5 outfits that define the Korean aesthetic during the summer of 2022

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 outfits that define the Korean aesthetic during the summer of 2022

People who have been following Korean fashion for a long time know that many clothes and accessories are always maintained. Many Korean fashion trends prevail because they are versatile and classic regardless of the season. However, other more seasonal pieces fit a specific season. These pieces define the aesthetic of the season. And thanks to that, they are elements that should not be missing in your closet if you want a perfect seasonal look. Since we are in summer and it is the time to enjoy the sunny weather and the colorful and lively landscapes of the season, we all want to wear a style according to the season. For that reason, today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about the 5 outfits that define the Korean aesthetic during the summer of 2022. In this way, you can have the right style for the summer. And you will also be able to show off the best of Korean fashion. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


5 Korean aesthetic summer outfits that you can recreate this 2022


Korean fashion is gaining a lot of popularity. For years, the South Korean music industry has taken over every corner. And, of course, its influences when putting together looks are very present. Nobody can deny that Korean fashion offers a variety of styles, garments, and combinations that adapt to the tastes and needs of all. Of course, there are great Korean fashion icons. They continue to dominate the industry, whether as singers or actresses. The looks worn by Korean celebrities are perfect for summer. Many reflect those outfits that define the Korean aesthetic during summer. With the arrival of summer, we share some ideas of looks with which you can look like an expert in Korean fashion in summer. Here we present these five looks that define the Korean aesthetic during the summer and fit your style.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a puff sleeved top and a maxi skirtTo start this list of outfits that define the Korean aesthetic during summer, we have a very feminine and classic combination of K-Fashion during summer. If your style is girly and you prefer light and fresh garments, this option is ideal. Puff sleeve tops are a complete hit in Korean fashion.


Because of that, using them will always be a wise choice. The top can be of the type and design that you want. However, we recommend that it be in a neutral color. Perhaps white or gray would be suitable options. But if you wish to bring some color to the outfit, wear a maxi skirt in pink, yellow, or navy blue. The skirt can be satin or any other fabric you prefer.


The important thing is to create a look with volume and color balance. It is pleasing to the eye. Accompany with sandals or sneakers. And add the accessories of your choice. They can be hats, sunglasses, and typical accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, etc.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing denim clothes - outfits that define the Korean aestheticContinuing with this list of outfits that define the Korean aesthetic during summer, we have a total denim look. In both Korean and Western fashion, total denim looks are part of the favorite trend of the moment.


Why? Because they have the perfect vibe for the summer season. Of course, several rules must be followed, such as wearing high-waisted, baggy jeans, while you can wear a denim jacket to match. A black top will be perfect for the touch of color.


However, you can opt for a beige, camel, or gray top or shirt. If you prefer a brighter color, a yellow or orange would be ideal. You can wear chunky whites and accessories like silver necklaces. In addition, makeup with eyeliner and red lipstick will give the final touch to splurge style.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing pink clothes - outfits that define the Korean aestheticAs lovers of Korean fashion, we know that pastel pink is one of the favorite colors of this fashion.


In addition, it is also one of the favorite colors during summer. They are perfect to look the chicest. The pastel pink color fits well with floral or tropical prints, so mixing them would be a Korean fashion hit.


Being one of the most tender colors, you can mix its shades to go from a bright garment to another in which pastel tones stand out.


Likewise, for those who want to wear curtain reveal tops and don’t dare to wear a neckline of this magnitude, they can wear them with a white blouse and this neckline garment as a sweater. Add the pink in another piece like a cardigan, and wear white palazzo pants. Add a pair of sneakers, and voila! You have a look that perfectly defines the Korean summer aesthetic.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a floral dressA piece of a look that can’t be missing is the floral dresses. For that reason, it ranks fourth on this list of outfits that define the Korean aesthetic during summer.


These dresses, whether midi or maxi, are the best for summer. They are not only fresh and light. They are also very feminine and chic and depending on what shoes and other clothes you mix them with, they are perfect for formal and casual looks.


Wear the flowery dress of your choice. If you want to combine it with a particular color, we recommend solid pastel colors.


They will help you make the most of your flowery dress. But if you want to put together a summer closet according to Korean fashion, floral dresses are a key piece. They can’t miss it!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman in a monochrome lookFinally, we have an option among these outfits that define the Korean aesthetic during summer for those who prefer to remain discreet and still look fashionable.


Monochromatic looks are the best option! A perfect example to be in sync with summer is to wear an oversize white t-shirt.


You can mix it with a long skirt.


Also, if Korean celebrities have shown anything, it is today’s thing to wear chunky sneakers with any style.


In total white looks, you can use these shoes.


The outfits that define the Korean aesthetic during summer are full of basic, versatile, and fashionable garments. They are perfect if you want to stand out this season due to your Korean style. We recommend sticking to neutral tones and essential elements. You will already have the necessary base to start dressing this summer with them. Which of the outfits was your favorite? Tell us in the comments. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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