Get ready for summer with outfits inspired by RED VELVET


The Red Velvet girls took over the summer (since their debut) with their comebacks and dazzling looks. Thinking of warmer climates, probably one of the first fashion references we should take from idols is the K-Pop girl group girl who steals the hearts of their and K-Pop fans. Taking a close look at the style of these girls, we can see that their closets during the summer are full of colorful, fresh, and very feminine clothes. Also, for that reason, it’s worth paying attention to what the Red Velvet girls have to say about summer: no matter how hot the temperatures are, you always have the opportunity to look good. Today you can get ready for summer with outfits inspired by RED VELVET! Therefore, in Korean Fashion Trends, we present a list of combinations that you can practice during the hottest days if you want to look fashionable.


What is the style of the RED VELVET girls?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What-is-the-style-of-the-RED-VELVET-girlsIf something characterizes the Red Velvet girls is their sense of fashion not only during the summer but also during the rest of the year. These girls have an innate talent for looking good and inspiring others to look good.


However, all K-Pop fans recognize that when it comes to this time of year when the weather is more severe due to high temperatures, Red Velvet is always there to cheer us up with their music and surprise us with their outfits.


Thanks to their feminine, colorful style, full of textures and layers, the Red Velvet girls today invite us to make summer our opportunity to wear the best looks of the season. If you have the chance to get ready for summer with outfits inspired by RED VELVET, don’t miss it! Luckily, today is that opportunity that you cannot miss.


5 Red Velvet-Inspired Looks You Can Recreate During Summer




Korean-Fashion-Trends-JOY-INSPIRED-OUTFITTo start this list of outfits inspired by RED VELVET, we have Joy. As her name says, she represents the joy of the group. Joy enjoys a huge fan following through her pretty smile, charming style, and undeniable talent. If you want to recreate a summer outfit taking inspiration from Joy, we recommend that cardigans are part of your wardrobe.


In all its versions, this garment never fails to attract attention. Choose the style you like the most! And throw yourself into the madness of one of the most popular trends in recent years. And if cardigans aren’t your thing, you can opt for a hoodie or any lightweight coat.


You can accompany this garment with jeans, sneakers, and accessories. One of Y2K’s favorite trends is the return of colorful beaded necklaces. Joy integrates them into her looks, and they look fantastic on her! You can too.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-YERI-INSPIRED-OUTFITYeri is our second muse in these outfits inspired by RED VELVET! Yeri’s outfits are the perfect proposal for those who do not see themselves with the classic summer dresses. She proves that you can get a fresh and casual look with just a long shirt.


However, you can also wear other less usual and more classic clothes for a slightly more sophisticated and chic style. The Korean fashion industry dictates that lingerie is no longer just for the bedroom, from the famous bralettes to lingerie tops and even corsets. But if a corset is too excessive for you, try introducing a lingerie top.


It is more subtle but still adds a sexy and elegant touch. Combine them with pants or skirts. They will look good. You can also add accessories or other animal print garments to this look to give it a fun touch.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-WENDY-INSPIRED-OUTFITWendy confirms that Y2K fashion is the key to summer among these outfits inspired by RED VELVET.


You can wear a simple pink shirt with a collar and short and slightly puffed sleeves with wide pants and chunky shoes. It is a combination that Wendy approves 100% to wear in summer.


In addition, it is fresh, pretty, and feminine. However, if you like browns, oranges, yellows, and funky prints, you can wear them instead of a pink garment. But try to combine the garment, whatever it is, with wide-leg pants.


This garment is perhaps the most glorified these days in Korean fashion.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-SEULGI-INSPIRED-OUTFIT - outfits inspired by red velvetThis time, Seulgi presents us with another of the outfits inspired by RED VELVET. Hoodies are a great accessory when dressing in the summer.


The taste for vintage sweatshirts has been with us for a long time, but more and more of us are flirting with this fashion. Seulgi is one of the people who enjoys these clothes. You can use one with a white check pattern, known as gingham or gingham.


With the popularization of cottagecore, gingham has gone from picnic blankets to our outfits. You can find it from pants to dresses and even bags.


Also, you can add a garment or an accessory of this style to your look mixed with pants and sandals. Or if you prefer, you can wear combat boots. The combat boots that Seulgi wears are the obsession of fashionistas.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-OUTFIT-INSPIRED-BY-IRENEAnd last but not least, among these outfits inspired by RED VELVET, we have a combination thought of Irene. It is a slightly more casual look but perfect for summer. The classic and comfortable style is part of the wardrobe of this idol.


She knows how to elevate any style without much effort. For an everyday summer look, pair high-cut denim shorts, a loose denim jacket or shirt, and a plain white shirt, maybe a t-shirt that you can wear inside your shorts.


You can accompany this look with sneakers or chunky shoes, or if you prefer, you can also wear comfortable and pretty sandals. It is a very casual look to go out with your friends or partner to eat something or go to a summer picnic.


Get ready for summer with outfits inspired by RED VELVET! With these looks, you can look amazing in the summer. Don’t be afraid of the heat, as it is also possible to wear stunning outfits during the hottest climates. In addition, these combinations are perfect for being comfortable and in style. What was your favorite look? Let us know in the comments! See you soon.

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