Owners of Korean Fashion Brands


When you know Korean fashion companies, it is impossible not to know who their owners are. Thanks to these people, today we have the best Korean companies that make our closets our dream place. If you want to know the owners of Korean fashion brands, stay with us. Today, you will find out who are the masterminds behind those fashion brands we admire so much. Are you ready? Keep scrolling down!


8 Korean fashion company owners


Samsung Fashion – 8 Seconds


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Samsung-Fashion-–-8-Seconds-(subtitulo)Samsung Fashion is the owner of the Korean mocha brand 8 Seconds. The Samsung Fashion Group has accumulated success stories in the fashion industry with menswear and casual wear brands.


This company builds on its previous experiences to diversify its business portfolio with accessories, children’s clothing lines, and outdoor activities and expand into women’s clothing with brands such as KUHO and LEBEIGE, and the fast-fashion brand (SPA) 8 seconds. This extensive line of brands has allowed Fashion Group to cement its status as a leader in the Korean fashion industry.


Something that makes Samsung Fashion Group’s 8 seconds brand innovative is that the company motto is Cheaper than Zara, more modern than Uniqlo. The purpose of the brand is to captivate its customers in eight seconds, hence the name. 8 Seconds is famous today! Their collections and designs are similar to those of H&M and Forever 21. New collections arrive every week, and the colors are bright and attractive. 


Minju Kim – MINJUKIM


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Minju-Kim-–-MINJUKIM-(subtitulo)Minju Kim is a South Korean fashion designer. She is well-known for her designs and her daring prints.


In 2020, she was a winner on the Netflix show, Next in Fashion. Kim was born in Gwangju, South Korea, but she studied in New Zealand.


Her Korean fashion company is one of the most famous today. Its name is MINJUKIM.


This company has created the world tour designs for the boy band BTS. Designer Minju Kim brings a unique sense of playfulness to her haute couture designs.


Hankook Kim – Gentle Monster


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Hankook-Kim-–-Gentle-Monster-(subtitulo)Hankook Kim is the owner of the Korean fashion company, Gentle Monster. Because he is one owner of a Korean fashion company and is very famous, he is considered the designer and CEO of the future.


Gentle Monster is a fashion eyewear brand that creates and develops unique retail spaces to sell its products. Since they launched in 2011 in South Korea, Gentle Monster glasses made an impact on fashion consumers. It is one of the fastest trending brands in Asia.


All Gentle Monster stores feature a story around a space that focuses on experience retailing rather than the glasses it sells within its walls. Kim focuses on unpredictability. That is his secret weapon when developing facilities for each store. Also, Hankook Kim is great at running his company, but he is also a great boss. He watches over the future of his workers, wanting everyone to have a home of their own in the future. For that and more, Hankook Kim is one of the owners of Korean fashion brands.


Sunyuul Yie – YUUL YIE


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Sunyuul-Yie-–-YUUL-YIE-(subtitulo)Sunyuul Yie is a designer who makes shoes that people love. The designer started her brand, Yuul Yie, in 2010.


But in the last year, thanks to her emerging as one of the best shoe designers, her popularity is bigger than ever. In addition, she is recognized as an exponent of urban style.


Yuul Yie’s shoes are like avant-garde sculptures for your feet. The designer thought of branding her with the idea that high heels aren’t practical for her lifestyle, but she preferred at least a bit of height. People love Yuul Yie’s shoes for their architectural block heels and unique shapes. The shoes of this brand are fun for your closet.


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Kim Young-Jin – Tchai Kim


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Kim-Young-Jin-–-Tchai-Kim-(subtitulo)Designer Kim Young Jin is the owner of the Korean fashion brand Tchai Kim.


She creates ethereal, feminine, and edgy reimagines that take inspiration from traditional Korean clothing, such as hanbok.


In her designs, she uses a magnificent variety of colors. From muted pastels to flowers and bright yellows as a pattern.


Kim mixes modern materials and traditional fabrics to create a unique sense of excitement in her clothing. Because of that, she couldn’t be missing from this list of owners of Korean fashion brands.


Goen Jong – GOEN.J


Goen-Jong-–-GOEN.JThe owner of the Korean fashion brand is GOEN.J.


He founded his company in 2012, and since then, his clothing line has received a lot of national and international attention.


The balance of structural design with the avant-garde has a romantic and delicate sensibility.


Goen Jong created pieces with his brand that embellish anyone’s closet. For that reason, his presence on the list of owners of Korean fashion brands is essential.


Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung – WE11DONE


Dami-Kwon-and-Jessica-Jung-–-WE11DONEDesigners Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung are lifelong friends. Together they created the WE11DONE clothing brand as the internal brand of Rare Market, a concept store in Gangnam, Seoul.


Since 2016, the collection has expanded to major global retailers. The focus of both designers is to design unisex garments.


Their collection takes inspiration from the fashion of the last decades but reinterprets it in a modern and avant-garde way.


Both designers are the mastermind behind this brilliant brand. Of course, they could not be absent from this list of the owners of Korean fashion brands.


Park Jun-sung – IMVELY


Trends-Park-Jun-sung-–-IMVELYPark Jun-Sung is the director of Bugun FNC, which owns the IMVELY fashion brand. The IMVELY clothing brand was founded in 2013, and the name is a combination of the phrase “I am lovely.”


The brand offers affordable clothing, accessories, and beauty products! Also, you need to know that IMVELY creates fashion piece combinations. We owe everything to its director, Park Jun Sung.


The owners of Korean fashion brands are the ones to whom we owe those fabulous collections that we want to try every year. If you are a Korean fashion lover, knowing about the owners of K-fashion brands is essential. Knowing it will make you more skilled on the subject. You will look like a special in fashion K. Remember that to continue having information about your favorite fashion, you can visit us every day!


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