Outfits inspired by K-pop videos

K-pop groups wear highly prestigious Korean brand clothing in their music videos and performances. In most cases, their clothes are designed just for them. Their outfits are so flashy that fans want to dress just like them. Because of that, there is a trend to dress like idols do in their videos. Outfits inspired by K-pop videos are an increasingly popular trend!


The aesthetics of K-pop groups is outstanding. Their image in front of the cameras is something that they know how to take good care of. That gives them incredible visibility. So, an essential part is definitely the outfits. Because of this, the stylists of these groups always strive to achieve new things that will wow the public. But above all, they put all their effort into the look of idols. They make sure that the image is consistent with the concept of their songs and videos. Most likely, you, like us, have fallen in love more than once with the looks of your idols. So, are you interested in achieving a style like that of your idols in their videos? Get ready to see these comings in outfits inspired by K-pop videos!


12 outfits inspired by K-pop videos!


Are you tired of watching K-pop videos and seeing your idols’ outfits and not dress the same? Well, there’s no need to worry anymore. Here we have for you 12 outfits inspired by K-pop videos! Keep reading and don’t miss the latest in this trend!


Feel Special – TWICE


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - twice

This video is full of color and a disco vibe. It invites you not only to dance but also to want to look just like the TWICE girls. Here, you can combine a satin blouse with a skirt, shorts, or pants of the same color and the same material.


Then, to complete the look, add some rhinestone or silver-tone earrings. Now, when it comes to makeup, it is best to use neutral and natural tones. You can use it with a red lipstick that works as the protagonist.


Pick your hair up or let it hang down. Either way, you will get an elegant and sophisticated look if you know how to give it the right direction.


Make sure that in the end, your look is elegant, girly, fresh, and fun. That way, you will carry the vibes of the video in your outfit.


District 9 – STRAY KIDS


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - stay kids

Inspired by District 9, you can achieve neutral floral outfits.


If flashy colors are not your preference, then you can try a look inspired by this video from the guys at Stray Kids.


For example, you can combine white, black, or gray garments with accessories of red and silver colors.


You can also replace the sneakers with high-top or military-style ankle boots.


You Calling My Name – GOT7


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - got 7

The outfit inspired by the GOT7 music video is an elegant look in black accompanied by dark blue garments.


Add pink or red makeup, and the finish will be perfect.


You can also wear burgundy or cherry-colored wardrobe and smoky makeup in black or gray.


Dark colors are predominant in this MV. So, if you want to achieve an outfit like the You Calling My Name video, you have to make sure that the clothes are dark.


If you are a lover of black, then this K-pop video-inspired outfit will be your best option.




Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - latata

This video is full of colors, and the looks are very feminine. But also with a touch of rudeness.


It is a girl crush style. In other words, you can achieve a look inspired by this video by combining skirts, tops, fishnet stockings, chains, and bold earrings with sparkles.


The colors pink, red, and black predominate in the video.


Try to make your garments have similar tones, and you will achieve an authentic LATATA look!




Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - mamamoo

To achieve an outfit inspired by Hip, you have to wear red and black clothes.


Wear some combats pants, which lately are very fashionable, and you can get them everywhere.


These types of pants exist in various shapes and sizes, such as high-waisted and with pockets. Also, you can add a long fabric belt and some chains to make it rougher.


Wear a crop top or sweater. Black leather boots will add a finishing touch to your look.


Fancy – TWICE


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - Fancy

It is one of Twice’s most famous MVs due to the power of its song and the aesthetics of the video. The girls from TWICE explored many outfits within the MV.


The Fancy concept gifted fans with looks full of different and dynamic colors and patterns.


In your outfit inspired by this video, you can use neon colors such as green and yellow, and complete it with others in blue, red, and pink.


Also, if you add white socks, tennis shoes, and other accessories, you will not only add a more casual essence, but you will be getting much closer to the aesthetics of the video.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - Blackpink

This outfit will make you steal everyone’s glances! This video is full of bright and dark colors.


Black and white will be the base colors for an outfit inspired by this MV.


You will need a black jumper, pants or skirt, a white blouse and eye-catching accessories such as gloves, berets, and necklaces.


Some white boots will help complete your look.



Dynamite – BTS


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - dynamite

Both the song and the video broke records during 2020 and part of 2021!


One of the latest songs from the acclaimed K-pop group is causing a sensation around the world. Do you want to achieve a look inspired by Dynamite?


You have to let yourself go with its rhythm and retro and recreate the most eighties outfit you can! Pair earth-toned garments with brighter colors like pink and yellow. Pants with a loose top or a dress mixed with a blazer are good ideas. Accessories are significant too.


Big, bright, and eye-catching accessories are your best option. You can also add bandanas and sunglasses to complement your Dynamite-inspired outfit!


Knock Knock – TWICE


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - twice 2

It is a video with a lot of tenderness. The dominant colors in this MV are yellow, red, white, and black.


To recreate an outfit inspired by this video, you can wear a short sweater in the colors of the MV. Although in the end, you can use the one you want.


However, if you pretend to achieve an outfit a little more similar to the MV, try to use those colors.


You can accompany it with a white skirt, black stockings above your knee, white high converse, and silver accessories.


On – BTS


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - Bts 2

The leading colors of this MV are brown, beige, olive green, and white.


An outfit inspired by this video would be more focused on clothes than accessories, but you can add some simple jewelry.


Use skirts, jeans, or dresses in olive green tones and mix them with a cute top and white shoes.


You can also add a cardigan or oversized garments in earth tones, such as beige or brown.


If You Do – GOT7


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - got 7 2

It is a video with a monochrome color tone. The white, black, and red are the protagonists.


You can wear a pair of black shorts or jeans with a black and white striped blouse. Add a preferably red leather jacket and black military boots.


A choker will be the perfect accessory for this outfit. Besides clothes, you can also add makeup of dark tones on your eyes and red on your lips.


It is an outfit a little darker and more street style than others.


Playing With Fire – BLACKPINK


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by K-pop videos - Blackpink 2

It is an absorbing video in terms of aesthetics because it mixes warm and cold colors. The concept is rebellious, a bit of girl crush with the grunge and street style. To achieve a look inspired by this video, you need a short black dress that is not too tight.


Combining it with a gray cardigan of the same length as the dress will add a casual touch and, at the same time, it will be dynamic and avant-garde.


You can wear accessories like a thin belt, black socks, and white platform shoes that reveal your socks.


For makeup, try to focus more attention on your eyes using dark tones mixed perhaps with a pink or orange. The lips can be a little simpler in nude color. And Voilà! You already achieved a look inspired by aK-pop video!


The outfits inspired by K-pop videos are an excellent proposal in your search for a new style adapted to Korean fashion. Korean celebrities not only inspire us with their music and great talent but also with their outfits. If you want to try different looks than what you are used to, immediately find your favorite K-pop video and get inspired by them to look fabulous! Remember to visit us daily if you liked this post. We have a lot of information available about your favorite fashion! Join this community of Korean fashion lovers.


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