Korean Fashion in Winter: How to Elevate Outfits with Thermal Leggings in Korean Fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to Elevate Outfits with Thermal Leggings in Korean Fashion?

The harsh cold winds and freezing temperatures are once again upon us, and we can all agree on one thing: thermal leggings are the pinnacle of our winter ensembles. Keeping us warm during winter, thermal leggings are not only practical and subtle.


Thermal leggings were also on the forefront of the 2023 Fashion Weeks, led by Bottega Veneta. Today, let’s explore how you can elevate your outfits with thermal leggings in Korean Fashion.


What Are Thermal Leggings?


Korean Fashion Trends - Thermal Leggings in Korean Fashion - LeggingsBefore discovering how to elevate your outfits with thermal leggings in Korean fashion, let’s review the concept of this garment that could be one of your favorites during the cold winter days.


Thermal leggings are nothing more than the usual basic tights lined with polar fabric. This fabric helps protect us from the cold. Additionally, the inner fabric is soft, warm, and light. Therefore, it is an alternative to leggings crafted with wool. But, what is the reason behind their influence?


Thermal leggings – unlike regular leggings – are lined with a protective layer to keep us warm and cozy. Usually crafted from heat-trapping materials, these leggings are a vital part of any winter wardrobe, especially so if you live in a colder climate where the winters are harsh and long. So, let’s clear a few questions down below about thermal leggings and explore how you can style them this winter in Korean fashion.


Are Thermal Leggings Warm?


Korean Fashion Trends - Thermal Leggings in Korean Fashion - woman wearing sport clothesThey sure are! Considered a key part of thermal activewear, these leggings provide that much needed comfort and warmth during the coldest season of the year.


Usually crafted with a blend of fabrics containing spandex, nylon, cotton, wool or fleece, thermal leggings are often used in layering.


You can layer thermal leggings under your jeans and trousers and don whatever you’d like without compromising on warmth and style. You can also layer these leggings under maxi and mini skirts and pair with knee-high boots for a sophisticated touch.


How Do Thermal Leggings Work?


Korean Fashion Trends - Thermal Leggings in Korean Fashion - woman wearing crop topAs mentioned, these leggings are crafted with a thermal insulation layer of wool, nylon or polyester-lined material to keep you as warm as you can be.


However, wool, nylon and polyester-lined thermal leggings can be on the bulky side. If you are seeking a thinner fabric that will keep you just as warm, you can opt for fleece-lined leggings. Fleece lined leggings are usually made of a synthetic fiber and wool blend, making the fabric a great alternative to traditional wool, just without the itchiness. Thermal leggings made out of these materials work by trapping in the heat with air pockets, keeping you warm and cozy. And that is why investing in an exceptional quality of thermal leggings is a must, particularly so if you are in Korea.


Korea is renowned for its harsh winters that see below freezing temperatures. Thermal leggings can help you stay warm while still flaunting a Korean fashion look. So, scroll down and keep reading to find out how to elevate outfits with thermal leggings in Korean fashion.


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Can I Wear Thermals as Leggings?


Korean Fashion Trends - Thermal Leggings in Korean Fashion - leggingsWhile thermal leggings are a fundamental winter wardrobe piece to layer under our stylish ensembles, their practicality doesn’t just end there. 2023 witnessed thermal activewear take over the runways by storm. From Saint Laurent’s tone-in-tone thermals to Ferragamo’s long johns in Milan, thermal leggings proved to be a hit for the 2023-2024 fall-winter season.


Who could say no to a cozy and warm ensemble that is comfortable and stylish all at the same time? Not us, that is for sure. So yes. You can absolutely wear thermals as leggings! We recommend taking a look at Uniqlo’s renowned thermal leggings – affordable and stylish without the bulk, just like we want it. However, you can also scour the YesStyle catalog here to find a stylish option to incorporate in your winter wardrobe this year.


How to Use the Power of Thermal Leggings in Your Korean Style Wardrobe? 


Although the KFT team has dedicated the last section of this blog to a few tips on how to style thermal leggings, we recognize that you need further guidance on how to use the power of thermal leggings if you are a Korean fashion aficionado. So, let’s dive in.


  1. Black Is the Way to Go


Korean Fashion Trends - Thermal Leggings in Korean Fashion - leggingsIf you are seeking to incorporate a quality thermal legging to your winter wardrobe, we recommend starting with a timeless black option. All because they are oh-so easy to style! You can pair them with anything in your wardrobe – keep it simple and chic!


  1. Dare to be Bold? Smart Color Choices


Just because neutral colors are the safest option doesn’t mean you can’t take risks. After all – fashion is about discovering your true style through experimenting boldly. Therefore you can always opt for thermal leggings in pastel colors and prints. Remember to balance it out by combining thermal leggings in various colors with basic and neutral clothing.


  1. Layer It


Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing a coatLayering is among the favorites of Seoulites. Functional and catwalk worthy – layers never go out of style.


So, if you wish to sport your micro skirts and dresses even during winter, combine them with thermal leggings! Finish it off with a maxi coat for an ideal Korean touch.


How to Wear Thermal Leggings in Korean Fashion?


Alright, K-lover, it is time to dive into the real tips. How to elevate outfits with thermal leggings in Korean fashion? Let’s take a look:


Customized Two-Piece


Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing black jacketPair your thermal leggings with a thermal long sleeve. Combine your made-up two piece set with a maxi chunky cardigan for extra warmth and style. You can finish off the look with heeled ankle boots for an elegant touch, or pristine sneakers for a laid-back feel – all up to you!


Office Chic


Although many might think that thermal leggings are too casual for the office, that isn’t entirely true. Whether you are a corporate girl or not, you can always pair a sleek pair of thermals with your skirts and under your trousers seamlessly.


Thus, you can stay comfortable and warm all throughout your workday. Pair your thermal leggings with turtleneck sweaters, a blazer or short coat for an elegant and comfortable ensemble. Shop here!


Blazer Chase


Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing a blazerThe timeless hit – blazers go with everything from denim to sophisticated shorts.


Pair your thermal leggings with a tailored or an oversized blazer for the ultimate chic touch. In 2024, tailoring is no longer considered too formal for everyday wear!


And we know well that blazers can really be combined with anything. If you are looking to exude a sophisticated look, pair your thermal leggings with a blazer and loafers. Shop here!


Cowboy Glam


Korean Fashion Trends - Thermal Leggings in Korean FashionWinter’s favorite duo, coats and boots, can also be paired with thermal leggings. How can you do it? Opt for the season-favorite oversized coat and finish your look with cowboy boots for an eclectic, fun touch. Don’t know how to wear cowboy boots? Click here.


Indie Stop


Looking to channel indie energy? Combine these cozy leggings with a white shirt and track sole boots. You can even add a biker jacket to complete your indie look. Shop here!


Thermal leggings for women are specifically great for those looking for warmth to keep snuggly. So consider adding a pair of thermal leggings into your winter wardrobe! Are you already subscribed to the Korean Fashion Trends newsletter? If not, you still have time to do it! That way, you can receive notifications of our updates. See you soon, K-lover!


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