5 outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls

5 outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls. In 2022, HYBE finally decided to debut girl groups in cooperation with some of their subsidiary companies. This agency gave us brand new female talent in K-Pop. So this time, we witnessed the 4th gen girl group NewJeans debut, a perfect and stylish band. NewJeans’ songs quickly became popular among Korean pop fans. We all keep chanting ‘Hype Boy’, and ‘Attention’, songs that we think are already iconic in 2022.


Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein have done a great job in their performances, showing all their talents on stage with these songs and shining like stars. NewJeans not only impressed us with their music. They also came out like a fresh breeze with their natural style. And what is the best of all? That you can recreate some of the outfits of these idols. That’s why today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we present 5 outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls. Do you want to know what they are? Stay with us and keep reading!


What is the style of NewJeans?


Korean Fashion Trends - NewJeans k-pop group  Before we look through the outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls, let’s talk about their style.


NewJeans is one of the fourth-generation K-pop groups that is causing the most sensation since its debut. They have captured the hearts of many with their talents and youthful energy.


Everybody is talking about them and for a reason too: from their music to their style, they have got everything to be the icons of 2022.


Many style watchers have noted that their fashion looks are reminiscent of the perfect blend of Y2K and Gen-Z styles, but NewJeans puts its spin on these trends with their unique looks.


What are the characteristic garments of the NewJeans girls’ style?


  In addition to the outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls, we will tell you the characteristic garments of these girl’s style. So you can consider specific clothes and accessories if you want to achieve the style of these girls. Let’s see!




Korean Fashion Trends - Y2K hair and fashion  For those who don’t know what Y2K hair is, some features are butterfly clips, pigtails and highlights, side braids, and colored hair ties.


NewJeans is bringing those trends back almost like they’re new.


As for Y2K fashion, it includes an aesthetic with an eclectic, uneven, and colorful touch that blurs the rules of fashion.


Is it elegant? Is it kitsch? It’s everything!





Korean Fashion Trends - NewJeans in jeans  Like its name, jeans are a choice that fits the fashion of the group.


Denim is never out of style.


And they know how to keep their jean pieces minimal and classic with a quirky twist.


Therefore, if you want to achieve any of the outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls that we will present later, you should consider having jean garments.


If you need to buy jeans, you can do it here.




Korean Fashion Trends - NewJeans member in sports jersey  The members of NewJeans are the new fashion MVPs for their sporty and cool looks that they show off in their debut with “Attention.”


What made this old-fashioned-but-goodie trend is that the stylist transformed some of the pieces into cropped tops and added details like cutouts to them.


The bright colors also work with the group’s vibrant personalities. Buy your jerseys here.





Korean Fashion Trends - it girl look  With their understated yet refreshing beauty looks, NewJeans has managed to attract big brands like Chanel Beauty. Also NewJeans girls covered the face of magazines like Elle and GQ.


In addition, they are changing the makeup style to more minimalist yet striking looks that are age-appropriate and easy for fans to copy.


Instead of going for the “girl in love” concept, NewJeans has kept its makeup simple with subtle but impressive highlights. Looking for makeup to achieve the NewJeans look? Buy it here.


Achieving the NewJeans girl look is easy if you click here. That way, you can buy everything you need at the best prices. Take advantage of the offers and discounts to elevate your style in Korean fashion.


5 outfits inspired by NewJeans


  It’s time to discover the outfits inspired by the New Jeans girls! Let’s see what looks you can recreate to achieve the NewJeans look!




Korean Fashion Trends - NewJeans Hyein in a cute outfit   We start these outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls with a cute combination inspired by Hyein.


She looks like a kitty in this outfit, and we like the details of it. It may be a bit difficult to find a sweatshirt with cat paws, but we are sure that a white sweatshirt will do just fine.


Everything in the outfit is that color, so it will be easy to find white pants or joggers. And tennis shoes of the same color. You can add details like a necklace and belt.


Do you need some joggers? Buy them here.




Korean Fashion Trends - NewJeans members in sports outfits  The second option among this list of outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls is sporty. On this occasion, we took inspiration from Danielle.


This outfit also seems easy to recreate.


You will have to look for a white crop top with some urban detail, Danielle’s is graffiti, and you will also wear ripped jeans that have been in style for a long time.


The sneakers can be black or white.


You can add some accessories.




Korean Fashion Trends - NewJeans members with university looks  A university look is the third option in these outfits inspired by the New Jeans girls.


For this Haerin-inspired look, you will need a varsity jacket. You can also wear a blouse of a light color and without any details, just simply flat.


You can also use a plaid skirt that you have at home. Some high tennis shoes could work with this outfit. We believe that it is optional.


If you don’t have the skirt, buy it here.




Korean Fashion Trends - NewJeans k-pop group - outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls We also took inspiration from Danielle for this look among the outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls.


Best of all, you don’t need to work as hard either.


You will need a sweater with a brown pattern, a light or cream vest, brown pants, and winter boots with fluffy fur that is easy to find.


This look is especially suitable for cold winter days.






  Korean Fashion Trends - NewJeans k-pop group - outfits inspired by the NewJeans girlsWe take inspiration from Hanni in our last option among the outfits inspired by the New Jeans girls. We love Hanni’s colorful and pastel outfits.


Also, they are easy to recreate. The predominant colors are cream and also brown.


You need a shirt, maybe white or light blue, and a cream vest that can look worn, it will look better that way. Also, a pastel blue pleated skirt with a belt. The shoes can be simply white.


Buy your white sneakers here.


  The outfits inspired by the NewJeans girls are perfect if you want to wear the Y2k or Gen-Z style. Recreate NewJeans-inspired outfits to take your Korean style to another level. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss our updates on Korean fashion news and discounts.


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