where beauty standards are more demanding. After all, idols and actors are public figures who must fulfill the ideal Korean image. Otherwise, they will not be successful in their careers even if they try. You might have wondered more than once what the weight of female idols is. The truth is that all must conform to the standard and the one that corresponds to their size. However, the most ideal is that all are below 50kg. If the person weighs more than that, they are considered fat for Koreans.


6 slimmer female idols


Lisa – BLACKPINK, what is the perfect weight in Korea


Lisa, a member of Black Pink, is the idol that leads this list. Her height: 1.70cm and her weight: 43 kg. She is almost 10kg below ideal. Being a dancer, in Korea, it is normal (and even quite good) for her to have that weight. While Korean fans celebrate and want to have equal weight, many foreign fans have concerns about her weight. Some make it known with comments full of affection, but there is never a lack of malicious comments that notice her thinness. Either way, since she was a child, she was always quite skinny. However, we do not doubt that she is also a victim of social pressure as she lives in Korea, especially being an idol of another nationality.


Lizzy, what is the perfect weight in Korea


Lizzy is an idol who was part of groups like After School and Orange Caramel. Her height is 1.68cm, and her weight is 43kg. She was recently involved in a scandal due to her weight. Many fans were concerned about her unhealthy appearance because of her extreme thinness. She came to be considered an anorexic idol.


Nana, what is the perfect weight in Korea?


She was also a part of After School and Orange Caramel. Currently, she is an actress and a model. She is one of the cutest faces in Korea. However, she is also one of the slimmest idols. Her height is 1.71cm, and her weight is 48kg. For a tall girl, her weight is not what is considered adequate in the West.


SooYoung, what is the perfect weight in Korea


She is a member of Girls Generation. Her height is 1.71 cm, and she weighs 49 kg. Like Nana, SooYoung is also underweight for her size according to Western references, but by Korean standards, she fits quite well.




Yoona is also a member of the group Girls Generation. She (thanks to her height of 1.68 cm and her weight of 48 kg) represents the Korean standard quite strongly. She is the visual of the group thanks to her weight and the slim and small appearance she has.




Hard to believe, IU is the least skinny on this list. She is 1.65cm tall and weighs 47kg. She alone is two kilos under the ideal weight that corresponds to her size. Still, she has a tiny and slim appearance. And like many other idols, before each comeback, IU goes on insane diets.


What size is the average Korean woman?


The Korean standard says that women must weigh less than 50 kg. To guide themselves, nowadays people use this calculation: height in cm – 115 = good weight (in kg). Dancers, idols, and models must have a weight that is proportional to their stature. However, the average woman in Korea is 162cm, which would suggest that their ideal weight would be 47kg, but the average woman’s weight is 56.5kg. Although they are only a few extra kilos above the standards, that difference, which for us is small, for them is a lot. Even many women, despite this, are already considered obese.


The apple diet: the idol diet


This diet is very famous among idols. Because of that, little by little, its followers have also integrated them into their weight loss methods. In Korea, women in their 20s and 30s are the most concerned about their weight. Many even claim that they care more about their appearance than their health, and that is why they decide to go on radical diets or choose not to eat. One of the most dangerous diets is the apple diet because it allows you to lose weight in a week. Thanks to that, the idols practice it before each comeback or debut. That is if the company considers that their weight is not ideal.

The apple diet: Korean beauty standards weight


The apple diet is one of those diets with a rebound effect. However, it is true that with it, you can lose weight in a week, but you can also get seriously ill during the process. On the first day of this diet, you can only eat apples and drink water. Then, on the second day, you eat an apple in the morning. The following day, you have a salad without dressings for lunch, and you eat an apple again for dinner. On consecutive days, you will continue to have breakfast and dinner the same. The only thing that can vary is lunch, but it should not be carbohydrates but not just proteins. For health reasons, the diet should not exceed five days. But even during those five days, there can be dangerous consequences of fading and fainting. If you want to see how risky it can be, look for the experience of girls trying this diet, and you will realize how you lose interest in doing it.

Korean weight standards


Although the standards in Korean beauty continue, today many people realize that weight is not everything. Thanks to that, ideals are now being pushed more towards measurements than the weight itself (as someone with a higher weight may have greater muscle mass and look better than someone with the Korean ideal weight). The only reason the ideal weight exists is to standardize a body image. In all societies, ideals change over time, and many of them are temporary. In Korea, even though change is slow, we can still see it. Many people give more importance to other things, discovering that the value of people is not in their physique or their appearance. For them, the Korean ideal weight does not make sense and should not be a determining factor in your life. Visit us every day to not miss any information related to K-fashion!


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